Preppy style: the trendy look

Inspired by the American series and the look of the university students of the Northeast United States of the 1950s, the preppy style seems to be today much more than a way of dressing : it is a real philosophy of life.

Sara for that special character that combines casual and bon ton style , or because it embodies the American dream.

In any case, the preppy-style , today, is a look that is trendy, and of high class and good taste, the perfect mix for those looking for informal but at the same time impeccable garments.

Preppy style origin

We have certainly heard this many times and maybe we have even wondered “ what does it mean to have a preppy look? “. Well, let’s find out together!

The term ” preppy ” is actually an abbreviation for ” preparatory school” because they were the uniforms of American students preparing to go to college. It has therefore always been a studied style, with attention to the smallest details, distinguished and impeccable since its origins, a sort of high-class lifestyle that today drives kids of all ages crazy, who choose it because it is practical, and a chic style and above all because it is exclusive and original.

Taking a step back in time, we know that preppy-style was born in the 50s-60s in New England and in the fields of the Ivy League. A few years later we saw him again in some famous American series such as Gossip Girl and Dawson’s Creek and we saw him again in the music video  “Baby one more time” , where the beautiful and very young Britney Spears dances and sings with this British style .


Furthermore, the preppy look has also been a source of inspiration for many fashion houses: from  Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, Vines Vigneto, Lilly Pulitzer, Tommy Hilfiger, up to Elizabeth McKay .

British dressing: what are the coolest garments chosen by men?

Dressing British or having a preppy look means loving classic and traditional garments  and knowing how to combine them with more casual and sporty garments, with class and taste. In the end, there is the touch of style and what is trendy today: being British but with style.

Let’s see together which are the British favorite garments for men today:

  • Chinos, or ” Capri ”,  are among the must-haves of men’s clothing, English style, to always be combined with a shoulder strap and a laced moccasin;
  • Polo , another classic item that sets the trend, super casual and colorful, and one of the must-haves of men’s spring-summer fashion;
  • Blazer jacket,  in linen, chambray, or twill. We are talking about a light and delicate garment with a sartorial aftertaste, to always be combined with a pocket square, which gives elegance to the preppy outfit ;
  • Cardigan,  crew-neck or V-neck, in cotton or wool when it’s colder, the cardigan is the garment par excellence, with attention to the smallest details and all the finishes;
  • Moccasin,  another item that cannot be missing in your British wardrobe. Worn strictly without socks, the moccasin must always be combined with style and taste.

Dressing up preppy: what are the coolest items chosen by women?

The fashion style of American colleges is also loved by women, who today choose high-class garments for sober, refined, formal clothing with a simple and impeccable cut.

The British style in women has an extra touch of class compared to men. The preppy style for women means clothes, places and passions.

Let’s see together which are the British garments preferred by women today:

  • Chino trousers,  the classic cigarette trousers, a quality fabric with an impeccable cut;
  • Tennis-style V-neck sweaters  in cotton or cashmere , soft or woven, to always wear with a shirt on top or tied around the shoulders;
  • Button down shirt,  with round or pointed collar, white and traditional and fitted at the waist;
  • Ballet flats or simple heels,  to always match either with a skirt or with a casual but high-class dress;
  • Not too flashy jewels , from the necklace to the pearl earrings, passing through the bracelet of threads intertwined with the anchor;
  • Cardigan with buttons;
  • Polo shirt with collar;