A tattoo is forever. Since the dawn of time, what drives men and women to brand their skin and the desire to embellish their body or to express a message , communicate a philosophy or a feeling through the ink of the needle.

Looking around, they can now be seen everywhere. Some are very fine and delicate and can be seen, uncovered in pieces by clothes. Others are very evident and gaudy because they cover the arms, legs, back, neck.

You can see many to draw inspiration from or even copy from. Others, on the other hand, just seem to be big mistakes. And they are definitely to be avoided.

Some people, for inexplicable reasons , have embarrassing lettering and drawings tattooed  , which will likely haunt them for the rest of their life. I wonder if any of them are really happy with the choice made …

What are you waiting for now? Here is a hilarious (and representative) g allery of tattoos that make no sense to exist!

1) The onion in the armpit

The question that arises spontaneously is: “ Why? “. Why should a girl get a half-cut onion tattoo where her armpit is? Hypothesis number 1 : she was drunk or under the influence of powerful drugs. Hypothesis number 2 : his self- irony of her is proportional to his desire to wash . Thanks to her tattoo, the stench coming from under her would be so justified!

2) Long live the beer!

Beer lovers are many and they are everywhere: we bring you as an example the most representative of the category. With an irony worthy of Homer Simpson , the gentleman with an insatiable thirst and an important belly had no doubts about the choice of tattoo: in fact, he considered it necessary to imprint on his skin a sixpack , fake abdominals made of 6 crates of beer, to have always one at hand!

3) Troll on the arm

The guy in the photo has all our respect! Instead of forcing himself to shave that hairy and unsightly area every few days (which women probably don’t find particularly attractive) our hero has found a better solution: turning a pile of hair into the hair of a very nice troll!

4) Would you like a game of chess … on my face?

This guy has well thought of tattooing a chessboard all over his face and head maybe to be able to play anywhere (but how ?!), or for… We have no idea! We should really find the Chess-man and ask him why this gesture! Maybe, he just liked being covered in squares!

5) A Converse is forever!

The design you want to tattoo does not always have a profound meaning in our life. This guy has decided to “wear” forever the All Star , the red model of the line produced by Converse in 1917. The charm of the shoes adopted as favorite shoes by the famous basketball player Chuck Taylor is indisputable but even getting his shoes tattooed on his feet and really exaggerated ! One thing must be admitted, however: at least in summer they are cool!

Among other things, the  feet are one of the points  where the tattoo artist’s needle causes the most pain along with the lips, neck, ribs, knee area, ankles and spine.

6) When I grow up I want to be Harry Potter!

In this case, the passion concerns the most loved Hogwarts wizard in the world: among the fans, who would not have wanted to wake up one morning with a lightning bolt scar on his forehead? The guy above has seen fit to have it drawn directly by a tattoo artist … Probably unable or drunk. Let’s say that the bolt came more like a big, badly made gash .

7) Twilight’s lover

Everyone has their own passions and who are we to judge. That of the lady concerns the most famous vampire and werewolf saga of recent years, Twilight , to which she has dedicated a tattoo that covers the whole back. A little teenage and particularly eye-catching but better than 50 shades of gray!

8) The cobra in the arm

But 3D tattoos can be done anywhere on the body and the important thing is that the tattoo artist is truly capable and attentive. An example of the skill of these artists is this magnificent black cobra that seems to emerge directly from the arm of its owner. Beautiful drawing but disturbing the subject.

9) The joker

This is undoubtedly the consequence of a party at some college in America. Only a party joker could agree to have her name tattooed with a note included on the chest! It must be admitted that as a “business card” with girls it could also work. His sympathy (if we can call it that) is certainly disarming!

10) An extra mouth never hurts

The fashion of 3D tattoos is spreading, especially in Japan : double sense organs such as eyes, noses or, as in this case, mouths, which would make the extravagant tattooed look like an alien , are in great demand . In this case, it might also look like a very well done drawing. However, the disbelief remains!

11) The fan of beautiful cars

The tattoo artist of this disgrace has, in all probability, recently finished third grade. Or in any case the course for tattoo artists was certainly rejected! If we want to focus on the choice of the subject then we could also accept it, given that however tastes are tastes and the person in question likes German cars. But we want to talk about nails ?!

12) When in doubt, you abound

“When in doubt, you abound”, this guy must have said to the tattoo artist, also because otherwise this tattoo cannot be explained! And a Word enthusiast, so much so that he wanted to have the name Brenda tattooed with all the typefaces available? Was he afraid of forgetting the name of his beloved? Or is it a real obsession with this woman? Of course, and that “his of hers” Brenda, after seeing this tattoo, will have run away.

13) “This is life”

From the series ” never tattoo the name of your boyfriend “. He is in love with Olivia: he asks her out, wins her over, they hang out. It is a great love but Olivia, however, she does not deserve the gesture of our lover: she leaves him the next day for a South American gym, tall, blond and covered, ironically, with tattoos. The poor unfortunate in love can only go back to the tattoo artist and …  draw a line over it .

14) I am a child, inside

This person clearly did not know which style suited him best! She has a dark soul but deep down (sooo deep, seeing him look at her) and still the child who plays with… Hello Kitty?! We will never know, but in our opinion even this mouthless kitty, tattooed in the middle of her forehead, is wondering why she is there.

15) The disturbing scream on the neck

Yes, it’s creepy. And if you don’t recognize the image right away, don’t worry: you look great. What you are looking at is indeed a tremendous tattoo on the back of a head and neck. It could be a tribute to Munch’s famous “Scream” but the result on the boy’s neck is anything but artistic.

16) Everyone is crazy about Louis Vuitton

There are those who own the suitcase, the beauty-case, the wallet, the shoes but who can say they have the arm of Louis Vuitton ? Only him! A touch of style, we must admit: who knows what looks like with friends or girls / boys when he walks in a tank top. But will the famous designer think so too?

17) The Cyclops

Last but certainly not least goes to this creepy tattoo: an  eye , very well done, drawn on the back of a bald head. Shocking at the right point, it certainly deserves the award as the best tattoo that makes no sense to exist!