The pillow is one of the essential elements for a night’s rest, for the support of the head and neck which must remain aligned with the spine.

The pillow is also one of the components of the bed system, as well as the mattress and the base, the combination of which is essential for sleeping well.

Choosing a pillow is not easy because there is no ideal pillow for everyone but to facilitate the night’s rest, you need to evaluate your habits, your physical characteristics and any softness you prefer. 

The risk of choosing the wrong pillow is that of incurring pain in the neck, back and upper limbs which, over time, tend to worsen making your daily routine difficult.

How to choose the right pillow

Among the habits on which the choice of the pillow that best suits your needs is based is the position one assumes during the night, followed by the pains to which one is more predisposed or any factors such as insomnia.

Below, we suggest you some tips for choosing the pillow:  

  • The pillow for the supine position : it is the one of medium thickness, because if you choose a pillow that is too high or too low you risk making the column lose its linearity. Both memory foam and latex pillows are indicated. The supine position is the perfect one for a night’s rest, ideal for the well-being of the spine and to prevent any pain due to the posture one assumes during the night. 
  • The pillow for those who sleep on the side: it must be suitable for filling the space between the neck and shoulder. If you buy a memory foam pillow you have to choose a harder one for this position, while an average height is sufficient for the latex one. Sleeping on your side is the best choice for those who snore and suffer from sleep apnea.
  • The pillow for those who sleep on their stomach: it must be absolutely low since this position is wrong and has negative effects on your body, as well as making breathing more difficult, but if you are aware that you cannot avoid it, a ‘minimum height. This posture apparently seems comfortable when it is assumed but, in reality, it worsens the quality of sleep. 
  • The pillow for those suffering from insomnia: it is recommended in latex, of medium thickness, whose softness is to be preferred at one’s discretion.
  • The pillow for back pain: it is the lumbar one, ideal for improving posture when sitting in the most varied occasions: at work, driving, traveling on vehicles and is also useful for pregnancy. 
  • The pillow for the neck: can be chosen in both memory foam and latex but must be rigid at the right point, to support the neck in the most suitable way. To avoid excessive softness for those suffering from neck pain.
  • The leg pillow: is designed for specific needs such as swelling, for circulation or for post-surgery recovery, to allow rest in a relaxed position.

Where to buy the ideal pillow

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