Summer is also a period of parties and evenings with friends, here are some fun pastimes

Parties can be organized all year round , but in summer it is easier to find excuses to spend pleasant evenings with friends.

Organizing a party is not too demanding, although there are many things to take care of and it is important not to forget anything. A simple checklist with all the things to do, however, can be a great help in organizing a perfect evening that will conquer all your friends.

Among the most important things there are obviously food and drinks , essential every time someone comes home. Something you must always worry about, not only at parties but also in simple evenings with friends.

Then you have to think about seating so that there is space for everyone, even if in larger parties it is normal that there are more people than seated. In these cases, however, we manage and it is not a problem at all.

Then you have to think about the music , because even when you are not planning to have a party where you dance some background music is always needed. You can very well rely on Spotify playlists if you don’t want to think of your own compilations, but you still have to make a small selection to find the most suitable ones.

In addition there is also the issue of stereo or loudspeaker, because if the room where the party takes place does not have one where to put one.

Is it all there now?

Almost, the last thing is missing, thinking about how to pass the time. Because chatting is not always enough. To make a party more cheerful and fun, it is nice to organize games, perhaps even alcoholic games given the evening.

The sector offers many proposals, even to do with what you have at home and without needing too many special things. But if you like things done right there are some very original drinking games that you can take to surprise and entertain guests.

To give you some ideas, we have selected some alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) games for you, perfect for parties and evenings in the company of your friends.

Pong beer

A great classic of drinking games. A few beer glasses and ping pong balls (and a lot of beer of course) are enough to play with. But if you want a game with the style of American colleges, where Beer Pong is very popular, you can buy a set that already includes the balls and the characteristic red and white glasses.

Alcoholic Roulette

A classic game modified with the alcoholic variant. Now roulette has lots of shots around it and losing bets will not be an economic drain. But get ready to “pay” by drinking.

Wheel of bad luck

A wheel to turn that trims penances to the most unfortunate. It is available in two variants , a larger horizontal one, and a smaller and more practical one with a vertically oriented wheel. Penance changes a bit, but the philosophy behind the game is the same.

Alcoholic bingo

A bingo where it is not the numbers but the colors that are drawn. Colors associated with 6 glasses for the lucky winners of the drinks decreed by the democratic extractions from the wheel.

Coktail Party card game

After so many games based on real alcoholic drinks, here is a pastime where alcoholic drinks flow freely but only on the cards. Cocktail Party is a quick and easy fun card game in which you have to prepare some of the most requested cocktails on the premises. Who will be the best bartender?

If you want to organize perfect drinking games, I suggest you buy the sets that you find for sale on Have a good drinking game (but be careful not to overdo it and respect the rules on the use of alcohol) and have fun for everyone!