With the arrival of winter, men’s wardrobes are filled with a fundamental fashion accessory to fight the cold with style strokes: the scarf. One of the most popular gifts for men, which is always useful when temperatures drop and venturing out of the house without the right protection can cause unpleasant health consequences.

The scarf: from Ancient Rome to the present day

The origins of scarves date back to Ancient Rome, when this accessory was called sudarium, which means “sweat cloth”. At that time it was used for cleaning and was not worn around the neck, except on the hottest days: it was linked to the life of man and was used to dry sweat. The Roman legionaries in Gaul and Germany, on the other hand, used something like a scarf to protect themselves from the cold.

It was always worn on formal occasions and was used as a symbol to distinguish the most influential people from the common ones: it was worn to show one’s status and belonging to an elite group.

Lengths and colors of scarves: selection guide

How to orient yourself in the world of men’s scarves? Datch , a men’s clothing brand that has always been close to the needs of trend and comfort in terms of men’s fashion, offers different models of scarves that match different occasions. 

What is the ideal length of a men’s scarf? Most of the scarves are rectangular in shape, the width is around 30-40 cm, but there are different length measurements.

The short scarf measures approximately 140cm and is perfect for more formal looks and a business man style. Combines with jacket and blazer for an absolutely elegant effect.

The medium scarf measures 175 cm and is more versatile than the short one. It wraps around the neck and perfectly complements any casual look.

Then there is the long scarf, 208 cm, in its oversized version that can be wrapped several times around the neck or knotted in different ways to add an extra touch of style.

When we talk about a one-size-fits-all scarf, however, we are referring to a scarf measuring between medium and short lengths.

How to test the length of a scarf? Take the scarf from both ends and stretch out your arms – if the scarf is long enough to cover the width of your arms then that’s fine. Neck warmer scarves, which have a circular design and simply need to be worn, are an exception. 

How to choose the color of a scarf

The time comes to choose the shade that best suits our skin or our way of dressing. In the first case, there are simple rules to follow that apply to all the items in the wardrobe. How to understand which color is good with our skin? We proceed by rolling up the sleeve and observing the color of our veins. Usually blue veins are tied to a cool skin tone, green ones to a warm tone. 

If the skin tone is warm, garments of this color are preferred: yellow, gold, orange, red, copper, olive green, turquoise.

If the skin tone is cold, garments of this color are preferable: blue, gray, purple.

Black and white are passepartout shades that look good on almost everyone.

Generally it is always better not to choose scarves with too bright colors, since it is an accessory to combine with more outfits: it is unthinkable to have a wardrobe made of scarves that accompany each look depending on the color. With neutral shades you can never go wrong: a choice of elegance and class that lends itself well to the mix and match with more and less formal garments.