In the world of fashion , evergreens very often return strongly to the fore, dominating the catwalk scene all over the world. The next season sees long dresses as protagonists, worn in a casual and informal way which, combined with the appropriate accessories, can create an incredible number of different outfits , to be worn on the right occasions, thus becoming versatile garments with a thousand possibilities.

Small details are enough to transform the same long dress we use to go to the office, into an elegant dress for a special evening or into a comfortable casual dress for free time.

Women who love to wear this garment love a refined style that finds, in the simplicity of a long dress, the ability to be as sober as it is elegant and this perfectly represents a woman who is sure of herself and her femininity: the perfect balance between tradition and trend.

High: the perfect result of the difficult combination of style and measure

For next spring / summer, High offers a splendid collection of long dresses, characterized by the unmistakable style of this brand.

The research of the brand founded by Claire Campbell, is in fact aimed at essential and measured lines, with small pleasing details that pleasantly interrupt its linearity. The flowing shapes, the cuts, the refined details, the excellent fabrics make these models suitable for every type of woman.

We can say that the high casual long dresses are innovative dresses with a well-defined style, always in the name of the highest quality both in the careful packaging and in the fabrics, always precious and refined.

Casual, elegant, streetwear, romantic: the long High dresses

The Springtide line is composed of truly eclectic long dresses : the choice of color between navy blue or coral red certainly makes the difference and the lace, which peeps out at the end of the dress, adds a touch of saucy sensuality.

The Invite collection skilfully plays with large ruffles, the colors are varied with a particular focus on brown, a very trendy color for next season. Dilly instead, with its balloon lines , is incredibly romantic, in ramie fabric, the so-called vegetable silk, characterized by a very special sheen.

The At-lenght collection with the gathered side seams still maintains the balloon silhouette, which the soft Reco nylon fabric glides vaporously down to the knee.

There are various possibilities of choice of colors, between strong solid colors or splendid floral patterns: in particular the all-over floral print in shades of navy blue and yellow on a cream background, makes the dress perfect for both elegant and elegant occasions. casual.

Choreografh is a dress with a so-called tulip shape, short sleeves and a unique and resolute base color: navy blue, a color that immediately makes for spring. The bodice is tight-fitting, made up of various stitched panels and this gives a deliberately austere look that is lost as you descend into the folds and draperies of the goblet-shaped skirt.

High loves to play with the colors and the multicolor print of the Vibrant model, she has created a dress that exactly resembles an impressionist painting: unlined, in silk-blend cotton voile fabric, and impalpable and its lightness brings with it a real breath fresh air. Perfect to wear with mules or jeweled sandals.