The tedious personnel selection processes sometimes opt for details. The letter of recommendation is a complementary document to the resume that reinforces the positive perception of the person recommended and offers extra information to the applicant.
We explain what parts it contains and we teach you the keys to writing a good job and academic recommendation letter.

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1. What is a letter of recommendation
2. Parts of a letter of recommendation
3. Examples of letter of recommendation

What is a letter of recommendation
The letter of recommendation is a type of document in the field of employment that has as The identification of the labor capacities of the worker functioned as a complement to the Curriculum Vitae . While the resume is a list of data on identification and educational and professional training, the letter allows a description of the skills.
In the complex job selection process, details count, and many times the resume does not allow us to clearly distinguish the human and work qualities of the applicant.. In general, the letter of recommendation contains a memory of the professional trajectory of the person and a description of his abilities as a worker.
That is why the letters of recommendation are usually written by former managers of the company where the person has worked , for example, the head of department, the human resources position or even the company’s president.
That, in addition to giving objectivity to the list of merits and achievements, grants a specific weight when it comes to convincing the person in charge of the job interview to make a decision. Now we will explain how to write a letter of recommendation.
Although the most frequent is that the letter of recommendation is in the workplace, there are also academic letters of recommendation.
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The 5 parts of a letter of recommendation
The letter of recommendation is usually a formal document in which, regardless of whether it is written in a more official way or in a more colloquial style, it must always contain some essential parts. Pay attention.

1. Identification
In the document the author of the letter can detail a little more about who it is, but the document must be headed by an identification of the issuer of the letter stating the name of the person, the position they hold, the company to which they belong and the date on which the letter is written.

2. Heading
It is also very important, because we indicate who the letter is addressed to. Basically it bears the name of the person, the position and the company . If the letter is sent to several people or we do not know the details of the recipient, we simply put: “To whom it may concern” or “To the corresponding person”.

3. Context
You can start by developing the identity of the sender. An introduction is a good way to introduce yourself and offer the weight of title and authority. In the body of the context, however,The description of the professional skills and human qualities of the recommended person should prevail, seeking the maximum formality and the point of balance.
The issuer can explain the experience of working with the recommended person, specifying what functions they perform and highlighting their special abilities, what distinguishes them and makes them special. It is necessary to avoid falling into excesses , and instead it is very positive to frame their abilities in the needs of the new company.
In the end, you can complement the context by providing human qualities such as teamwork, camaraderie, discipline, energy, motivation, etc.

4. Recommendation
It is a recommendation, not a request. You don’t want to go on too long or be too vehement. In a paragraph you must assess the appropriateness of the job for the recommended person, helping to capture it by the other company.

5. Goodbye and contact
The farewell should also be formal and short, taking the opportunity to offer some contact such as the phone number or email . Being available to the other person for any questions is always a sign of closeness and professionalism. And don’t forget the signature!

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Examples of a letter of recommendation
A letter of recommendation is always much more convincing when the person who writes it, in addition to putting the signature, knows the recommended person well. If not, make sure you give it a marked guideline .
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Follow these two examples for a job recommendation letter, and an academic one.

1. Sample job recommendation letter
Gonzalo Bermudez Carretero
Graphic Design GBC
Plaza Real, 34
Barcelona (08230)
In Barcelona, ​​March 4, 2019
To the attention of:
Enrique Galan Toledo
General Director of Art-Design 07
Dear Mr. Enrique Galan,
As the person in charge of the GBC Graphic Design company and knowing that, within the framework of the expansive process that your company is experiencing, for which I send you my most sincere congratulations, you are incorporating new designers into the workforce, I wish to present you the services of my former employee Robert Cuevas Hernandez.
Roberto worked for many years in the graphic and multimedia design service, as well as in the development of projects. He was part of the team that had the privilege of creating the government campaign on the projection of Spain abroad, and also planned, directed and developed the 2015 FC Barcelona advertising campaign.
During those years, he not only demonstrated great lucidity for creation, always contributing innovative ideas, but also a great ability to organize work groups, direct tasks, and get them executed with agility and efficiency.
I have addressed myself especially to you, as head of Art-Design 07, because I believe that Roberto’s profile is especially suited to the needs of a young and ambitious company with an entrepreneurial will like yours.
Remaining at his disposal for any questions or queries, I say goodbye without further ado and leave him my contact.

2. Sample letter of academic recommendation
Francisco Pizarro Carmona
Department of Psychology of the University of Granada
Campus Universitario de Cartuja, s/n
In Granada, April 12, 2018
To the attention of Jose Luis Valverde Sanchez,
Professor of Psychology at the Autonomous University of Madrid
His Excellency Mr. Valverde,
It is a real pleasure to communicate with you again. Some time ago we met at a congress on applied psychology in Toledo, and due to the conversations we shared and the intellectual respect I profess for you, I immediately thought of you to recommend the direction of the thesis of a student of mine, Sara Cortes Espinosa.
For reasons beyond my control I have had to give up the direction of the thesis of the aforementioned graduate. However, I have considered informing her department of the option that she can develop it under her tutelage.
Sara Cortes Espinosa passed her undergraduate studies with an average grade of 9.3, being one of the top ten of her promotion. In addition, in her Master’s studies she demonstrated a great capacity for work and a special capacity for the development and application of new studies that I believe may be of great interest to her department.
In her resume you will be able to observe in more detail her training, her merits and her professional orientation. The proposed thesis is an innovative study on the effects of new technologies on the psychological development of adolescents.
For all these reasons, I believe that the department that could protect this thesis with the most guarantees is yours, and I believe that Sara’s abilities could provide a new impetus to the new lines of research of her chair.
Without further ado, I remain as always at your disposal for any questions.

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