The objective of this collection of short travel phrases is to make you want to take on the world and pack your bags . If you have enough time and money to undertake the trip, do not hesitate for a second, because traveling is always an enriching and revealing experience that we should practice more often. Get out of the comfort of your bubble.

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50 short travel phrases to take on the world
Write down the phrases you like the most in a notebook and remember them when you are away from home and from your loved ones. When you come back, you will have a thousand stories to tell.

1. If you don’t go, you’ll never know.
A short travel phrase that shows that traveling means learning .

2. Traveling is the way to get lost and find yourself at the same time.
A contradiction that only travelers will understand.

3. The best of trips is always the next one.

There is always a new destination to pursue. On the other hand, even if you travel to the same destination, the experience will never be the same.

4. People don’t make the trips. travel makes people
Travel quotes teach us that a trip is a transformative experience .

5. There are places where one stays and places that stay in one.
Traveling to remote places gives us experiences that accompany us for life.

6. A trip is better measured in friends than in miles.
It is best to travel light and with an open heart .

7. Do not travel to escape. Travel so that life does not escape you.
One of the most beautiful travel phrases that we have compiled, and very true.

8. Traveling is not arriving at a place, it is opening a path.
A famous writer said that “walker there is no path, the path is made by walking” .

9. Not all who wander are lost.
A traveling phrase that appears in The Lord of the Rings.

10. Travel, money is recovered, time is not.

The memories and the experience have more value than the money you have invested in the trip.

11. I have come to the conclusion that the best way to know if you hate or love some people is to travel with them.
There are friends with whom you get along in luxury, but who are not compatible for a trip.

12. I travel, therefore I am.
A version of the famous phrase “I think, therefore I am”.

13. Traveling is not a luxury, it is a necessity.
No matter how much money it costs, travel is always an enriching experience .

14. A good traveler does not have fixed plans or the intention of reaching the destination.

Some need to have everything planned before leaving. However, they are only limiting the possibilities of your trip.

15. Traveling is the only thing you buy and it makes you richer.

The one who has the most money is not the richest , but the one who accumulates the most experience.

16. Nobody realizes how beautiful it is to travel, until he comes home and rests on his pillow.
Who has not dreamed of a mattress and a soft pillow in the middle of a trip?

17. Trips are like sunsets, you wait too long and you miss them.
Some people wait a lifetime and then regret it.

18. Tourists do not know where they have been, travelers do not know where they are going.

A travel phrase that distinguishes between two kinds of travellers : tourists and real travellers.

19. All trips have secret destinations that the traveler does not know.
Destinations waiting to be discovered.

20. A journey of a thousand miles begins with your single step.

Taking the first step is always the hardest. The rest of the way is done alone.

21. Don’t go down the road. Go where there is no trail and leave a trail.
Open a path so that others can live the same experience, but in their own way.

22. Traveling is discovering that everyone is wrong about other countries.
Only when you see with your own eyes how the people of a country are, will you be able to give your opinion.

23. Travel, because in the end we only take memories.
Even when we buy an object during a trip, its meaning and history have more value than the object itself .

24. There are those who seek happiness, and there are those who create it by traveling.
Travel addicts tend to never spend too much time at home.

25. To those who ask me the reason for my travels: I know what I’m fleeing from, but I don’t know what I’m looking for.
You don’t have to have a clear destination when traveling.

26. The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.

Imagine a book with infinite pages.Each of them represents a corner of the world to discover.

27. He who travels happy, must travel light.
We not only carry the baggage, but also our worries and prejudices.

28. The best trips answer questions that you had not asked yourself.
A tremendously enriching experience.

29. The true journey does not consist in looking for new landscapes, but in looking with new eyes.
Traveling is discovering things about yourself that you didn’t know.

30: Traveling: first makes you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.
Even words fall short to describe some of the experiences we live.

31. You don’t need luck, you need to move.

One of our favorite phrases.Life is movement.

32. Travel is an investment in yourself.
Every cent of the money you spend on the trip will be well spent.

33. Do not be a tourist, but an explorer of new emotions.
A tourist gets carried away. An explorer discovers for himself.

34. If you feel lost in the world, it’s because you haven’t gone looking for yourself yet.
Only by spending time with yourself can you get to know yourself.

35. Traveling is like loving. It is an attempt to transform a dream into reality.

Some people find the love of their life on a journey.

36. There are no foreign lands. Who travels is the only stranger.
However, there are places where you feel at home.

37. Traveling is evolving.
A short phrase about traveling that perfectly defines what it means to pack your bags.

38. Stop worrying about bumps in the road and celebrate the journey.
A travel phrase that can be applied in any area of ​​life .

39. Traveling makes you modest. It makes you see the small place you occupy in the world.
In our routine, we come to believe we are the center of the Universe.

40. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.
Once again, the important thing is not the destination but the journey .

41. The further I go, the closer I get to myself.
Certainly, when you are lost is when you need yourself the most .

42. Who lives sees a lot. Who travels sees more.
The quality of the time we spend is very different.

43. Travel teaches tolerance.
We do not understand the culture of other countries until we find ourselves in the same context.

44. Traveling is the healthiest addiction that exists.

Think of any other addiction and you will see that we are right.

45. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
A great quote from Confucius about the importance of traveling without prejudice.

46. ​​The first thing to do to understand a new country is to smell it.

Some countries have a very peculiar and exotic smell that you can notice from the moment you get off the plane.

47. A traveler without the ability to observe is like a bird without wings.
If you are not aware of your surroundings, you will miss half the trip.

48. Traveling is an exercise with fatal consequences for prejudice.
Traveling shows us how wrong we are.

49. Traveling is the best way to overcome your fears.

Fear of the unknown or fear of the strange.

50. Traveling is living.
A phrase that sums up all of the above and with which we close this beautiful collection.

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