Paris Fashion Week chooses digital and video to keep the show going anyway, despite the CoVid-19 pandemic.

In fact, the events continue to follow each other frantically as if nothing had happened – with many videos and links, but few live shows.

The result, however, is spectacular for men’s fashion and Haute Couture.

Let’s see together, in the following lines, an account of the Parisian event dedicated to men’s fashion.

Louis Vuitton, artists, sellers, architects and vagabonds

Louis Vuitton’s fall / winter 2021/2022 collection expresses itself through characters . Virgil Abloh’s collection was broadcast in a 13-minute video.

The short film explores the brand’s creations for men’s fashion through four typical characters: artist, salesman, architect and vagabond.

The characters of everyday life are used by the stylist to neutralize the prejudices we create when we see someone’s clothes.

Everyone has the right to the same opportunities, so the prints become written for a fashion without prejudice whatsoever .

To do this, the designer mixes the Ghanaian Kente cloth with the Scottish motif. The Vuitton man has a style with completely different elements: the red accessories on the black, the kilts, the patchwork, the mix of genres and fabrics, up to the original exaltation of the architect, where the garment becomes the depiction of palaces and figures.

Fashion invites you to express yourself, without combining anything.

Dior, contemporary art in men’s fashion

The Dior Fall Winter 2021/2022 collection was the most awaited. Kim Jones’ collection is rich in embroidery , but the models are military type. In fact, camouflage fabric is used, but with colors on orange and brown.

For this collection, the works of the British painter Peter Doing are used , with prints, motifs and embroidery.

The military look, therefore, takes on new forms in movement and is increasingly used in casual wear. 

The sophisticated style, on the other hand, comes with printed shirts, military stars and floral elements for him. The beret is the symbol of this collection as an accessory . For him, there is also a Saddle bag in a camouflage fantasy texture.

Loewe, fashion and HIV research

Loewe chose a book and a related charity campaign to showcase its collection. This  is for both men and women and is designed by Jonathan Anderson.

The box also had a T-shirt made by Omar Ayuso and Stephane Bak. The 200-page volume is inspired by the works of the artist and writer, Joe Brainard.

The goal is to create a collection without schemes and without rules. So, men’s and women’s fashion together  to fight HIV through research.

He wears knitted garments, increasingly long and in bands. The outfit is completed with shoes halfway between the classic and the elegant, with a very pronounced rubber sole. The trousers have cartoon features and a Black & White effect.

She, on the other hand, wears dresses sewn with a minimal style, completely different from each other. Denim and pastel, with a classic and half fur jacket. The accessories, on the other hand, are colorful and with floral themes.

Men’s fashion: how will he wear? Tips from Paris Fashion Week

Based on what we saw at Paris Fashion Week 2021 , men’s fashion will have outfits with overlapping layers of clothing , very different from each other in materials, colors and shapes.

Motifs such as the beret are back in fashion, but very large men’s bags and Scottish motifs are also interesting.

The rules do not exist and everyone expresses himself using any type of fabric, without worrying about the combination.