Cooperative games are perfect for having a good time with friends . Despite the thousands of options we have to compete with each other, it is also worth wielding the sword and fighting enemies side by side with a friend, creating perfect coordination between the two.

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7 cooperative games to play with friends
There is nothing more pleasant than creating your own squad of friends to fight enemies or survive certain death. For this reason, today we bring you a list of the best cooperative video games for PC . We have wanted to divide them into three large categories so that you can find your perfect video game.

Free cooperative games
To begin with, we leave you with the two best free to play cooperative games for PC , a good option for those who want to save while playing.

1. Warframe (2013)
Possibly one of the best free to play. Warframe is a cooperative online action video gamethat transports us to a world of science fiction. Through the Solar System, the player must fight various enemies in a team of four soldiers or alone. However, the experience of sharing a battle with three friends is unrepeatable.
The customization of each character will be key to obtain some skills or others. Coordination between your teammates is essential , being very satisfying to get a good complementation between you. Due to its graphics and its tremendous quality, it is surprising that this title is free.

2. Spiral Knights (2011)
It is true that free video games have the bad reputation of being of low quality or not being as good as the paid ones. Luckily, there are little gems that are worth discovering. This is the case of Spiral Knights, a cooperative adventure that will delight lovers of dungeon exploration.
Armed to the teeth and together with your friends you must explore the alien world in which you are trapped. Your goal will be to enter the different dungeons , which are constantly changing, in order to reach the mysterious Nucleus.

Frantic fights against monsters and bosses, puzzles and treasures in an adventure that changes every second and that will make you enjoy a lot with friends. Like Warframe, it is surprising that it is a free to play game.

Local cooperative video games
Within cooperatives, something that is also very special isbeing able to share the gaming experience with a friend in the same room , being able to comment on each play at the moment. Laughter and good times guaranteed.

3. A Way Out (2018)

A Way Out is one of the best cooperative works of recent years . It is a risky bet for the coordination between two players, since it cannot be played alone. It is an action-adventure video game in which each player will control a character from the story: Leo or Vincent. The protagonists are two convicts who escape from prison and must avoid the police.

Each character’s story unfolds individually., so that the two prisoners follow their own path, although the fate of one is linked to that of the other. In local, the screen will be split in two ꟷjust like in the old daysꟷ and each player will live their own experience. Together, you must work to survive, taking into account their personal stories.
The video game stands out for its exquisite cinematographic experience. Together with a friend , you will experience tremendously special moments to remember . In addition, you can also play online, that is, only one of the two colleagues needs to have the title. Dare to escape from jail.

4.Cuphead (2017)
If what you are looking for is an important challenge, Cuphead is your game. In any case, we warn you that it will take you to the limit. It is a shot’em up side-scrolling platform game with an art direction and graphics that seem from another world . Its visual style is based on the classic Walt Disney and Fleischer Studios shorts, a delight for the senses.
But not everything is pretty. Each player will control one of the two protagonists, Cuphead and Mugman , in a hellish confrontation against enemies in order to pay off his debt to the Devil, in a mission that very few will be able to fulfill. Its devilish difficulty and its visual style will make you enjoy great moments of fun.

5. Overcooked (2016)
Overcooked is the title that requires more coordination between the players. The premise is simple: cook all the dishes that you are asked for in a limited time . Of course, we are talking about a restaurant kitchen. Get ready with your friends to cut potatoes, peel onions, clean ducks and serve while countless incidents happen in your kitchen.

We guarantee that you are going to live a frenetic action , without pauses and that, between mission and mission, you will want to rest for a while, take a breath and prepare the strategy. Don’t be fooled by his friendly and fun appearance, because the title will take your skills and coordination to the limit. You are going to suffer and sweat, but above all, you are going to laugh like never before.

Paid cooperative games
To finalize our selection, we bring you two essential paid cooperative games . Two very different options for all tastes.

6. Divinity: Original Sin 2 (2017)

Magic, dragons, fantasy and lots and lots of role-playing . This is the formula for the success of this exquisite work: Divinity: Original Sin 2. It is a sequel that is set in the same fantastic universe as the original. We will have to choose the race of our character and advance through the vast world of him fulfilling missions. Of course, it is always better if we do it accompanied by a group of friends, since you can form a group of up to 4 people.
Its combat system is based on turns and, this time, it greatly increases the interaction with the environments, something that gives a new layer to the confrontations and makes them more interesting. If you like the purest role-playing games, this is your option . You will have a great time fighting with your friends, but also collecting items and improving your character.

7. Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
One of Rockstar’s masterpieces and, without a doubt, the most complete video game on the list . We know that the single player mode is the main option, but GTA V’s longstanding success ꟷit still appears among the best sellers every monthꟷ is due to its online mode and for that reason we are highlighting it in this list.
In the multiplayer mode of GTA V we will create our character and live our own adventure through the streets of Los Santos. However, the big change came with the creation of group heists . Along with your friends, you can organize, plan and execute robberies in the purest Hollywood style.

You feel the emotion of carrying out a robbery and, above all, the absolute satisfaction when your plans go well. Coordination between your friends is very important to live very fun and special moments. One of the masterpieces of our times.

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