Do you have feelings of hatred towards someone and you don’t know how to express it
? Are you looking for phrases of hate to direct your anger and resentment outwards?
It is very likely that we can help you to put into words those feelings that corrode you inside. With these I hate you phrases you will find just what you need. Let everything out of you and free yourself.

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38 phrases of hate and resentment
Among all the phrases of hate and resentment that we can search for, we have selected the best. Some are hate quotes towards the world, others towards enemies or specific people. Undoubtedly, all these contempt phrases aim to show how we feel at times when emotions overwhelm us.

1. When it comes back to your mind, remember that you betrayed me, you defrauded me and don’t even think about looking for me
. We begin our list of hate phrases with this quote that emphasizes the request that there is no second chance.

2. Hate does not decrease with hate. Hate decreases with love
If you want your emotions to decrease, with this phrase about hate you will understand how it works. Love and hate go hand in hand.

3. I hate you with the hatred of the withered illusion
Nothing provokes more hatred towards a person than when he destroys our illusions and hopes.

4. I don’t hold a grudge against you, because you don’t even deserve that.
If you manage to reach this point, it’s the healthiest thing for yourself . Do not dedicate hate or any kind of attention to the hated person.

5. My past with you was beautiful, but my future without you will be much better
One of the most elegant hate phrases you can find. Smart and clear. We love.

6. The best revenge
Ignore you

Nothing hurts a person more than being ignored.

7. They say that all people are valuable, but you are nothing more than an animal.
As this one saysphrase of hatred and resentment , all people are valuable, but not all animals are human beings and not all human beings are people.

8. The wounds caused by those who love you are preferable to the deceiving kisses of those who hate you.
We are never as vulnerable as with those we love. This phrase of hate and love thus reminds us.

9. Hating someone is giving them too much importance
Among the short hate phrases we find this one that we love. Don’t give power to those who don’t deserve it.

10. Do not honor with your hatred those who you could not honor with your love
Hate only those people who first earned your love (and destroyed it).

11. Why is the human mind only concerned with what has caused it so much damage?
Perhaps because we try to solve problems before beginning to enjoy life .

12. You give me repulsion, you provoke resentment in me, I don’t like you at all, I want you far from my life
With this phrase of I hate you you can explain to that person what they feel and ask them to get away from you.

13. They say that he who is silent grants, but I don’t feel like talking to an idiot like you

A great phrase of I hate you that destroys the great classic of “he who is silent grants”.

14. You are not for so much, nor I for so little
A short phrase of hate ideal to break a toxic relationship.

15. I would love to see you, at your funeral
Of all the short hate phrases this is by far the best . As hard and direct as useful.

16. Passion more alive than friendship is hate
Of all the passions, hate is one of the most powerful.

17. More people come together to share the same hate than the same love
. This is how human beings are. As this phrase of hate and love explains, the human being tries to fully appropriate what he loves and share the hatred.

18. It is seen that what is worn is hypocrisy, and you are one of those who are fashionable
. There are people who, in order to be fashionable, do everything possible.

19. Yesterday I thought I saw you in my house, but when you pulled the cistern you disappeared
. A classic of hate phrases that never goes out of style.

20. I hate you with the hatred of the illusion that you have withered
Another short phrase of hate very similar to another already mentioned, but much more specific. Do you like it more or less?

21. Hate is a way to kill the nobility of the heart.
It has already been commented many times with phrases of resentment how these feelings corrupt the heart.

22. Hate does not give as much satisfaction as revenge
Perhaps because revenge is the consummation of hate.

23. I have many doubts about everything that has happened, but the main one is knowing which is smaller, your heart or your brain
Sometimes the hardest events of our lives fill us with confusion, but there is no doubt that in many of these events, the causes are the idiots that are strategically distributed throughout our life cycle.

24. I will never hate you for your personality, I do not intend to change you. I’ll hate you for how you treated me
That’s right. This phrase of hate is one of the most accurate of all. The problem is not the way you are, but the way you treat me.

25. We hate a person when we have not learned to forget, when we do not know how to stop suffering.
How could it be otherwise, not being able to forget feeds hatred.

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26. The deepest hatred is the one that nobody knows, the one that is hidden in your heart
Among all the phrases of hatred and resentment we find this one that speaks of that hatred that is not seen, but is felt.

27. I knew that the human being has a dark side, but you are like a black hole.
Some people harbor so much hatred that they exceed the limits of logic.

28. When we hate someone, we hate in the image of her something that is within us
In this great phrase of hatred and resentment we read something that Sigmund Freud began to study . We speak of course of the psychological mechanism of projection.

29. If the masses can love without knowing why, they can also hate without much foundation
It is easy to convince a population to love or to hate, without logical reason.

30. Hate is the revenge of an intimidated coward
Hate is a way of holding back the urge to attack the other person . This short phrase of hate makes us ask ourselves what position we are in as a person who feels a grudge against another.

31. I don’t hate you for how you are but for how you treat me
Previously we have already commented on one of the hate phrases for touching on this same subject.

32. That one person hates another is enough for this feeling to take over all of humanity
. A phrase of hate that deals with this emotion from a social perspective. It spreads like a virus.

33. Hating someone is feeling irritation for their simple existence
A simple and clear definition of our concept.

34. When our hate is too live, it puts us below what we hate
Be careful, don’t let hate take control.

35. Hate deceives, fear distorts, and love blinds
We have all felt these emotions at some point. Maybe hate isn’t so bad after all.

36. You are not handsome enough to be so stupid
Many people try to compensate stupidity with beauty, but most of them are not even good enough for that.

37. The day you die will be declared a national holiday
An entire country will hate your death.

38. I would agree with you but then we would both be wrong
A subtleI hate you phase in relation to the other’s opinions .

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