Sooner or later, most of us have the moment where we meet someone who changes our lives. To reflect on that feeling we have made this list of short love phrases for romantics.

With them you can put into words your deepest feelings . Share them with your loved one and don’t leave anything you think in the inkwell; Surely that person you think so much will thank you.

The 30 short phrases of love
Love is one of the most powerful feelings that the human being can feel. A complex feeling that sometimes requires external help to be able to express itself correctly.

1. The smile is mine, the reason is you
With thissuch a sincere and direct statement we begin our list of short love phrases.

2. I like your perfume, you smell like the love of my life.
For those who believe in the only love, in the better half, in the soulmate… Nothing like recognizing the aroma of the loved one.

3. You are the world’s way of saying that life is beautiful
Life has difficult moments, but thanks to love and especially to the person you love, it can become pure beauty . A nice phrase for this list of short love phrases.

4. I saw you and all the love songs made sense
The music has dedicated a large part of its lyrics and melodies to dealing with the theme of love. This beautiful love quote will melt the heart of more than one.

5. True love is choosing a person and choosing them again every day
. If couples in love stand out for something that continues to be over the years, it is the effort and the daily choice of wanting to continue by the side of the other person. . A beautiful short phrase of love that does not lack any truth .

6. What if love was stronger than gravity
The truth is that love is much stronger than gravity. Anyone who has felt it can tell you how he made it fly.

7. We were a short story that I will read a thousand times
A short phrase of love that mentions the relationships and fleeting crushes that we have all felt at some point, what would have happened that time if…

8. Whoever loves can be wrong about the subject, but never about the verb

A nice play on words that has achieved this short phrase of love . A very nice phrase that we must remember in order to impress the right person.

9. Anyone who has sanity would go crazy for you
Many authors have related mental sanity with love. The truth is that with phrases about love like this it is clear to us that there is a negative relationship, more than one less than the other.

10. What I like most about you is what the rest of the world lacks.

All people have something special , especially if we are in love with them.

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11. Eternal loves are the
shortest Sometimes the greater the intensity of the loving feeling, the shorter the story.

12. Sometimes the love of your life comes after the mistake of your life
We all make mistakes, but we would be able to repeat them over and over again if we later met the love of our life .

13. We wanted to be so much that we forgot to be something
A nice short phrase of love that brings a nostalgic touch. Sometimes we forget that the goal is to love and share ; the rest comes later.

14. Love does not have to be perfect, only true
There are no perfect people, how to expect perfect love

15. Stay with whoever kisses your soul, anyone can kiss your skin
A phrase about love that reminds us that physical attraction is only one part of every love relationship. For most it is not even the most important thing.

16. By the time the wound heals, one is no longer the same

Whenever there is a wound, there ends up being a scar . Whether it has healed well or not, the person will carry that mark with him for the rest of his life.

17. The worst nostalgia is longing for what never happened
We regret many mistakes almost daily, but the worst mistakes are the ones we never tried to make.

18. The saddest thing would be that when you could, I would no longer want
a phrase of love (or rather, lack of love)sad for its frequency in the days that run . Sometimes the problem is that the two people are living different times.

19. I always carry you with me. Not too close but always deep inside
True love is carried inside and not held by the hand.

20. Love whoever accepts your madness with a smile
Again a short phrase of love that speaks of madness and love . If we are all a little crazy, make sure that the loved one accepts your crazy side.

21. They ask me about reality, and I only know how to say your name
When we are at the beginning of falling in love, it is normal that we can only think of that person. Our whole world revolves around her.

22. The destiny of our lips is to meet, why extend it

any longer? Procrastination has its contraindications , and as we can see in this sentence, especially in love.

23. God was indebted to me, and that’s why he brought me to you
An interesting short love date because it combines religion with love. Do you think that God determines who we meet on the road?

24. You are the only star in my universe
From geocentrism we pass to heliocentrism, or so the history books say. Perhaps we have always been in the philocentrism
(“philo-, love; – centrism, which is in the center, the most important thing).

25. If my mouth does not confess it, my heart or my breath will do it
When love overflows our poresIt is impossible to hide it , especially in front of the loved one.

26. My heart has organized a meeting, and it has only invited you
For followers of monogamous love, the heart only has room for romantic love, and this short phrase about love proves it.

27. From time to time I listen to my heart and I still hear it say “I miss you”

A sad short phrase of love that refers to the people we have loved but are no longer by our side.

28. Your only flaw is not waking up next to me
The loved one could not be perfect…

29. We met for a reason, or you are a blessing or a lesson
In either case, the result is very positive.

30. I love you! But it’s not a big deal, it’s forever
To end our list of short phrases, we end with one of the favorites. Because for a lucky few, love can be eternal . I hope it’s you.

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