In this article we are going to present and comment on the best phrases of The Lord of the Skies . This television series emerged as a result of the collaboration between Mexico, Colombia and the United States, and has become a true mass success.
With more than 400 episodes gathered since 2013, this series has left us some quotes worth remembering that have caused a stir and have moved their audience.

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Phrases of The Lord of the Skies
Next, we leave the phrases so that you can remember them, relive them and share them with your friends and fans of The Lord of the Skies. We warn that some of these quotes contain vulgar expressions. 1. Everyone has a price, Chacorta, but no one pays better than me Aurelio Casillas is the main character in the series El senor de los cielos . In this first sentence we already see that airs of greatness it gives off. 2. I will be a sinner, but around me, I do not see any saint
Things are clear, because the Lord of heaven does not know how to say them in another way. 3. When it’s not your turn… not even if you put on
This phrase from The Lord of the Skies is short and simple, but it conveys very well the idea that, if the time has not come, it does not matter what you do. 4. You know better than anyone that in this business people die
Surely you know the plot of this television series. That explains why there are so many deaths. 5. Who laughs last, laughs best; and I assure you that you will hear my laughter even in your dreams
. In this quote from The Lord of the Skies, Aurelio makes it very clear that he always laughs more and better. 6. So, my love, first me, second me… and third me
In this sentence from the Lord of the Skies, its protagonist makes it very clear that he is the only and most important thing of all. An ode to narcissism. 7. Nobody is here to beg anyone, if they love you, fine, and if not, fuck their mother
Do not let yourself be manipulated, that is what this phrase says. 8. Better bad known, than hypocrite to know
A new version of the classic phrase “better bad known than good to know.” 9. Do not fall in love and you will see how things go well for you in life . Many phrases about heartbreak warn of the risks that are run when falling into it. 10. Problems are like assholes, if you pay too much attention to them, they get bigger
Ignore the problems and the assholes; two great pieces of advice expressed in the same sentence from The Lord of the Skies.

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11. The right person will never arrive if you don’t let the wrong one go
Normally there is usually no room for both, keep that in mind. 12. A jealous man is more dangerous than a cross-eyed man with a shotgun
We will even go so far as to say that a jealous person is always more dangerous than a cross-eyed man with a shotgun, regardless of gender. 13. I defended you from everyone and you turned out to be the crap everyone warned me about
Monica Robles, she was in love with Aurelio Casillas for much of the Lord of the Skies series . It seems that things did not go very well. 14. Many dogs bark at me, but none have bitten me.
As they say in Spain: barking dog, little biter.15. Talking about me is easy. Being like me is hard
People with great power and wealth can say this phrase without hesitation. 16. – You love me – I do
n’t know, die to see if I cry

An interesting and impressive conversation from The Lord of the Skies. 17. A man will only change when he knows that he is with the right woman
Sometimes it is said that changing is impossible, that people do not change. Well, with this quote from The Lord of the Skies we see that everything depends on the person you are with. 18. I don’t wish harm on anyone, the one up there takes care of everything
In this sentence from The Lord of the Skies we clearly see the religious beliefs of Aurelio Casillas.19. I’m going to insult you so politely that you won’t know whether to cry or applaud me One of the best phrases from The Lord of the Skies , and specifically, from Monica Robles. 20. In love and in business, the fundamental key is loyalty
Loyalty must always be present in these contexts. 21. With you I’m not just going to turn the page. I’m going to close the fucking book and then I’m going to burn it
. The best way, without a doubt, to leave behind a person who has hurt you. 22. I once thought that everything between you and me could, and yes, everything rotted
Without a doubt, the best phrase from The Lord of the Skies of this entire list. Do you like 23. In life you have to live from realities, not from illusions
And with your feet on the ground. 24. Fate puts many people in your life, but only the best remain forever
Fate reappears in this quote; a recurring theme in this television series. 25. A woman is not measured by the bastards with whom she sleeps
A phrase intended especially for women who watch the program. 26. If you’re going to show off your new girlfriend, please make her someone worthwhile. You’re supposed to make me jealous, it doesn’t hurt
Again , Monica dots the i’s and sets the record straight. 27. Poor bastard who drops a star for wanting to catch a firefly
Without a doubt, the protagonist of the series has many things to say. Have you ever caught a firefly
? Or been the star let loose? 28. A true Queen can make any cat feel King
And surely the other way around too. 29. He who gives and takes, gets even with karma
Destiny, as well as karma, are part of the beliefs of the characters in The Lord of the Skies. 30. Women have 6 senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste and whore detector The protagonist Monica Robles is the one who says this phrase in the acclaimed Latin American television series.
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