Kim Basinger, biography of the American actress, sex symbol of the 80s-90s

Welcome to , the site dedicated to curiosities and information related to the world of cinema. For today’s post we talk about Kim Basinger , American actress, beauty icon and sex symbol of a few decades ago. In this short article we retrace the professional life and some anecdotes from the private life of the American actress, so damn sexy!


  • Kim Basinger, intro
  • Kimila Anna Basinger, the beginnings
  • Career between thriller and fantasy
  • Private life and Kim Basinger today
  • Kim Basinger film

Kim Basinger, intro

Between the Eighties and Nineties of the last century, the United States exported new sex symbols to the world that replaced the myth of Latin beauties a la Sophia Loren. In those twenty years, bursting beauty was no longer European and Italian but strongly American. And if Sharon Stone has signed the seduction of the end of the millennium, she has learned the art from those who preceded her: Kim Basinger. The beauty of the golden years was characterized by full curves, full lips and blonde hair.

But differently from the Monroe prototype. The sex bombs of this period dare where others have never dared. The scenes that see them as protagonists leave very little to the imagination. And if in some films it is difficult to understand where beauty ends and talent begins , with Kim Basinger there has always been the certainty that both were guaranteed.

His scene in the film “Nine and a half weeks” is very famous, which has as its soundtrack the song by Joe Cocker “You can leave your hat on”, of which we show you the video:

Kimila Anna Basinger, the beginnings

Kimila Anna Basinger was born in the deep South of the United States, in Athens (Georgia) in 1953. Nourished by fantasy and entertainment in a family where everyone – parents and four brothers – were artists or actors, the beautiful “Kim”, as it is done always call, he moved to New York in 1980 to attend the Academy of Dramatic Arts. Working to support herself, she is also a model for some photo shoots and the report on “Playboy” in 1983 gives her an unexpected success.

Fun fact: Kim Basinger height

Kim Basinger’s height is 1.72 cm by 56 kg.

She is immediately noticed by a director, Irvin Kershner , who wants her in a role for his film Never Say Never. She soon after she stars in My Problems with Women and Blind Date for Other Directors, which help her to land in the mecca of American cinema: Hollywood. It’s only been six years since her arrival as a student in New York and Kim is already a star in Nine and a Half Weeks , starring Mickey Rourke , directed by Adrian Lyne.

Career between thriller and fantasy

The success of Nine and a Half Weeks is followed by the equally successful fantasy Batman (1989), the comedy The Marrying Man and Final Analysis (1992) with Richard Gere.

The nineties are full of successful interpretations for Kim Basinger , who also appears in LA Confidential, The Washington Post, The Getaway, La Mia Africa. After a break caused by serious financial problems resulting from a wrong investment, the actress still returns to the set and although in a less striking way, she continues to appear in several films even in the 2000s.

Private life and Kim Basinger today

Kim Basinger married makeup artist Ron Snyder-Britton in 1979 and their union lasts until 1988 without children. After the divorce the artist dates first the singer Prince, then the colleague Richard Gere but it will be Alec Baldwin the second husband of Kim Basinger .

He will have his daughter Ireland Ellisee in 1995. The two divorced in 2002 and since then Basinger has been engaged in social activities and associations.

But he hasn’t stopped acting. In fact, we find it in the films Charlie St Cloud (2010), The Black November (2012), Third Person (2013), 4Minute Mile (2014). Most recently, the actress starred in the sequel to the hit film Fifty Shades of Gray, Fifty Shades Darker (2017).

Kim Basinger film

Here are all the films by Kim Basinger, in chronological order:

  1. Hard Country, directed by David Greene (1981)
  2. Mother Lode, directed by Charlton Heston (1982)
  3. Never Say Never Again, directed by Irvin Kershner (1983)
  4. The Man Who Loved Women, directed by Blake Edwards (1983)
  5. The Best (The Natural), by Barry Levinson (1984)
  6. Fool for Love, by Robert Altman (1985)
  7. 9 1/2 Weeks (Nine 1/2 Weeks), directed by Adrian Lyne (1986)
  8. No Mercy (No Mercy), by Richard Pearce (1986)
  9. Blind Date, directed by Blake Edwards (1987)
  10. Nadine – A Bulletproof Love (Nadine), directed by Robert Benton (1987)
  11. My Stepmother Is an Alien, directed by Richard Benjamin (1988)
  12. Batman, regia in Tim Burton (1989)
  13. Beautiful, Blonde … And Always Says Yes (The Marrying Man), directed by Jerry Rees (1991)
  14. Final Analysis, directed by Phil Joanou (1992)
  15. Cool World, directed by Ralph Bakshi (1992)
  16. The Real McCoy, directed by Russell Mulcahy (1993)
  17. Fusi di testa 2 – Waynestock (Wayne’s World 2), directed by Stephen Surijk (1993) – cameo
  18. Getaway (The Getaway), regia di Roger Donaldson (1994)
  19. Ready-to-Wear, Regal di Robert Altman (1994)
  20. LA Confidential, directed by Curtis Hanson (1997)
  21. I Dreamed of Africa, directed by Hugh Hudson (2000)
  22. Bless the Child, directed by Chuck Russell (2000)
  23. 8 Mile, directed by Curtis Hanson (2002)
  24. People I Know, regia di Dan Algrant (2002)
  25. The Door in the Floor, regia di Tod Williams (2004)
  26. If I invest in you will you marry me? (Elvis Has Left the Building), directed by Joel Zwick (2004)
  27. Cellular, directed by David R. Ellis (2004)
  28. Even Money, by Mark Rydell (2006)
  29. The Sentinel (The Sentinel), directed by Clark Johnson (2006)
  30. The Burning Plain – The border of solitude (The Burning Plain), directed by Guillermo Arriaga (2008)
  31. Legittima offesa – While She Was Out (While She Was Out), regia di Susan Montford (2008)
  32. The Informers – Lives Beyond the Limit (The Informers), directed by Gregor Jordan (2008)
  33. Follow Your Heart (Charlie St. Cloud), directed by Burr Steers (2010)
  34. Black November, by Jeta Amata (2012)
  35. Third Person, by Paul Haggis (2013)
  36. Il grande match (Grudge Match), directed by Peter Segal (2013)
  37. One Square Mile, by Charles-Olivier Michaud (2014)
  38. I Am Here, directed by Anders Morgenthaler (2014)
  39. The Nice Guys, regia di Shane Black (2016)
  40. Fifty Shades Darker, directed by James Foley (2017)
  41. Fifty Shades Freed, directed by James Foley (2018)