There are so many good reasons to visit the islands of Greece , even in 2021. Certainly, this destination is ideal for those who want to experience a trip in safety and tailor-made, for a holiday planned and realized the way you want. Every day is the right time to party , but if you prefer tranquility, it is not difficult to find secluded and isolated corners from the crowds. The Hellenic Islands are able to give extraordinary magic, to be enjoyed in silence and peacefully. In company, but also alone: ​​in any case it will be a special trip.

What can be found in Greece

But what are the expectations destined to be met by a holiday in these parts? A pleasant climate is sure to be expected, with the sun’s rays illuminating dreamlike landscapes. Furthermore, the welcome from the local population will be lively, in the name of cordiality and enthusiasm. Furthermore, walking along the alleys of the Greek islands means breathing in the scents of local dishes , immersing yourself in history and discovering unique locations from a naturalistic point of view.

When to go on holiday to Greece

To understand what is the best time to go on holiday in Greece, you can only take the climate as a reference , bearing in mind that we are not talking about a cold place but not even a tropical destination. This is why the weather conditions can be considered ideal, also by virtue of a geographical location that can be defined as privileged. Summers are hot , but during this period there are seasonal winds that give all the breeze you need to avoid the heat. Summer rainfall is minimal, and temperatures are always pleasant. The same goes for winters, which are almost always mild.

A journey back in time

It doesn’t take many words to illustrate and describe the value of Greece from the point of view of history. The ruins of Delos are an example of a location to visit, but the same can also be said for the Minoan palace of Knossos, which was reconstructed ad hoc. One can only imagine what the ancient Greeks did in these almost magical places. The village of Akrotiri is also truly enchanting , which was excavated from under the ash from a large eruption of the Santorini volcano . A step back in time is also possible with the medieval city of Rosi, but it is also worth mentioning the marble statues of Naxos or other famous ruins, such as the mosaics of Kos.

The nightlife of the Greek summers

Party tourists will certainly not be disappointed by a holiday in Greece , a country renowned in every corner of the world for its lively nightlife to say the least. The Greek is a people who seem to want to celebrate life in every moment. Thus, the party begins at noon in islands such as Skiathos, Ios, Corfu, Paros or Mykonos , and the parties continue until the first light of dawn. However, there is no shortage of lounge bars where you can sip a coffee or a drink, as well as night clubs that offer a more uninhibited type of entertainment.

Naturalistic landscapes

The views of Greece are nothing short of spectacular , with unique landscapes also for the great variety of places that characterize the country. The Greek islands, in short, offer landscapes of all kinds: here, then, the castle cities and the great beaches bathed by the blue waters of the sea; but also the villages with their white houses and the vegetation of the forests.

Spend little on a holiday in Greece

All in all, little money is spent on a holiday on a Greek island . Almost all the islands can be reached easily, for example by plane from the most important European cities, but also by boat if you leave from Athens. In the case of the smaller islands, on the other hand, sea connections are guaranteed from the larger islands . To be sure to save as much as possible, the advice is to stay alert and find the most suitable time to book.

The goodness of Greek dishes

Finally, one cannot fail to mention Greek cuisine, with its spectacular dishes capable of giving very intense gastronomic experiences . Virtually every island has its own local cheese, but honey and wild vegetables are also worth tasting. Pasta is also often cooked, while an evergreen is ouzo , an alcoholic drink. Pastries and desserts often have a spicy taste which is a legacy of the places’ Ottoman past. Obviously, fresh fish is the protagonist at the table, but lamb and goat meat dishes are also good.