We return to one of the most famous pages of about 7 years ago. We are talking about nothing more and nothing less than Disgust of Life or simply ADV .
This web portal was born with a very simple objective, to be able to share with the rest of the world the “little” but worst moments of the daily life of each one of the users. Sharing comments or phrases, the community could write their worst experiences to vent.
Created in 2009, just one year after the VDM website (abbreviation of the French that means Vida de Mierda) was born and shortly after it triumphed, ADV transported this great idea to the Spanish-speaking public.
Although he no longer has as much visibility as before, since he becamethe 192nd most viewed page in Spain with 200,000 daily visits , this article aims to pay homage to its brilliant past.

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Top 25 ADV
Once a user shares their ADV, the moderators decide whether or not to publish it . If it is accepted, it will appear in the entrance of the page.
The rest of the people can comment and also rate freely with three options : “disgust of life” (for the best ones), “having thought about it” and “what a bullshit”. Without a doubt, the best way to know if what is happening to you is serious or not.

25. A few months ago, my sister dreamed that our cat died. Soon he died. At the end of August my sister dreamed that my grandmother was dying. She died in early September. Yesterday it sounded like I was dying. I’M SHOCKED. ADV
Consequences of having a sister who predicts the future . Maybe you don’t want to know.

24.Today, they have euthanized my dog. The reason
? A 14-year-old boy entered my house to steal and the dog sank his teeth. The boy, who had robbed three more houses, will continue to be on the street. Long live the law of the minor. ADV

When they enter your house but you can only watch as they rob you because the thief is a minor.

23. Today, I just spoke with a friend of mine who had surgery this afternoon on his spleen and lungs because he had perforations. How did he do it?
He was one of those who was in Plaza Catalunya and they shot him with rubber bullets. From here I want you to send him a hug for fighting for OUR rights. ADV

History repeats itself, we don’t learn, everything continues to be a Disgust of life .

22. Today, I was told that my older sister is really my mother. I am 16 years old and she is 31. My “mother” is and has always been my grandmother. I have lived deceived all my life. ADV
When your whole family system changes with a sentence, and you no longer know what to do with your life.

21. Today, I met my best friend. I have anemia and faint frequently. On this occasion, when I recovered, the first thing I saw was my friend masturbating with my breasts. ADV
A pity that the sexual fantasies were not reciprocated, since in this case, it would be considered sexual abuse .

20. Today, I live in a country where they are going to close CNN+ to put a channel dedicated to Big Brother 24 hours a day. ADV
The years pass but the presence of Big Brother both in Spain and in other countries of the world, continues unstoppable. If this is not a “disgusting world”, we do not know what it can be.

19. Today is my wedding night. My wife is asleep and I’m masturbating in the bathroom. ADV

Imminent divorce detected.

18. Today, I caught my boyfriend licking a barbie’s boobs. ADV
A good time to discover the possible paraphilias of your partner . You just have to let go. To take very far….

17. Today, the PP has won the elections. ADV
Published on November 20, 2011. More than one will feel identified.

16. Today, I live in a country where, on one of the longest bridges in living memory, the air traffic controllers, who earn €170,000 in base salary in the midst of the crisis, have decided to screw the entire country and not go to work because “they have suffered, Suddenly a massive anxiety attack. I only have one thing left to say: Parasite sons of bitches. Amen. ADV
Written on December 4, 2010, many of us still remember this strike .

15. Today, my girlfriend and I were having oral sex, and I told her how good she was. She replied that she enjoyed it with me since she couldn’t do well with her ex-boyfriend because her member didn’t fit in her mouth. ADV
When you try to look good but the lias very “fat”.

14. Today, my 17-year-old sister has returned after spending 6 months in a center to treat her anorexia. On our way home, we ran into our neighbor in the elevator and she told her the following: “Wow, you’ve been well taken care of! You’re going to have to go on a diet to lose those pounds, huh
“. ADV

What do we bet that the neighbor was the one who should really lose “those pounds”
Being anorexia one of the most difficult mental disorders to treat and eradicate , reading this type of thing makes you want to “talk” with the neighbor alone in the elevator.

13. Last week, my brother died in an accident. Tired of seeing comments on his Facebook wall, he went in to close his account. When automatically connecting to the chat, one of his friends said: “Holy shit! A zombie!”. ADV
More than a Disgust of life, it should be a Disgust of a person. I wish it was the happiness of believing that his friend was alive .

12. Today, my father is in the hospital recovering from an accident. His room is shared and to his right there is an older woman whom no one ever comes to visit. Today his grandson of about 20 years has finally come and his eyes have lit up with illusion. He hasn’t even looked at her, he has searched her bag to keep the money she had and he just left. ADV
These are the ADV that break the most hearts.Have children/grandchildren and they will gouge your eyes out.

11. Today, my tutor talked to me and told me that the death of my parents is not a sufficient reason to have lowered my academic performance. ADV
They should fire all the people like this, but not from work, but from the Earth .

10. Today, my house is full of people. Everyone is watching Barca-Madrid. My grandmother is celebrating her 93rd birthday all by herself. ADV
A question of priorities. Because the Roman “bread and circuses” is more in vogue than ever .

9. Today, they gave me David Bisbal’s CD. ADV
An interesting ADV that talks about musical tastes. Without a doubt, the fact that it appears in position number 9 on the list insinuates something about Bisbal’s music.

8. Today, my girlfriend sent me an SMS telling me that she was ready to try anal sex too. That it was at 8:30, which is when Luis is not there. She has mistaken the recipient. I am Luis and we still haven’t made love even once. ADV
Luis will be very sad. We feel sorry for him.

7. Today, at 16 years old, aunts my age make fun of me and call me “pingao” because I carry my mother by the arm down the street because she can barely walk. I’m sorry I’m not a chungo like everyone else. ADV
Disgust of life is that people value this type of act so little and put the image above all else , but what an image

6. Today, my grandmother, whom I loved very much, died. When I went to look for my grandfather at the funeral home to leave, he told me: “Wait, I’m going to look for Grandma, I haven’t seen her for a long time.” ADV
Perhaps due to insanity issues or a simple denial process, this ADV strikes a chord with many.

5. Today, I have been in the emergency room for more than 10 hours because my best friend has slipped on the stairs of a bar and when he put his hand on the floor to avoid falling, he had the bad luck to lean on a broken glass . He has cut two tendons and a nerve in the thumb of his left hand, they have had an emergency operation and there is no guarantee that he will be able to move his finger again. My friend is a guitarist. ADV
The real Disgust of life will be for the guitarist, and not so much for the one who wrote this ADV. In any case, if his capacity for empathy is such, at least we know that the guitarist has a good friend .

4. Today, I am 17 years old and the judge sent me to a juvenile correctional facility, reason: I almost killed a priest because I caught him raping my 8-year-old cousin. My family is outraged and my cousin is in the hospital. According to the judge, he should not have attacked him, but call the police and that’s it. Every time I realize more how much money the Church has. ADV
Nothing new about those who profess and practice religion as a vital path. They say these cases are the exception…

3. Today, I was doing it with my boyfriend when suddenly he hit me in the face with his cock, screaming: WHIP STRAIN!. ADV
Our number three position goes to this ADV with 104,838 reactions of “What a disgusting life” , being also the most commented of all with 1,508 comments . Surely with the reappearance of Pokemon Go, more than one returned to this questionable habit.

2. Today is Monday. ADV
Everyone’s favorite day to complain, and rightly so. A deserved number two position with 114,730 reactions of “What a disgusting life”.

1. Today, I found out that I am infertile and have been all my life. I have three children. ADV
This Disgust of life gathered 130,033 “What a disgust of life”. Which places her in our number 1 position.
Infidelity as number one position. Probably, something that many people have committed and suffered is, at the same time, one of the great fears and causes of pain in Western society . Simply ADV.

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