Stereotypes make many think that if a woman cheats on her partner, it is because she does not feel loved or satisfied. That’s just one of the many reasons she could have. We present ten of the reasons why women cheat on their boyfriends , although in no case do we want to defend infidelity. If we see that disaster is near, our best weapon will be sincerity.
You probably think that the most unfaithful are men, but according to various sociological studies, the percentage of women who cheat on their partner is higher . These same studies indicate that men are more likely to be discovered, while women better hide any evidence of an extramarital relationship.

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10 reasons why women are unfaithful
These are ten of the reasons why a woman may seek an affair while engaged. Some can be applied to both sexes, and infidelity is not so much a gender issue as a couple psychology.

1. Sexual dissatisfaction
One of the most common reasons for cheating is that there is not enough sex. It is clear that sex is not everything, but it is one of the fundamental pillars in any relationship . While it is true that everyone has a different sexual appetite, it is a basic need of every human being. If not, it can lead to frustration and infidelity.

2. Low self-esteem

We all need to feel loved or wanted.High self-esteem makes any woman feel strong and confident, and there are different ways a man can intervene. If he doesn’t make her feel wanted, he someone else will.

3. Revenge
Cheating on a boyfriend or husband out of revenge is one of the obvious reasons. There are two types: revenge for an argument and revenge for infidelity . The first case is difficult to understand, but the second occurs when the couple has already entered a self-destructive spiral from which it is very difficult to escape.

4. Lack of complicity
If we form a cocktail of all these reasons we can have the perfect formula for a woman to cheat on her boyfriend. However, sometimes all she needs is to feel accompaniedAnd if something as simple as that fails, he will look for love elsewhere. The ideal couple is one in which the two members are also friends and have a deep complicity.

5. Lack of emotional support
She always tells him about his problems, her concerns at work and her disagreements with the family, but he just nods, waiting for the talk to end so he can move on to something else. It is normal for her to realize this and look for the emotional support that she so badly needs in another person. It is not very common, but this type of situation can end in horns, and perhaps deserved.

6. Sexual monotony
Sex can be fantastic or boring. Sexual monotony is one of the biggest couple problems and it can end in deception if it goes on too long. It is curious that the routine makes a hole in bed when there are so many possibilities to explore . The ideal is to try new things in bed (as long as you both agree) or anywhere in the house that you have not tried yet.

7. Daily
monotony Daily monotony is a classic of infidelities. A woman can get bored of coming home from work, watching a movie or a series, having sex and going to sleep, especially if that process is repeated every day of her life. Everyone needs new experiences, renew illusions from time to time so as not to relive groundhog day. As almost always, it is the small details that make the difference.

8. Escape route
She may have been wanting to break up with him for a long time and doesn’t know how . Nothing better than infidelity to leave behind years of relationship! Seriously speaking, this would not be the best way to end a partner, although it is more common than some think. Some would define it as a form of cowardice.

9. Need for strong emotions
A common cause of cheating in a relationship is the search for emotions, for that morbidity that makes your life look like a Hollywood movie (or at least it seems so). There are women and men who like danger andThey even run the risk of being caught in the middle of the job out of sheer morbidity. The end result can be disastrous.

10. Unresolved trauma
Several studies indicate that people who have suffered some type of childhood trauma such as emotional abandonment, mistreatment or sexual abuse, are more likely to cheat on their partner. Cheating can be compulsive behavior , not just with a boyfriend or girlfriend, but with family or friends. This is a problem that may require professional help.

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