Currently, more and more women are becoming mothers at the age of 50 and beyond . Whether it occurs naturally or by resorting to assisted fertilization , it doesn’t matter.

Although nature makes it risky for the older woman, many celebrities have felt ready to have a child at a more mature time in their lives . In an increasingly hectic world, where life expectancies have lengthened and social and working life has changed, it is increasingly common to witness mothers over 50 and happy to be.

This has obviously given rise to various debates dividing public opinion between those who find it a right and courageous choice and those who find it a forced and wrong choice.

From model Naomi Campbell to Gianna Nannini and Emanuela Grimalda , they all had a pregnancy that was completed peacefully and without complications. Here are the VIPs who became mothers at 50 and over :

1) Alessandra Martines: mother for the second time on the threshold of 50 years

The beautiful actress of Fantaghiro, Alessandra Martines, already mother of Stella (now 20 years old), became a mother for the second time at the age of 49 . Her child Hugo was strongly desired above all by the actress’s ex-partner, Cyril Descours, 20 years younger than her. Despite her age, Alessandra Martines felt ready and willing to give Stella a little brother.

2) Michela Brambilla: mother of the third child at 50

Politician known for her animal rights commitment, Michela Brambilla became pregnant with her third child at the age of 50 . Little Leonardo was born in October 2017 and his little brothers were waiting for him: Vittorio Edoardo and Sofia. The parliamentarian wanted to keep her pregnancy confidential but the baby bump did not escape the paparazzi during an animal rights event.

3) Janet Jackson: the joy of being an over 50 mom

American pop star, Michael Jackson’s sister, Janet Jackson became the mother of little Eissa at the age of 50 . The decision to have a child did not come by chance. Janet had a strong desire to become a mother and, when she became pregnant, she was forced to stop her Unbreakable World Tour by resting. After a peaceful birth, Eissa came into the world, the fruit of the love between the star and the entrepreneur Wissam Al mana, who have been married since 2012.

4) Heather Parisi: became the mother of twins at 50

The beautiful show girl Heather Parisi, already the mother of two daughters at a young age, became the mother of twins at the age of 50 . Dylan and Elizabeth, who are now 11 years old, were born in 2010. To the “haters” who attacked her on social networks calling her “mom-grandmother”, Heather replies proudly: ” I feel inside me more energy, more enthusiasm and optimism than when I was 30 “and then continues ” So in the face of all those who insist on considering women of 60 years old …. “

5) Emanuela Grimalda: the first child is 51 years old

Italian actress Emanuela Grimalda had her first child at 51 . She and her husband have wanted him for a long time but she the actress, in some statements, she explains that she has never been obsessed with the idea of ​​becoming a mother and that she would have expected her arrival of her of course of her. Emanuela has become the mother of a boy: Giaime . In an interview with Panorama in which she is asked if she feels too “big” to be a mother, she replies: “I was ready, I had a lot of energy. It is the best phase of my life ”.

6) Ramona Badescu: pregnant with her second child at 51 years old

The singer and actress of Romanian origin, Ramona Badescu became the mother of a boy, Ignazio, at the age of 51. She is romantically linked to the university professor Narcis Godeanu, she experienced the joy of becoming a mother in a completely natural way, when she was about to adopt assisted fertilization.

7) Naomi Campbell: mother at 51 of her first child

Beautiful and always in shape, the 51-year-old “Black Venus” Naomi Campbell has become the mother of a beautiful baby girl . The model who walked the catwalks of high fashion in the 80s, declared it a few days ago on Instagram, posting a photo that portrays her with the baby’s feet: “A beautiful little blessing has chosen me as her mother, so honored to have this kind soul in my life that there are no words to describe the lifelong bond that I now share with you, my angel. There is no greater love ”.

8) Carmen Russo: the stork has reached the age of 53

The long and solid marriage with Enzo Paolo Turchi, had its fruits in mature age. Carmen Russo experienced the joy of being the mother of little Maria at 53. The over 50 dancer had already tried to have a baby when she was younger, but her pregnancy came only later, giving her so much joy and love. In some shots on Instagram, Carmen and Enzo (now over 60) are portrayed happy with their Maria who grows more every day.

9) Gianna Nannini: Penelope’s mother at

The queen of Italian rock felt ready later to have her first child. Gianna Nannini became the mother of little Penelope at the age of 54 . The singer wanted a child so much and after several attempts she made her dream come true. The baby was born thanks to egg donation with a course of successful treatments. In some parts of a letter to Vanity Fair addressed to her daughter, Gianna writes: “You waited until I was ready. Three times I haven’t been, but today I am. You the greatest love of my life ”.

10) Brigitte Nielsen: her fifth daughter reaches 54 years old

Brigitte Nielsen became Frida’s mother at the age of 54 . After giving birth to four sons, the life of the Danish model and actress is finally tinged with pink. She had announced it on Instagram with a photo with the baby bump, writing: “family that is growing” . Brigitte has also shown herself to be a champion of the freedom to become mothers even in old age, if science or nature allows it.