The killers are on the loose. He finds out which movies have wreaked the most havoc. | Image: Thomas Roberts What is a slasher movie?
If you’re not familiar with the term slasher, you’re probably wondering this. Well, to give you an idea, it is a subtype of genre that falls within the horror genre and is characterized by the presence of a psychopathic murderer dedicated to killing all the protagonists . His favorite weapon is usually a kitchen knife; however, you will see that some celluloid psychokillers have preferred other more expeditious methods.
We have made a ranking that we invite you to consult on the 15 that we believe are the best representations of this cinema. Let’s see what you think and how many you have left to see:15. Muneco diabolico (Child’s play, 1988)
A dangerous serial killer is shot by police in a toy store after an exhausting pursuit. Before dying, he is able to recite a black magic spell so that his soul takes over one of the new Chucky dolls, the fashionable entertainment among the little ones. Days later, a boy named Andy receives one of these peculiar puppets and his nanny dies under mysterious circumstances, giving rise to a wave of murders surrounding the toy .
A sly movie not suitable for those who have an aversion to sinister-looking dolls, a letter of introduction to the tender and no less ruthless Chucky . 14. Friday the 13th (Friday the 13th, 1980)
One of the franchises that, like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Halloween, has been extremely exploited and of which new versions and reboots are still being filmed today.
It tells how a group of young monitors are hired to reform an old abandoned summer camp in which several tragedies took place in the past. Without knowing it, they have just signed their death warrant. One by one, they will fall at the hands of a ruthless killer.
Since this saga, we have never looked at hockey goalie masks the same way. Thank you, Jason Voorhees. 13. Jeepers Creepers (Jeepers Creepers, 2001)
Film shot in the style of the seventies, in which we follow two brothers who go on a car trip across the United States. Suddenly, they are harassed by a rusty old truck that almost drives them off the road. Later on, when they pass in front of a church, they see the same van parked and its mysterious driver, who is about to throw a bundle down a sewer pipe… From then on, a breathless escape begins . 12. Hellraiser, those who bring hell (Hellraiser, 1987)
Clive Barker, author of the novel of the same name, went behind the camera to direct his own film version of it.
This horror story tells how Frank, while traveling, acquires a small cube-shaped box in an oriental bazaar. What he finds out is that it is actually a portal for beings from another unknown dimension, which bring with them a maelstrom of pain, torture and suffering for whoever summons them. Twenty years later, Frank’s brother moves into the house where he lived. When the spirit of the disappeared is called by accident by his sister-in-law, he will demand a payment of blood to regenerate again .
This bloody eighties film also gave way to numerous sequels, some with a plot that bordered on the grotesque. However, the first part is very enjoyable for film fans with high doses of hemoglobin, which gave us the opportunity to meet the ‘cenobites’, those interdimensional beings who love self-mutilation and the torment of others, led by the charismatic Pinhead (Hellraiser) . 11. Dark Red (Profondo Rosso, 1975)
Dario Argento is another reference to take into account. This Italian director has directed multiple horror movies (he is still active), and he knows very well how to play with the elements he has.
After witnessing the murder of a famous medium,a songwriter and an avid reporter join forces to hunt down the ruthless killer at the same time, who is trying to get them off their backs.
With this example, Argento formulated a complete declaration of intentions that would define his cinema from now on: violent, explicit and bloody films. For many, his work is his peak. 10. Nightmare on Elm Street (A nightmare on Elm Street, 1984)
In the middle of the eighties, we find this creation, fruit of the mind of the late Wes Craven, author of many other key titles.
Mother of a franchise that has extended its continuations (plus a remake) until our decade (and from which we do not know if they will continue to take advantage of it), A Nightmare on Elm Streetcombines the most distressing terror with a point of sarcasm that suits him great , achieved thanks to his villain: the already mythical Freddy Krueger, fond of harassing his victims by appearing in their dreams. 9. Scream, watch who’s calling (Scream, 1996) Cult film famous for its ability to ironize the topics and cliches of the genre and use them to their advantage , creating a result that guarantees both scares and smiles dedicated to the enthusiasts of these movies . And it is that the murderer Ghostface uses other reference murder movies, such as Halloween, Psycho or A Nightmare on Elm Street, to create his own formula and put it into practice in his murders. 8. High tension (Haute tension, 2003)
Our French colleagues can also be proud of having renowned works of horror. On this occasion, a very young Alexandre Aja directs this agonizing story about the persecution that two young friends suffer at the hands of a madman, when they were going to spend a weekend at the country house of one of them.
Although we start from a premise already seen, High tension makes good use of the resources available to it and gives us one of the best movies of the decade. After the international success, its director made the leap to Hollywood directing the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, with a final result so powerful that it makes one forget the original. 7. Funny games (Funny games, 1997)
An unsettling movie that plays with the viewer as he pleases. It was highly criticized in its time for its excess of violence and, despite the fact that today it may even seem like child’s play if we compare it with some things we have been seeing since then, we do not take away the merit of its provocative staging in scene.
Through the eyes of a wealthy German family, we witness with horror the crudest face of human beings , when they are unexpectedly visited by their neighbors’ friends.
10 years later, Michael Haneke himself shot the same film shot by shot, with American actors, for those who are not convinced by this version. 6. Wolf Creek (Wolf Creek, 2005)
Australian production that showed that terror can come from any corner of the world and from the most everyday situations. A movie that will take away the desire to travel to all intrepid backpackers to know the most remote places.
Greg Mclean introduces us to three hiker friends who want to visit the National Park that gives the film its name. When their car drops them off in the middle of nowhere, Mick Taylor, a friendly local farmer, agrees to tow them… 5. Henry, portrait of a serial killer (1986)
Independent film that is a biography of Henry Lee Lucas, one of the most infamous serial killers in the United States. Soberly played by Michael Rooker, we accompany the protagonist through his erratic life after leaving prison, in which he combines low-paid jobs with his criminal activity .
Otis, a former cellmate, and his sister move in with Henry in his apartment. After a night of revelry that ends with two murdered prostitutes, the two ex-convicts join in a maelstrom of endless deaths. 4. Halloween (Halloween, 1978)
A low-budget work shot in just twenty days that multiplied the price of its cost in box office profits, filmed by what many consider to be the true master of horror: John Carpenter.
Its premise imitated ad nauseam (a group of young people who are besieged by a disturbed man who hides his face behind a mask), also gave way to a series of sequels, each one worse, along with a new version of 2007 not insignificant.
Thanks to Halloween, the protagonist Jamie Lee Curtis became known and was raised to the category of scream queen (queen of screams). Not only that, but we discovered Michael Myers, another milestone in fiction. 3. The cabin in the woods (The cabin in the woods, 2012)
One of the most pleasant surprises of recent years was carried out by director Drew Goddard, in collaboration with producer Joss Whedon. The cabin in the woods begins like many others of the horror genre: a group of friends that meets all the necessary cliches (the athlete, his stunning girlfriend, the sensible and student, the shy and virginal girl; and the crazy and prankster friend. of drugs), they are going to spend a weekend at the house of one of them, located in the middle of the forest.
The genius of The Cabin in the Woods is in its ingenious use of cliches that we are so tired of seeing in murder movies and how it gives them a twist to justify them in its plot. All a delight.2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974)
In the summer of 2017 we said goodbye to another figure in this cinema, Tobe Hooper, director of one of the most controversial films of the time and who chaired what is known today. known as slasher genre.
Partly based on real events (the crimes of Ed Gein), in it we follow a group of five young people who go on vacation to the country house of one of them. Few imagine that the neighbors next door are a family with somewhat peculiar tastes .
Despite its not at all subtle title, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre contains hardly any bloody scenes, which does not detract from the anguish of the whole. 1. Psycho (Psycho, 1960)
Hitchcock, the great master of cinema. Creator of the school, so many times imitated without success and admired. We are facing a prodigy of cinema, a must for anyone, whether they are a lover of terror or not. Although we know his director as a “master of suspense”, when he transferred Robert Bloch’s novel of the same name (1950) to celluloid, it was for many the genesis of the slash movie.
Marion Crane, a young secretary who works for a real estate company, flees the city in her car with the money that an associate of her boss has entrusted to her so that she can take it to the bank. After hours and hours of driving, she decides to stop at a secluded roadside motel for the night. The hotel is run by Norman Bates, a reserved boy who lives next door with his mother in a wheelchair .
An imperishable wonder that is worth reviewing and that one never tires of. An example to follow of good cinema in all its aspects. Simply Hitchcock.
All the news and news about cinema and series of the moment, you will find them in this link.
All the news and news about cinema and series of the moment, you will find them in this link.