The Royal Family never ceases to amaze and this time it is the turn to reveal some curiosities about Megan Markle , who will become a mother for the first time next spring .

Last May she married one of the most coveted golden bachelors in the world and her nuptials to Harry, of whom all has been said, were followed live across the globe.

From that moment the planet and the world of gossip started talking about her and everyone knows everything (or almost everything) about her life. But that’s not quite the case, because there is still something to reveal about the future royal mother .

In fact, the Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure has also unearthed many secrets about the Duchess of Sussex . Are you curious to know more about the woman who stole the heart of the Prince?

Let’s find out together the 10 curiosities that you would never have imagined about the life of Megan Markle:

1) Harry and Meghan Markle are related

In the history of noble families it was normal to marry among blood relatives, even very close ones. This habit has been outdated and considered immoral for a long time but you will be amazed to find that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are also related . In fact, many scholars have analyzed the family tree of Harry and Meghan and, going back 15 generations, they realized that Harry and Meghan have a common ancestor: Ralphes Bowes . Meghan’s paternal grandmother, Doris Markle , had indeed noble origins , which can be traced back to this English man. This relative was born in 1480 and held the title of High Sceriff , High Sheriff. The man was in charge of law enforcement in County Durham. For this reason, the two spouses are cousins ​​and it was the English press that revealed it. Incredible when you consider that he grew up in Kensington Palace, and she grew up thousands of miles away in California.

2) She has always fought for women’s rights

Meghan, from a very young age, has always been a convinced feminist and has always fought against sexism. As she told herself during an interview with GlamorWhen I saw a sexist advertisement for dishwasher detergent I decided to write a letter to Procter & Gamble, Hillary Clinton and Linda Ellerbee, presenter of a children’s program “. The latter invited her to be interviewed and Procter & Gamble changed advertising thanks to Meghan’s position.

3) What would his career have been if he hadn’t met Harry?

Surely it is a question that she also asked herself: what would she have done if she had not married the Prince? Retracing her past as a feminist and her work at the Buenos Aires embassy in Argentina, there are those who say that she could easily have entered politics . While, according to an anonymous source, she told the Sun that: “ Meghan is glamorous and sexy, and she is a good actress. Her profile matches the role of Bond Girl “.

4) Meghan the calligrapher

Long before she met Harry and long before she became famous thanks to one of the main roles in Suits , Meghan had several jobs. Among these also that of calligrapher . In fact, she had been hired by Dolce & Gabbana to handwrite the invitations to the fashion shows for the stars. In addition, she had also handwritten the invitations for singer Robin Thicke ‘s wedding .

5) From the embassy to TV

Between 2006 and 2007, after working in the embassy , ​​Meghan participated in the To deal or not to deal program , Your Business . Meghan had the task of opening the packages, an experience she does not keep a good memory of : ” I had gone from the embassy in Buenos Aires to a job on TV I had to wait, standing on high heels, for a competitor to choose mine. box. Only then could I sit down. I was number 24, I don’t know why but no one ever chose my box “. Almost permanent presence of the broadcast was Donald Trump. According to different sources, the future US president gave the girls in the program his business card to invite them to play golf with him but Meghan never accepted her proposal.

6) What is Meghan’s real name

Small curiosity and also that relating to the first name of the Duchess of Sussex. In fact, like her husband Harry of hers, whose first name of hers is actually Henry, she also doesn’t use her first name. In fact at the registry office and registered as Rachel . This name is also that of the character she played in Suits.

7) His nicknames

After discovering Meghan’s real first name we also discover the different nicknames with which she is called by friends and relatives. The Duchess’s mother , Doria , often calls her ” Flower “, while many of her friends of hers prefer the nickname ” Nutmeg “, nutmeg. Prince Harry , on the other hand, usually calls her simply ” Meg “.

8) The relationship with relatives

At Meghan’s wedding we saw her mother get excited and cry with joy. But not all of the Duchess’s family members are on such good terms with her. In fact, his half- brother Di lei, Tom Jr. , Sent Harry a letter to persuade him to cancel the wedding . Additionally, half-sister Samantha wrote a vitriolic book and appeared as a guest on TV many times to talk about her relationship with Meghan.

9) The code names to speak of the Prince

At the beginning of their relationship, while Meghan was busy filming the TV series Suits , she used codenames to talk about Prince Harry. The actress, at the time, had only confided in Wendell Pierce , who played Meghan’s father.

10) How did she break up with her ex-husband?

In the book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess , the Duchess would have formalized the break with her ex-husband , Trevor Engelson , by sending him the wedding ring by post . The couple divorced in 2013, two years after their wedding.