After the success of the first season, its fans are already looking forward to the return of the series and to discover how the plot of Sex Education will continue . There were many unknowns that remained in the pipeline and that we hope will be resolved in the new episodes. However, some details of this new season are already beginning to come to light so that the wait does not become so long.
Netflix is ​​already preparing the next 8 chapters of the series, which according to data from the platform, Sex Education was seen by approximately 40 million users in the four available weeks, a great achievement with a series that breaks all taboos.
The first season ended with the image of Otis managing to overcome one of his biggest obstacles: masturbating. After this, we don’t know if the character will take another step and lose a bit of innocence . What the creator of the story, Laurie Nunn, has made clear is that everything will revolve around the protagonist Otis, without neglecting the rest of the incredible characters and actors in the series.
This loss of innocence may have a lot to do with Ola . Although it will be difficult for this relationship to move forward with Maeve’s shadow hanging around.

Release date
The second season of Sex Education has already started shooting in the UK and will consist of 8 new chapters. However, there is no official release date on Netflix yet.

According to official sources, the return of actors Gillian Anderson, Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Aimee-Lou Wood, Connor Swindells, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Tanya Reynolds and Patricia Allison has been confirmed .
Also returning is Laurie Nunn, as creator and executive producer , along with executive producer Jamie Campbell. The production company will continue to feel Eleven.

Who is Emma Mackey
Emma Mackey is a British-French actress and model. Although she has done other work, her performance on Sex Education as Maeve Wiley has brought her international fame .
She was born in 1996 in France, sinceHis father is French and his mother is English . She grew up and studied in France, until she decided to move to England to train as an actress.
She ran the 2017 summer campaign as a model for the English clothing line AIDA Shoreditch . And as an actress, before SexEducation she appeared in movies like Badger Lane and Summit Fever.
All about Emma Mackey from Sex Education. | Netflix.
Along with Asa Butterfield and Gillian Anderson, Emma Mackey stars in Sex Education , where she plays Maeve Wiley, a smart, business-savvy “bad girl” who, along with a classmate, sets up a sex therapy clinic at school.
It is the first role and important role of Emma in a television series. Her work has received very good reviews and her character’s pink hair has become fashionable and has created a trend .
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