Do you like series and especially those that deal with lawyers, judges, and the justice system in general
? In this article we bring you a compilation of the best series about lawyers that you can find on television.
Some focus more on judicial aspects, others on the defense of suspects and some have greater importance on police events, but all of them deserve to appear in this selection of the best series on judges and lawyers of all time.

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This selection has taken into account both the public’s evaluations and a personal selection criterion to include the series present here. If you feel that one of your favorite series about lawyers is missing, feel free to leave a comment with their name.

12. The Good Fight (2017 –

Perhaps in time it will become one of the best series of lawyers and judges of all time, but this series has just started and is the fruit of The Good Wife, which is higher in this ready.
This sequel is written and produced by the same people and stars Christine Baranski. The aforementioned just lost all her savingsafter a financial scandal, for which she is forced to enter another law firm to earn a living. To know more, you will have to encourage yourself to see it.

11. Shark (2006 – 2008)
Shark is one of the best series about lawyers and legal issues. Unlike other series, this one does not talk so much about a cabinet or team of lawyers , but about the life and work of a very particular one: Sebastian Stark.
Stark is a prestigious lawyer, charismatic but with strategies worthy of a shark. Nothing and no one can stop it… or so it seems.

10. Office shift (1986 – 1987)
This Spanish television series was, in its day, one of the great television series about lawyers that marked a before and after in the way of making series in its country.

It only has 17 episodes but it is an extremely realistic series that portrays the judicial system and crime in Madrid in the 1980s. Without a doubt, one of the best series on legal matters that you should see if you live in Madrid or in Spain.

9. The Practice (1997 – 2004)
Known in Spain as El Abogado and in Latin America as Los Practicantes; is a series about lawyers and one of the best when it comes to legal dramas.
History tells us about the cases carried out by a prestigious law firm in Boston. It handles both criminal and civil cases.

8. Law and Order (1990-2010)
In Latin America known as Law and Order is a television series about lawyers, judges and normally violent crimes. Located in New York, it tells the work adventures experienced by a team of police investigators together with the district attorneys and several lawyers.
Hard cases, well-constructed characters and well-cared details make this, after The Simpsons, the series that has remained on screen the longest, with 20 seasons and 456 episodes .

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7. Boston Legal (2004 – 2008)
It is not the only spin-off on our list, but it is one of the best. In this case, Boston Legal comes from the aforementioned The Lawyer.
In the last chapters of the original series, some of the characters of this series were introduced, which tells the story of a law firm (rich and famous) who are capable of doing almost anything to win the cases (and money, a lot of money) .

6. Better Call Saul (2015 –

It is currently, almost certainly, one of the most famous series on this list. Being a spin-off and prequel to the acclaimed Breaking Bad, in this series about lawyers and trials we follow in the footsteps of Saul, the lawyer and secondary character of the series Breaking Bad.
Just to say that the premiere of the first episode was the most watched in the history of the United States on cable television.

5. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (1999 –

This series has not risen further in our list because it also deals with police issues and sometimes moves away from the purely legal. If this is not a problem for you, without a doubt, you will consider this to be one of the best series you have ever seen.
As you can imagine, it is the result of the original Law and Order series, but without being a spin-off as such.
The strong point of this series:most of the cases are taken from the news headlines . In other words, they are inspired by real cases.

4. Damages (2007 – 2012)
This series is on the verge of being part of the top 3 series that you should see if you are attracted to these issues.
In this case, the series tells us about the lawyer Patty Hewes played by an impeccable Glenn Close who wears the shoes of a lawyer who will do everything possible to defend the most powerful corrupt, but always under a particular value system that will be the series outline. Without a doubt, something that reminds us in some way of the Dexter series.

3. The Good Wife (2009 – 2016)
Known in Latin America as The Exemplary Wife, it is an American CBS series with 7 seasons and already finished.
Alice Florrick is the protagonist of this great series about lawyers and trials, but in this case the plot is far from what is common in these series and also shows the life of Alice and her family, seeing how sometimes combining professional and work life is really difficult.

2. Suits (2011 –

This drama series about lawyers and trials stands out from the others for presenting two lawyers who are in charge of defending their clients who are usually involved in legal problems of a business nature.
Today it already has 7 seasons that have been or are being a success.

1. How to defend a murderer (2014 –

The name says it all. A series categorized within the “legal drama” genre created by Pete Nowalk and broadcast on ABC.
The series with its 4 seasons (and those that are missing) revolve around the history and experiences of a criminal law professor at the University of Philadelphia. The series has several plots but always with the cornerstone of the murders and the guilt of those involved .

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