Many customers are still wary of making payments virtually and demand the highest security. However, if they really knew how PayPal works and how it protects its customers’ funds , most of those who distrust it would not hesitate for a second to place their trust in this platform.

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What is PayPal
It is now an increasingly standardized practice that saves time and hassle, but during the early years, there was a widespread belief that buying and selling over the Internet was not entirely reliable , as there was a risk that our data could be cloned.
In order to solve all these insecurities resulting from the ignorance of a tool that was beginning to take its first steps, PayPal emerged in 1998, a multinational company that establishes a payment and reimbursement system and that does not require customers to constantly enter information about their bank details every time they want to buy online, as they act as a sort of intermediary.
In this way, paying with PayPal implies the prior transfer of our financial information, so that it is the company that is in charge of carrying out the transactions between buyers, sellers and individuals; always under the most exhaustive data protection regulations that prevent any leak that could involve unauthorized payments using our savings.

How PayPal works
To learn how PayPal works, we need a bank account or credit or debit card with sufficient funds and an active email account, which will be the one that is linked to the one that we will open in the payment platform itself.

1. Register
Entering our personal data is a completely free step: name, surnames, telephone, email account…

2. Select payment option with PayPal
Except in Amazon (which does not allow the use of PayPal), electronic purchase portals such as Ebay do have this option included .
On each of these pages, the PayPal icon is next to those that correspond to other forms of payment (debit card, credit and bank account), so it is easily detectable.

We can choose how we want to pay:

Link the bank account
If this option is chosen, we will need to enter the corresponding bank details the first time we go to buy with PayPal. In this way, they will be registered for the following operations that we do,without the need for us to rewrite them each time .
When the entire form is already completed, a confirmation window appears on the screen to link PayPal to the bank account. In order for the portal to validate our recently created account, PayPal will transfer a small amount of money to our bank account (1 euro), something that will be notified to us by email. The next step that we will have to do will be to verify that the small amount has been entered correctly, thus confirming our ownership.
We have already warned that there is nothing to fear, since there is no danger that this information will be leaked in any way.

Associate a credit or debit card
Another alternative is to pay by PayPal using a credit or debit card . Just click on “Profile”, located on the right in the “My account” options bar. This will open a box called “My profile”, where we will have to mark “My money” and then “Update”, on the right of the screen, in the field corresponding to “Debit and credit cards”.
Then, you have to click on “Associate card” and fill in each field with the information of the card. Once finished, we verify that everything is fine and link it to PayPal.
As happens if we decide to use the bank account, when we associate a credit card, we will only have to fill in the data the first time, since with subsequent PayPal purchases it will suffice to enter the access code and make the payment.

3. Finalize the order
Once marked with which option we want to pay by PayPal, we need to enter our email address and the password with which we registered in PayPal. From that moment, we will be covered by the guarantees until we receive the product , and we will always have the possibility of knowing all the details about whether the payment has been made correctly or not and the status of the order.
From the moment we click “Accept” on the item in question that we want to acquire, PayPal accesses our bank account and extracts the required amount from there, without offering more information to the seller that compromises our identity.
For the money to reach its destination, the seller or individual must also have their own PayPal activated , to access their account and thus be able to withdraw the funds. In the event of any problem, PayPal always acts for the benefit of the buyer and is in charge of solving the incidents as quickly as possible to ensure the maximum guarantees of the purchase-sale.
And if you want to take the next step, the following video explains how to create a business account.

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