One of the ways to enjoy good sex is through the posture in which we place our partner’s body and ours. Good sex allows all kinds of innovations in bed so that the participants can reach a greater ecstasy.
However, the individual differences between men and women are also manifested in the private sphere, since both genders obtain pleasure in different ways. Therefore, there are some sexual positions preferred by men, which do not always coincide with the sexual positions preferred by women.

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What sexual position do men prefer
In general, the sexual positions that men prefer are those in which they develop a more dominant role, which does not have to mean “disrespectful”; although they also like to give them the baton so that they are the ones who take control of the situation, which does not mean that the man has to sit idly by while she does all the work.
These are the sexual positions that men prefer, some provided by the magazine Men’s health and Women’s Health:

5. The iron plate

It consists of laying the girl on her stomachwhile the man straddles her behind. A good way to perfect this technique is for her to raise her hips towards him a little (she can use a cushion for this), which will allow for deeper penetration.
Although it may seem very cold due to the fact that both participants are placed on their backs and there is hardly any eye contact, it is a sexual position that men prefer because it guarantees a great approach between the two, while bringing out our wildest side. Also, if the man is skilled, he can stimulate her clitoris or grab her breasts while he penetrates her.

4. The honest citizen
Women’s Health magazine considers that this is a sexual position more influenced by the expectations regarding sex that pornography and the cinema have generated in the collective unconscious, than by its functionality.
We will not deny that the position of “the honest citizen” is one of those that gets hotter than a stove in Siberia, but it is true that it implies a lot of work for the man , who must stand up and test his balance while taking charge to keep up with the shaking. The woman, on her side, must firmly hold onto the man with her arms behind his head and with her legs around his waist.
It is a sexual position preferred by men because it allows them to show off their strength, although it requires very good physical shape to control all the variables that guarantee that it goes well.

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3. The missionary
The classics never go out of style, and with the missionary position, it is exactly the same. Although it seems that there are other sexual positions that men prefer before this one, the participants of the Women’s Health survey affirmed that it was a safe bet that it was included in their repertoire , not because of lack of originality but because of its possibilities.
The arguments in favor are based on the degree of total approach that it allows and the ease with which it can be carried out. Practicing “the missionary”, they can kiss and caress the breasts and other parts of the woman, in addition to there being variations of this position for the less traditional.

2. The cowgirl
We said that there are sexual positions that men prefer in which they take the reins, and never better said if we consider the one called “the cowgirl”.

They are also pleased to see them taking control and setting the pace at which they want to move, while stimulating them with their fingers or grabbing their buttocks or breasts.

1. Puppy
This is the sexual position that men prefer, we find “the puppy”. Why?
Because it increases sensations during penetration, it connects directly with our most animal part and allows us to give ourselves pleasure or for the man to give us pleasure, in a similar way to what we have explained in “the iron plate”.

Why do men prefer these sexual positions?
We’ve dropped it before, but it seems that men and women have different tastes in bed. The reason
Without wanting to fall into stereotypes or fallacious myths, a possible explanation is that although men have their sexual preferences (we are dealing with a matter of taste, like any other vital aspect), there are usually not so many considerations when it comes to achieving the orgasm
Put another way, on a physiological level, men reach a point of sensory arousal that is guaranteed to climax, no matter what position they are in or how long it takes them to climax .
On the other hand, apparently it is something that conditions women,because some sexual positions guarantee greater stimulation (vaginal or clitoral) than others . As each woman has defined tastes, in her repertoire there are some favorite positions and others that are not so, because they prevent them from finishing satisfactorily.

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