Velvet is a very special fabric. A fabric that is difficult for many to wear, especially due to the belief (which should be disproved) that velvet is fattening. Of course, if we have a few extra kilos and want to “hide” the critical points (and with skirts it is possible to do so!), It will be necessary to pay attention to the colors to wear . The shiny and smooth velvet skirt is an almost exclusive “prerogative” of those who can afford it because they are physically fit! In other cases, however, it is better to avoid highlighting our defects, and choose black velvet (which has always been synonymous with elegance and sobriety) or the more classic and traditional corduroy .

The velvet skirt will be one of the trends for autumn-winter 2021-2022 and to demonstrate it some of the most important international designers (among which we can mention for example Valentino and Emilio Pucci) who brought some of these garments on the catwalk during the latest fashion shows for the presentation of the new collections.

But what will be the colors of the velvet skirts that will be the most fashionable?

As for the colors, it will undoubtedly be autumn shades. We will therefore be able to range from blue to plum purple without disdaining other interesting shades, such as burgundy and orange (one of the symbolic colors of the autumn season). What about daring with a touch of red, especially in the winter months and in conjunction with Christmas? Timeless black , able to marry at best with any style.

The ideal combinations for a velvet skirt

Although a must, this item of clothing is often quite complicated to match . The real risk is that of weighing down one’s figure, making it clumsy even if, by itself, the skirt seemed the ideal choice.

Let’s see below some types of combinations to choose from to meet the most disparate style needs:

  • Those who love velvet and are not afraid to dare , can create a casual style by combining a nice skirt (perhaps burgundy) with a black velvet shirt. To complete the outfit, a nice pair of tall and light-colored boots could think about it;
  • For a more carefree and fashionable look , in this case you can always combine a white long-sleeved t-shirt with lace to a velvet skirt;
  • And what about the velvet skirt paired with a nice turtleneck? This is the best choice to create a look characterized by comfort but always very nice;
  • For your free time you could instead show off a refined look created with a beautiful velvet skirt combined with a long coat of the same fabric;
  • A jaunty style that is more aimed at “everyday life” , on the other hand, could be created by combining a comfortable blue denim jacket with the velvet skirt;

Our post dedicated to velvet skirts and their possible combinations ends here. See you next time with the insights dedicated to fashion, by our portal!