New technologies make life easier for us, and obviously, the field of relationships is no less so. Tinder is a tool that makes it easier for us to meet new people with whom we have things in common, and although it has degraded into an app to look for one night stands, it is still one of the platforms with the most regular users in the App Store. Here you have the most original Tinder profiles .
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What better way to surprise your potential suitors than with a good initial joke. These profiles capture that essence, and through many different types of humor ,They make us laugh and capture our attention in precisely that profile . Some translations have been made a bit smoother than the original capture. 16. Refrain vegans
“I’m just looking for someone special, to marry as soon as possible and have two beautiful children, who will grow up to be two little devils who will empty our bank accounts while a resentment grows every time More between us. You develop a gambling addiction and I become an alcoholic .
So I poison you daily and slowly so that no one suspects and I keep your life insurance money, before you die slowly and painfully. And before you pass away, I’ll whisper in your ear “You should have swiped left. Then I’m marrying your rich cousin. Refrain vegans .” 15. All you need is Dove
“9 out of 10 real women recommend Dave to a friend*.” 14. Don’t get your hopes up “I choke on brushing my teeth , so don’t get your hopes up.” 13. Old Spyce Jordan
“Hey guys,
Look at the last guy you talked to, now look at me, now at him, now at me. Sadly, he’s not me, but if he would stop leaving his bio blank, he could be like me. Look down, look up again, where are you? Are you
on Tinder with the man of your dreams. Look at your hand, now at me again. That I have
Your favorite pizza in my hands. Look again, pizza is now your favorite dog. Anything is possible when you connect with me on Tinder.”
This incredibly clever tinder bio references the following video that went viral a while ago: 12. The Jesus of Tinder
“Are you of mediocre height
? The sad possessor of a micropenis
? You are full of bad past experiences that you need to release.
Or are you just desperate? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I’m your girl . I’m going to banish your parental insecurities by snuggling with you, giving you massages to eliminate your need for viagra, and loving you like your parents never did and probably never will. Send me nude photos so I can value you , because it seems that you need it.” 11. Cat love
“No comments. The cat’s face says it all.” 10. I’m older
“I’m older, but not older. Which means I know how to make love , but I’m not entirely sure how to do my income tax return.” 9. Five Stars
“Spectacular brunch eater, cheese lover, most normal comedian in the world. Let’s meet some day to eat sushi and watch a series together. Ex-boyfriends rate Emilia with 5 stars!
Alexei says: It’s spectacular, I don’t know exactly Why did we break up, I guess it’s because I’d be more attractive if I spoke more Russian
Scott says: I’m married, leave me alone Griff says: I’m not going to write a review for
Tinder, are you okay ? correct
To the girls over 30: I am an anesthesiologist wanting to start a new family . To the girls under 30: I have huge genitalia and I raise Labrador puppies. 7. Think of the children
“Think about it, we know each other and have a great time together, we are together for a year and then we get married, we have two children and within 5 years we start fighting about everything, we both become alcoholics, we get divorced and the children suffer his whole life because of that situation.
Or, we meet up and have a good time, we hook up, you backtrack, I’m going to die of shame and we’ll never see each other again . Think about the children.
Oh, and I need a companion to the my sisters wedding.” 6. Real
human “Hello, I’m a real human and I love real human hobbies like breathing or walking with my two legs.” 5. Healthy mind
“If you can’t stand me at my worst, I admire your strength and self-respect, setting healthy limits for yourself.” 4. I’m like a microwave
“If you like women like microwaves I’m your girl.
Cold on the outside, hot on the inside, and I’ll kill any baby you put inside me.” 3. What
“I’m kind of deaf, really, so here’s an example of our first date:
You: As you know, I’m a huge Chris Pratt impersonator and I can’t wait to shower you with gifts and money.
Me: ? What
2. Adult things
“You look tall to me if you’re 1.60. I want to do adult things with you…
Whisper: taxes.
Biting my lip: paying the bills
Groan: make sure we’ve turned off all the lights, last month’s bill was $300.” 1. Too much for me
“I like it rough .”