Google Inc. turns 20: retrace the history of BigG with us

It was September 4, 1998  when Google Inc was born, a company made up of two geniuses who respond to the name of Larry Page and Sergey Brin , who in a garage in Menlo Park created what we now know as Google, the largest search engine in the world. that we consult every day for our research.

In this post we want to briefly present the history of this technology giant, capable of making billions of dollars every year and attracting thousands of brilliant minds to it, who contribute to the improvement of this program, year after year.

1995: once upon a time there was Stanford

It was the year 1995 when two students from Stanford, a private university in the United States of America located in California and more specifically in Santa Clara County, about 60 kilometers south of San Francisco, met and between the two shots immediately the passion for the web. In fact, at that time the internet and technology underwent profound changes thanks to the launch of Windows95 by Microsoft, and the first internet sites that began to populate the network. The two students came up with the idea of ​​developing a program that would help them search and find the websites we are interested in, and they started working in the famous Menlo Park garage, which belonged to  Susan Wojcicki., the eldest of a family of Polish academics, who, in need of money, decided to rent her garage to the two students.

Here was born the first program, an algorithm called BackRub , which gave priority on the internet to those sites that received incoming links from other pages. Hence the more famous  PageRank was subsequently born.

September 4, 1998: Google Inc. is born.

And here is the date that many will remember: September 4, 1998 during which the company Google Inc. was officially born after the funding received from Page and Brin, who decided to move from the Menlo Park garage to Mountain View, Silicon Valley, which still today it is the current headquarters of the American company.

Over the years the brand has been enriched with more updated and powerful versions of the search program thanks to the introduction of numerous algorithms and updates, able to refine user searches and mitigate the manipulations of SEO experts. In 2000, Google ADS was born, which still allows you to personalize your paid ads and get advertised on Google.

From 2006 to today: go to artificial intelligence

In 2006, in the wake of the undisputed development of the American giant, YouTube , a program dedicated to videos, was acquired, and subsequently, in 2011, Google+, the Google home social network, was born.

Today the brand, which in the meantime has become part of Alphabet, a holding capable of billing 100 billion dollars every year, is increasingly striving not only to improve the user search service, but also to the development of artificial intelligence. and the launch of new products, as in the case of Google Pixel  or the development of solutions aimed at augmented reality, as in the case of Google Glass .

A story of friendship born in 1995 that turned three years later into a company and 20 years later into one of the strongest giants in the world: happy birthday Google!