What are the best car brands ? What car brands are the most famous and outstanding in the current world market
? What characteristics do they have and what are the most prestigious car models of each brand?
In this article we are going to show you a ranking of the most are, today, the best car brands. The classification has taken into account various factors, and of course it has a subjective component. Everything will depend on the benefits and comforts that we look for in a car.

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The 8 best car brands (or cars)
Next we are going to show which are the best car brands in the world. These cars have been recognized as the best you can find right now on the market.
As we can see, fame is not linked to quality, since many of these car brands are winners but they do not usually have as much recognition as others. In fact, these are the 8 best car brands out of a total of 37 . For this assessment, the OCU has taken into account the number of breakdowns and reliability.
Of course, among all these car brands, you can find different ranges and lines, whether they are more sporty, more for the city or even for all pockets.

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8. Mazda

Mazda opens our list of best car brands , and it does so with great force, because its CX 5 2.2 (2015 – present) model is the third best model of all those compared. Without a doubt, a brand that we must take into account.

7. Audi
How could it be otherwise, Audi is one of the best car brands and also one of the most expensive on this entire list. Specifically, its Q3 2.0 model, which runs on diesel, is the second best rated of all, with a score of 97/100, tied with the Mazda that we have already discussed and the Toyota that we will see below.

6. BMW
The BMW car brand, one of the world’s leading brands and one of the most prestigious, shows that what they sell is not just advertising.
An impeccable brand that stands out for three different models in terms of reliability. First, his BMW 1 series gets a rating of 98, one of the highest of all car models, and specifically compact cars.
In addition, this car brand has 2 of the best sedans: the BMW 5 Series and the BMW 4 Series , with a score of 96 and 94 respectively.

5. Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi has not stood out for having any specific model among the top 10, which is not necessarily a bad thing, because it means that all its car models are good and reliable , giving it a deserved fifth position among the best car brands.

4. Toyota
This Japanese car brandobtains an overall score of 93 points out of 100, placing it almost on the podium of the best car brands.
It has many outstanding models that obtain very high scores, among them, the Toyota Yaris (the best utility car, and it is a hybrid), the Toyota Aygo, the Toyota Auris or the Toyota Prius, among many others.

3. Porsche
Again, as was the case with the Japanese car brand Mitsubishi, Porsche does not stand out for a single model, but it turns out that all its models are above average, no matter which one you choose.
It is clear that this is one of the 3 best car brands , but very few people can afford to buy one of its copies.

2. Slingshot
The Japanese brand Honda ties the overall score with the German Porsche, obtaining 93 out of 100.

This car brand stands out for three models , all of them compact: Honda Insight, Honda Civic 1.4 (2009 – 2015) and Honda Civic 1.6 (2012). – 2015).

1. Lexus
Finally, the big winner on our list of best car brands is Lexus . A (again) Japanese brand, which has been gaining space in the car market over the years. The results support it, with an overall score of 95 making it the most reliable car brand.
Your best car model
The Lexus CT (2010 – 2013). Which by the way, is a hybrid model.

The 3 worst car brands (or cars)
Not everything could be praises. Now we come with the worst car brands that have been singled out as the least reliable on the market in 2018. Attention:

3. Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo begins our sad and short list of the worst car brands. Those cars that we advise you not to buy.
In particular, the models of this Italian car brand that have scored the worst in reliability are : The Alfa Romeo 159 1.9 (2005 – 2011) and the Alfa Romeo 2.0 (2005 – 2011).

2. Chrysler

With an overall score of 82 (one point below Alfa Romeo) comes Chrysler. It does not have any extremely bad model, but it is true that it does not have any that stands out for being good or even recommendable to buy.

1. Dodge
Despite having prices above the average, this brand of cars, although it is synonymous with power, is not reliability. In fact, it is the worst car brand of all the analyzes (remember that there are 37).
A good brand to brag about roar, but be careful, maybe that powerful roar means the engine is dying.

Brands of gasoline or diesel cars
? Have you wondered throughout the article which are the best
? Which cars do you think are more reliable, those that use gasoline, or those that use diesel
? According to data from the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users), the best-selling cars are diesel. Well, so far everything pretty predictable.
According to the data provided by said organization, gasoline cars, or even the new hybrids, are much more reliable than diesel ones. From here on, it’s up to you.

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