Sam Esmail, creator of Mr. Robot , was recently at the Tribeca film festival, telling some details about season 4 of his debut film, the closing of the series starring the great Rami Malek. The actor himself, winner of an Oscar for his work in Bohemian Rhapsody, already announced that the ending will be “extraordinary”, creating even more expectations about the end of the series.
With the recording of the last season finished -as confirmed by those involved in social networks- and the hype at its maximum, we review everything we know so far about season 4 of Mr. Robot.

Release date
There is still no confirmed premiere date from USA Network, but the last season of Mr. Robot should premiere in late 2019 . Everything indicates that it will be in November or December. In Spain we will have it available on Movistar + , although its premiere in our country could be delayed a few weeks.
Frame from the last season of Mr. Robot. | USA Network.

What is Mr. Robot season 4 about?
We know this season will be the last . While writing the script, Sam Esmail realized that it was the best ending for the series. Although the series was not on the wrong track in terms of audience, Esmail wanted to close the story in style, a sentiment that Rami Malek also shares.
“I implicitly believe in Sam. So if that’s the way to close his plot line, I’m with him, “says the actor, who confesses that the ending will be” shocking, emotional, and a brilliant way to close the story and the series. It will be impressive”.
In the last season (HERE THE SPOILERS BEGIN ) we discover that Tyrell Wellick collaborates with Mr. Robot -Elliot’s alter ego- to carry out the controversial phase 2, which consists of blowing up the E-corp files although that involves the death of hundreds of innocents. Elliot discovers that he needs his other personality to fulfill his goals and undo the whole mess.
All the details of season 4 of Mr. Robot. | USA Network.
However, his plans conflict with those of Whiterose and the Dark Army, who have come up with their own plan to establish a new world order. Meanwhile, Agent DiPierro tries to figure out what role fsociety plays in all of this.
In Season 4 we will see what she has in mind for Whiterose and what role Angela and Tyrell play in this new setting. Detective DiPierro, one of the roundest characters of the third season, will do her best to discover the ins and outs of Fsociety and the Dark Army. Knowing the work of Sam Esmail, we are sure that it will be a brilliant ending.

As for the cast, there are no significant changes. After the success of Bohemian Rhapsody, we can’t wait to return the enormous work of Rami Maleklike Elliot. The rest of the cast is rounded out by award-winning Christian Slater , Carly Chaikin , Portia Doubleday , Grace Gummer , and Martin Wallstrom , among others. Recent rumors point to the repair of Fernando Vera ( Elliot Villar ) in the new season.
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