If you liked ‘The OA’, developed by Netflix and in which it presents us with the story of a girl, known by the name of Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling, ‘The Fraud’), who officially returns home after having been missing for 7 years (the mystery related to her disappearance and strange condition upon returning home is revealed as the episodes go by), you will probably be happy with the news that the streaming platform was recording the movie , which is I supposed, it was the continuation after the end of the second season.

It would resolve the plot of the third season. Originally devised by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling herself (who also plays the protagonist in the fiction), the plot mixed science fiction with drama, mystery and mysticism.
Originally devised by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling herself (who also plays the protagonist in the fiction), the plot mixed science fiction with drama, mystery and mysticism .
However, from the first moment it seemed strange that Netflix premiered the first season without promotion or self-promotion back in December 2016, by completely premiering the eight chapters in which the story was told. Something rare, by the way, for a product of the American streaming company.
However, as you will remember if you are a fan of the series, Netflix decided to cancel the series after two seasons , which caused anger among users, since the project apparently had a total of five installments.

The fault of the cancellation would not be of Netflix
However, we have recently learned that Netflix has decided to cancel the recording of the film , after the company had talks with the production of the series in order to conclude the story of ‘The Original Angel’ with a full-length movie of around two hours. Something to which the production of the series was opposed.
The reason for the opposition by the creators of the series
As it seems,the original story was intended to unfold, as we have told you, in a total of 5 seasons . Something normal if we take into account the amazing and strange plot.
But, as we have seen, the negotiations with the producer have not come to fruition , so that the cast of the series has been completely released from their contracts. Something that would make bringing them together in the future for a similar project an extremely difficult task.
And since Netflix is ​​the producer of the project, it would be almost impossible for another streaming platform (such as HBO or Amazon Prime Video) to rescue it to continue production, and therefore, with its continuation.

The very protagonist of the plot has expressed, through her Instagram account, her feelings about it . But she, too, has been appreciative of the efforts of fans in trying to resurrect the series.
The film was apparently going to have the same cast as the series, with Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson, Emory Cohen as Homer, Kingsley Ben-Adir as Karim Washington and Jason Isaac as Dr. Hunter Hap, among others. But, finally, they have been released from their contracts and can start developing other different projects.
Scene from ‘The Original Angel’ | Netflix

Is it true that ‘The OA’ would not really have been canceled
As expected, some fans have begun to suspect whether, in fact, the project has not been canceledand it is only part of the plot of the third season of the series.
According to this theory, Netflix, and those responsible for the fiction, would be playing “with the feelings of the fans of the series by faking the cancellation of ‘The OA'”. In this way, we ourselves would become part of the plot of the series .
We have to remember on this occasion how the second season ended: with the ‘Original Angel’ and his group of dimensional companions reaching a new reality, in which they were all part of a television set . And, according to this theory, the series would continue and we would now be part of the plot.
If true, we would find ourselves facing the cancellation of the series as a result of the accident Marling suffered on the set while he was recording the last season of the series.
Whether true or not, we will continue to report…

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