Who hasn’t ever had to leave the house, get ready to go to a party or even worse for a first date with a guy and didn’t have time to wash their hair? It is urgent to run for cover.

So what to invent if we have a ruffled nest instead of hair? Or if the roots obviously need a rinse? A remedy is always found and also in this case the solution exists. You can leave the house, without worrying about someone noticing your not exactly clean hair.

And don’t believe that these are sophisticated or too elaborate hairstyles, which you will not be able to repeat. These are really simple tricks that you too will be able to reproduce by yourself.

With these quick tips, you can delay shampooing by one day, without worrying about hiding from embarrassment. And you don’t even have to wear headbands or caps!

1) The disheveled chignon

Choosing this hairstyle will not only allow you to hide unclean hair, but you will also be stylish. Yes, because lately the so-called ” messy bun ” is a very popular hairstyle among girls. Unlike the classic chignon, which does not have to have a hair out of place, this you can do it really well and better. If you have curly hair, just make a simple onion with a rubber band and then pull out a few strands of hair here and there. In case you are straight or with too fine hair, you can opt for the use of a special donut for the realization of the chignon.

2) The high ponytail

It probably comes naturally to you when you have your hair to wash, tie it up and not keep it loose. The high ponytail and a great hairstyle, which will give you a sophisticated and provocative air . You will have to pull the hair well by combing it, making sure that no knots and raised hair remain. Tie them just below the top of the head and sprinkle with hairspray to keep them in place.

3) The clamp

This hairstyle is very bon ton, perhaps a little 70’s style . All you need is a simple band or a wide rubber band and a few bobby pins. Keeping your hair loose, tuck the headband on, as if it were a crown , so that it passes just above your forehead. Then dividing the hair into strands, start twisting them and tucking them under the band. Stop the strands with hairpins and if you need them with some spray of hairspray.

2) The harvested half

This hairstyle will look perfect if you have dirty roots, but a neat length . Leave your hair down and dividing the hair in two, take only the strands that surround your face. Roll them up a bit on themselves and bring them back, until they meet halfway up the head and stop them with tweezers or some bobby pins. If you like flowers you can add some decorations, to give a little hippy inspiration to your look.

1) The braids

And we conclude with an ever green of hairstyles. The braids. Once they made them only to little girls, to make them similar to dolls, but today they have taken hold and are really made of any kind. Perhaps this if you are not practical and the only hairstyle that could give you difficulties in the realization . At the most, ask your mother, or whoever is at home, to make them for you. The effect will be stunning.
The important thing is to create an outfit , suitable for every hairstyle and your evening will be a guaranteed success.