The protagonists of the star system are always very attentive to their appearance. Hollywood stars spend astronomical sums on the well-being of their body and make it reflect their idea of ​​perfection.

Many wonder, therefore, how VIPs behave at the table . In fact, internationally renowned celebrities have the privilege of traveling and trying different foods in the best restaurants in the world. But apparently, this would not be enough for them.

Eating excellent quality food is not the only means used by celebrities to achieve an amazing appearance. The always lean physique, which almost never shows extra pounds, is often the result of truly original manias and culinary habits .

The beauty secrets of the stars, in fact, are often eccentric and somewhat bizarre. The VIPs, at the table, in order to maintain physical shape, make choices that would horrify their fans. Some comical, others crazy and incredible, the eating habits of celebrities are mostly unknown to the general public.

Discover together the 12 crazy and extravagant cooking habits of the stars.

12) Mel Gibson and the obsession with chicken

The Lethal Weapon actor seems to have a somewhat extravagant eating habit. In fact, Mel Gibson would feed almost exclusively on chicken ! According to rumors, the actor’s aim is to be able to have spectacular bibs or at least more developed than normal.

11) Naomi Campbell, an eccentric combination

The black Venus would have declared one of its most eccentric eating habits. Naomi Campbell , in fact, would love to eat the Florentine accompanied by a glass of vodka . The super supermodel, according to her rumors, would always have her meal in the darkest and most secluded corner of her favorite restaurant.

10) Winona Ryder and her cutlery

The obsession with hygiene can push itself to very high levels. In the case of Wynona Ryder , it appears that the actress does not use the cutlery she finds on the table in the restaurant where she goes to have dinner or lunch. Ryder would rather bring them home! It would be a real set consisting of a fork, knife, spoon and teaspoon for dessert.

9) Angelina Jolie and the insects

Angelina Jolie is very attentive to her health and, moreover, has a very open mind regarding eating habits. The actress, according to her rumors, she likes to consume insects in her diet. In particular, Angelina Jolie’s favorite meals would be grilled grasshoppers and fried ants . The latter, in fact, in addition to being low-calorie, are rich in proteins, calcium and minerals.

8) Victoria Bechkam e la dieta del ph

Despite 4 pregnancies, the beautiful posh Spice has always shown a slim and lean physique. Victoria Bechkam appears to be the same girl who sang in the Spice Girls in the 90s. Probably, the secret of the former singer lies in her crazy eating habit. Victoria Bechkam would only eat foods with a pH greater than 7 . These include, therefore, fruit , legumes and all foods rich in zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium.

7) Madonna and the power of flax seeds

The American singer, who continues to enchant her fans and who never seems to get old, would love flaxseed. Madonna , according to her rumors, would consume large quantities since flax seeds are rich in Omega 3 and therefore possess highly slimming properties. In addition to flax seeds, the singer would also add an energy drink in order not to feel hungry and tired.

6) Gwyneth Paltrow and meticulous chewing

The Sliding Doors actress would devote herself to a completely macrobiotic diet based on vegetables, fibers, cereals and organic foods. Carbohydrates would be completely absent from her eating habits. But her lean and slender physique would also be the result of the correct mechanical digestion carried out by the actress. In fact, it seems that Gwyneth Paltrow chews each bite at least 13 times .

5) Uma Thurman and the alkaline diet

Uma Thurman espoused raw food . The Kill Bill actress , in fact, has decided to follow Stephan Domenig’s alkaline diet which involves a large consumption of raw foods. These include apples, cucumbers, grapes and even garlic! The latter, together with other alkaline foods , would be able to defeat the acidity of other foods.

4) Christina Aguilera and the 7 colors

Cristina Aguilera follows a really extravagant diet, the singer, in fact, would have chosen to follow the diet of the 7 colors . Her culinary habit of hers would lead her to eat foods of the same color over the course of a day. This is an unusual diet that, according to rumors, can bring several benefits.

3) Nicolas Cage and the criterion for choosing meat

Nicolas Cage would have decided to adopt a very unusual criterion for the choice of the meat he intends to eat. The actor of The Chosen One , in fact, said: ” I choose what to eat based on the way animals have sex “. And according to the actor, the pigs would not mate in a dignified way, so Nicolas Cage would have decided to eat only chicken and fish .

2) Selena Gomez and the pickles

The American singer wanted to reveal a curious culinary habit. Selena Gomez , before entering the stage, never refrains from consuming a rather unusual food. The former flame of Justin Bieber , before going on stage, always consumes a good amount of pickles .

1) Mariah Carey and the purple diet

Mariah Carey would have decided to entrust the well-being of her body to the purple diet . The somewhat extravagant diet involves the consumption of exclusively purple-colored foods. Thus, the singer would feed on eggplant , grapes, plums, purple carrots and beets.