Thanks to the television program Men and Women , broadcast on Canale 5 , many couples have formed . Many loves have lasted the time of a season but others have become beautiful love stories to tell. The television program conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi and broadcast from 16 September 1996 and has really told many love stories born in the spotlight. Between ups and downs and someone who would never have bet on it, there are many couples who, thanks to the program, have never left each other and have decided to build a beautiful family together.For love, some have had to move to new cities and even leave their jobs, others have said yes and someone is already a parent. But, despite the different stories of each couple, they are all grateful to the program for bringing them together with a soul mate. Let’s find out together the 10 couples of Men and Women who are still together:

1) Aldo Palmeri and Alessia Cammarota

The tronista Aldo Palmeri in the 2013-2014 edition , to Men and Women, chose the suitor Alessia Cammarota as a life partner . The couple got married, they married in 2014 and have two beautiful children : Niccolo, born in 2015, and Leonardo, who arrived in 2017. Recently, however, the couple experienced the trauma of losing their third child , a painful moment that the family has decided to face in complete silence.

2) Teresa Cilia and Salvatore De Carlo

The 2014-2015 season of Men and Women sees the formation of one of the most solid couples to come out of Maria De Filippi’s broadcast, the one between Teresa Cilia and Salvatore De Carlo . After participating in Temptation Island and a subsequent period of estrangement between the two, husband and wife never left each other .

3) Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini

Another couple born under the spotlight and the watchful eye of Maria De Filippi and the one between Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini who have never left each other since 2014 . They live together in Milan and are among the most popular Italian influencers on the market. Together they had two girls, Bianca and Azzurra and they have another boyfriend, Alessandro, born from Beatrice’s previous relationship. After so many years, it seems that the two have decided to get married.

4) Clarissa Marchese and Federico Gregucci

The couple born in the living room of Men and Women, in the 2016-2017 season, was the one between the tronista, the former Miss Italy Clarissa Marchese and the suitor Federico Gregucci . The couple, who got married and had a daughter, little Arya , flew to Florida where she lived for 3 years but in September 2020 she returned to live in Italy. the return to his homeland, in Tuscany. Here the former suitor works in the world of football and here they are ready to take root.

5) Rosa Perrotta and Pietro Tartaglione

Rosa Perrotta, former Neapolitan tronista of the Canale 5 broadcast, after only three months of participating in the transmission of Men and Women, in 2017 , decided to choose the man of the US life: Pietro Tartaglione . The two got married and are already bis parents . In fact, in 2021 Mario Achille was born, the little brother of their Domenico Ethan, born in 2019.

6) Andrea Cerioli and Arianna Cirrincione

Andrea Cerioli and Arianna Cirrincione met during the Men and Women program in the 2018-2019 edition . The former tronista of Men and Women, who also participated in the latest edition of the Isola dei Famosi , together with Arianna, after moving to the “house of their life”, a beautiful Bolognese apartment, is also thinking of having a baby .

7) Teresa Langella and Andrea Dal Corso

Andrea Dal Corso , entrepreneur, model and influencer, former competitor of Temptation Island , participated in Men and Women and, after a period of initial indecision, the suitor managed to win the trust of the tronist Teresa Langella . The couple who have been together since 2019 and have a great complicity, had already talked about marriage in 2020 . Although this has not happened, the desire remains that of the white dress and a child.

8) Andrea Zelletta and Natalia Paragoni

Andrea Zelletta , in the study of Men and Women, fell in love at first glance with Natalia Paragoni , who at the time was courting her colleague Ivan Gonzalez, and did everything to win her over. Close-knit, beautiful, deeply in love, after the choice in the studio in 2019 , the couple has never left. Today the rumors of an imminent wedding coexist even if the rumors of an imminent wedding are becoming more and more insistent.  

9) Lorenzo Riccardi and Claudia Dionigi

Another love that still continues is the one between Lorenzo Riccardi and Claudia Dionigi , continuing uninterruptedly for almost 3 years. The two met in the 2018-2019 edition and, during a recent interview with the weekly Men and Women, the man said that theirs is a normal couple who almost never fight and that, despite the rumors, they don’t never been through a crisis .

10) Monica Pisano and Nicola Foderaro

That of Monica Pisano and Nicola Foderaro is one of the stories whose epilogue was completely different from the previous ones. In fact, after the no received from Monica by Emiliano Vannoli , Nicola did not give up and decided to win the heart of his tronista anyway . The couple who have been happily married since the summer of 2013 have 3 children : in 2011 Leonardo was born and in December 2013 two twins, Rebecca and Matilda .