Because in life not everything has to be neat manners and respond in a good manner, with this repertoire of sarcastic phrases you will be able to give the appropriate answers to always be like a boss , although it may not endear you to those who receive such charming compliments.

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Short sarcastic phrases
Take note if you want to leave others with no option to reply. 1. Do you have something against silence?
An unsubtle way of saying that it is better to be silent. 2. The day you die will be declared a national holiday.
We promise not to remind you if that happens. 3. Talk to the hand
As good old Ali G taught us and even the T-800 himself, this gesture is the most polite thing we can do when we are not interested in what they tell us . 4. Opposites for supreme idiot
There are those who concentrate so much idiocy together that makes us think that perhaps they are studying how to be even more so. 5. Do something productive. stop being yourself
For the sake of those around us, do us this little favor. 6. WHOA! Sorry, I’m allergic to bullshit
Unlike the seasons of colds and flus, which are especially concentrated during the winter months , the season of bullshit can affect many people for years ; so better be prepared with a good dose of sarcasm. 7. It’s a pleasure that you stop talking to me
Never lose your manners, not even when we send someone to hell. 8. You are not so beautiful to be so stupid
Nothing like a good dose of reality to lower the smoke of those who have it too believed, be it a man or a woman. 9. Speaking of useless things, how about (insert name)Let it not be said that we do not even remember our worst enemies . 10. I respect your shit tastes
That yes, with respect always. Sarcastic and ironic phrases Take
cover, it’s raining daggers: 11. One day it will become fashionable to be stupid and some will not know what to do with so much fame
The posture of social networks has given anyone undeserved fame. 12. Remind me where you buy your clothes, I say this to never go
. Not even with your money do I wear that! 13. You are an example to follow of what not to do
Look on the bright side, at least you will be an example of something. 14. Singles should pay more taxes. It is not fair that some men are happier than othersOscar Wilde never had any qualms about devoting several sentences against marriage and other social conventions. 15. If the extraterrestrials are looking for intelligent life, calm down, because they will not come to Earth
This news leaves a bittersweet taste if we stop to think about what it implies. 16. The human being is extraordinary, his stupidity and unconsciousness will never cease to amaze me
. It is necessary to make merits so that our species is bettered in this sense. 17. With friends like you, it is better not to have anyone
Unfortunately, there are times when it is better to be alone , because those who are close to us harm us more than anything else. 18. Raise your voice as much as you want, you are not right
The raised tone of voice, the impetus or the tears do not give reason to those who think they have it. 19. I hope you at least receive a payment from the Government for saying so many nonsense
At least the effort is worth it, right? 20. There are two infinite things: the Universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the Universe
Personalities like Albert Einstein never had any kind of consideration when pronouncing some of the most memorable quotes about the eternal idiocy of human beings . 21. I had more space when I was in my mother’s womb than sharing a bed with you
Sleeping with a partner has its advantages, there is no doubt about that. But when the magic turns into a fierce struggle not to reveal ourselves, things change.22. The worst thing someone can tell you is to be yourself
So much saying that what you have to do is the opposite… It’s over! 23. I like bulls, I always have. What I do not like are the cavemen who have fun torturing them to death . A scathing criticism of the bullfighters who hypocritically claim to respect and venerate the bull . 24. When I see you I think that it is a pity that so much oxygen is wasted
. If you are going to consume oxygen at least for something useful, please. 25. Never waste an opportunity to shut up
Savor the moment when it happens and try to perpetuate it as long as you can. 20 funny sarcastic phrases
Because without humor we are nothing, here are so many other geniuses full of irony. 26. The drunkenness goes away the next day, unlike your face
Hard statements in case one day they say we’ve had too much to drink . 27. Medicine is still looking for a remedy for your imbecility Don’t
worry, they are getting closer. 28. Life is a sexually transmitted disease
Seeing the rate at which the world population grows and resources are depleted, it is a more than fair and deserved comparison. 29. Congratulations on the wedding, the sooner you get married, the sooner you will divorce
Wait at least for the invitation to pass to release this pearl. 30. I have seen amoebas with a more interesting life than yoursLet it not be said that our phrases are not, at least, creative . 31. Right now I’m writing it down on the list of things I don’t give a shit
about. At least you have to have the decency to take notes. 32. I was wondering what this rancid smell was coming from, then I realized that you were here
. We must not forget the importance of good hygiene so that these things do not happen. 33. Do you want to do something useful in your life
Do not reproduce

An appeal that we take advantage of to make from here to the general public, considering what we have commented above. 34. You have enough intelligence not to shit on yourself . You do
n’t have to ask for pears from the elm tree.35. I would tell you that that hairstyle looks good on you, but I’m not good at lying
Sincerity above all. 36. There has never been such an adorable child that the mother does not want to put to sleep
Especially when they do not stop bawling in public places and the dear parents decide that we must also bear their daily suffering. 37. Experience is like a comb that they give you, just when you go bald
Expressions and sayings like “veteranship is a degree” are better if they are transformed into sarcastic phrases full of wit. 38. Your intelligence is inversely proportional to your number of followers
The epidemic of followers on social networks and the search for “hearts” or “thumbs up” brings serious side effects. 39. Before meeting you again I would stick bamboo splinters under my nails I do
n’t know if it’s clear enough… 40. What is that sharp and penetrating sound that hammers my head
Ah, it’s your voice

Does anyone have a aspirin, please 41. I like you when you shut up because you’re like absent
Pablo Neruda’s famous poem contains a verse that represents one of the great funniest phrases of the last century . 42. I usually think that people are intelligent but with you I will make an exception
Not everyone earns the right to the benefit of the doubt. 43. I have had more pleasant toothaches than your company
Unfortunately, there is no anesthesia that calms such ordeal. 44. I prefer to watch the ‘Twilight’ saga infinitely on a loop until I die if I lose sight of you that way. I really want to lose someone from sight , really. 45. I don’t think you were the fastest sperm
Listening to more than one person, neither do I. 10 sarcastic phrases of love
How could it be otherwise, there are also sharp comments and answers for love, disappointments and betrayals. 46. ​​The ‘Home sweet home’ thing was written by a single man.
Let’s not be cruel
, maybe it was a single woman who did it… 47. Do you know why you don’t appear in the dictionary?
Because you don’t mean anything
. !”. 48. The best thing that has happened to me in life has been forgetting
you. Thank you for nothing. 49. Do not lower the lid of the toilet and the moon will lower
you Surely you know a few people who still believe in the blue prince who rides on the back of his white steed. To them, dedicate some of these words with affection . 50. Men cheat more than women; women better
The singer-songwriter Joaquin Sabina has never held his tongue to express his most personal thoughts about human nature. 51. You’re not my type, I don’t usually like single men
A pity, keep paying Fantas. 52. If you really were a princess you wouldn’t get on your knees so much
. How much damage has Disney done! 53. I had a great time last night. Thanks for leaving before going home . The perfect culmination for a failed date , to make it clear that the best thing that could have happened to us is not having to share our bed. Who should be thanked: God, Buddha, the stars… 54. I’m not sure if you want a partner or a dog
They may be cruel, come with bad intentions and even offend, but at least our phrases of sarcasm and love (or lack of love, depending on how you look at it) serve to open the eyes of the staff who are not clear about what they want. 55. Yes, there are many fish in the sea, the bad thing is that there is no bait here
Sorry, but not even a starving shark would come near you

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