The eighth season of Game of Thrones is approaching and winter with it. Unsurprisingly, all sorts of theories have been speculated about the series ending in Season 8, and some of them make perfect sense . But as we all know, Game of Thrones is not a predictable series and any character has the chance to end up with his head on a pike (or worse).

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The keys to the trailer for season 8
Before going into theories, we break down the details that the trailer for season 8 has left us. Ten days after its premiere, the video accumulates 45 million views, a record figure for HBO that evidences the brutal expectation generated by the final season.
The close-ups of the trailer are disheartening. In them, Arya appears running terrified through the passageways of Winterfell. Few things scare the young Stark, so something very big must have happened in the capital of the North for terror to be reflected on her face.
Arya in the first frames of the trailer. | HBO.
Another shot shows Varys hiding with women and children in the crypts of Winterfell. Therefore,Presumably Daenerys has reached the North , accompanied by her entourage, her two dragons and Jon Snow.
Another of the striking moments is the one starring Cersei and Maester Qyburn. The queen regent sheds a tear , although we don’t know why. Has she lost the child she was supposed to expect, or mourns the death of a loved one?
In fact, at another point in the trailer we can see Cersei drinking wine, which would be incompatible with her pregnant condition.
Cersei, next to Maester Qyburn. | HBO.
A detail that has not gone unnoticed is Jaime’s speech, who assures that “he will fight for the living”. That could indicate that the Lannister has joined the finals of the mother of Dragons, although he could well have returned with his sister to King’s Landing. We bet on the first.
The trailer climaxes with several battle scenes (reportedly the biggest ever seen on television) and the moment when Jon and Daenerys approach their two remaining dragons. Will Jon dare to ride a dragon? In any case, we know that the White Walker army has reached the Seven Kingdoms, as can be deduced from the horse’s legs in the final shot.
Jon Snow and Daenerys, along with her dragons. | HBO.
Those who do not participate too much in this advance are Tyrion and Sansa. The first only enters the scene to gaze in amazement at a dragon, while the second makes some sporadic close-ups. Knowing the history of the series, it would not be strange if one of the two did not survive. Perhaps none will survive.

The 6 theories of Game of Thrones and its season 8
In Urban Character we have selected the most widespread theories to draw our own conclusions. Neither of these assumptions is too far-fetched. If the creators of the series and George RR Martin have taught us anything, it is that anything can happen in Game of Thrones.

1. Bran is the Night King
This is one of the most widespread theories, and the truth is that it makes a lot of sense. This theory is based on the following: after becoming the three-eyed raven, Bran can travel through time and control the minds of other beings, as he did with Hodor when he was young.
Is Bran the Night King
| HBO.
This ability would lead to several desperate attempts to protect the realm of men.. The first of them taking the body of Aerys Targaryen, the Mad King, and saying the words “burn them all”, actually referring to the White Walkers. He too could have embodied the legendary King Brandon Stark to build the Wall. Going back even further in time, he would have taken the body of the man the Children of the Forest turned into the Night King.
That would make him the Night King, which would explain the change in attitude in the last season. “Chaos is a ladder” , came to assure the young Stark.

2. Tyrion is a Targaryen
The possibility of Tyrion being half Targaryen is based on evidence that Aerys Targaryen had an affair with Joanna LannisterTywin’s wife. The result of that love would have been Tyrion.
Tyrion’s father could be Aerys II. | HBO.
In the books, there is a series of data that support the theory . The first is that King Aerys II was famous for his “continuous visits” to court ladies, including Joanna. The second is that after the birth of the siblings Cersei and Jaime, the king and his heir moved to Casterly Rock and stayed there for a whole year.
However, Tyrion was not born until years later, specifically until the year 274 AD (after Aegon’s conquest). Although the Mad King may have continued to “visit” Joanna in secret, it is unlikely that they would have had a child together. It seems more likely that this datum will be resolved in the books.

3. Jon Snow is Azor Ahai
Starting in the second season, the sorceress Melissandre tells us about Azor Ahai, the hero who saved the world from the long night and the White Walkers, and who will return reincarnated to repeat the deed. The red woman firmly believed that this promised hero was Stannis Baratheon, but we all know the fateful end of the eldest of the Baratheons.
Is Jon Snow the real Azor Ahai
| HBO.
Other characters, such as Varys, believe that this heroic figure is actually Jon Snow. According to legend, Azor Ahai had to sacrifice his wife Nissa Nissa to forge the Lightbringer sword and save the world. If the romance between Jon and Daenerys prospers and the theory is true, Jon would have to end the life of the Targaryen.
That would square with the words of Kit Harrington, who stated the following about the end of Game of Thrones: “It may not be happy, but it is satisfying.”

4. Sam is the narrator of the story
Sam has always been the most interested in the history of Westeros. In fact, he is always consulting the books of ancient masters in case he finds any relevant information. In the last season he visits the Citadel Library to learn more about the White Walkers and how to kill them. This is more than enough evidence to think that Samwell Tarly will play a fundamental role .
Will Sam become the narrator of the story
? HBO.
One of the theories indicates that Sam will become the grand master who will narrate the history of the war against the Night King. Some even claim that George RR Martin himself will appear in the series , playing an aging Sam, to bring season 8 and HBO’s production to a close.

5. Cersei’s valonqar
Since she was very little, Cersei has had to bear the prophecy of the valonqar, the evil being that she would end her life. In High Valyrian, one of several fictional languages ​​in the series, the word “valonqar” means “little brother” , so Cersei has always believed that despicable being was Tyrion .
Who is Cersei’s true valonqar
| HBO.
However, the same translation specifies that the word has no gender, so the “little brother” could be the little one of the Starks, that is, Arya . We remember that Cersei was on her list and now she can acquire Menique’s face to go unnoticed in King’s Landing.
Another theory defends that the “valonqar” is none other than Jaime . As we have seen in the last season, the Kingslayer has all the ballots to go to the opposite side, since he promised to “fight for the living.” In any case, everything seems to indicate that Cersei will not survive this season 8.

6. Who will sit on the iron throne
With the Night King and his army of the dead stalking Westeros, the future of the Iron Throne appears to be the least of problems. Cersei has kept the power from her for a long time, but now she finds herself in the worst possible position, unless the mercenaries of the Golden Company give another twist to history.

Being Jon Snow the secret son of Prince Rheagar with Lyanna Stark , the most logical thing would be for him to stop being King in the North to rise as legitimate king of all Westeros.
Most would agree that Daenerys has also amply proven her worth as queen, but we can’t forget Robert Baratheon’s bastard son Gendry either. While he has played a supporting role in the series, his legitimacy to the throne cannot be overstated.
TheSeason 8 of Game of Thrones , which opens on April 14, will clear us up.

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