Anyone born in the 80s / 90s will
absolutely not be able not to know ” La Tata “,
one of the most
famous comedy sitcoms of those years.
The series aired for 6 years in America (5 in Italy), enjoying
some success and being nominated for 11 Emmy Awards ,
winning one.

The sitcom was written, produced and directed by Fran Drescher
with then-husband Peter Marc Jacobson
. She, who also plays the
role of Nanny Francesca, has included many references
to her life in the series, such as the name of the nanny’s parents, and has also used her

The series starts from the moment when Francesca, fired from her last
job, knocks on the door of the Sheffield family. Her intent was to sell cosmetics
door to door, but Maxwell, now a widower, hires her as her nanny. The
Sheffield family will be literally shocked by the arrival of the exuberant nanny and
will have to slowly learn to love her and her
Di lei family.

But, 20 years after the last episode, what will
become of the actors?
Let’s find out together!

Charles Shaughnessy – Maxwell Sheffield

Charles Shaughnessy in the series “ The Nanny
played Maxwell Sheffield
. Well-known Broadway businessman, widowed
with three children. After this role he collaborated again with Fran Drescher in ” A
casa di Fran
” and ” Happily Divorced “. He appeared mainly in
other TV series
, such as ” Sabrina the life of a witch ” and ” The mentalist “.
His last role is that of Prince Charles in the film ” Harry and Meghan:
Becoming Royal


Tom – Maggie Sheffield

Maggie, Maxwell’s eldest daughter, was played by
Nicholle Max
. She, in the nanny Francesca, finds a real mother, but
also a confidant, with whom she will be able to grow by saying goodbye to her insecurities.
After the role of Maggie, she starred in ” Criminal minds ” and ” Cold
most recently in ” F the Prom ” and ” Rent-an-Elf “.
In addition to her acting career she also worked as a voice actress for
Supergirl in the DC cartoons.


Benjamin Salisbury – Brighton Sheffield

Maxwell’s second son , he initially turns out to be
spiteful, but the intervention of the nanny Francesca will be able to change him for the
better. Following the role of Brighton, Benjamin Salisbury has appeared in a few other
films and series
, the latest being “ On the brink ” in 2006. He
retired from acting to pursue a more reserved life. As of today
, it looks like works at Universal Studios Hollywood

Madeline Zima – Grace Sheffield

Grace was the youngest daughter of Maxwell , the arrival
of Francesca will be able to make her overcome the death of her mother, giving
her a smile again. Thanks, probably, to “ La Tatathe career of the very young
Madeline Zima

(she was 8 years old at the time) took off

rather quickly
. You have participated in numerous series and films. Among all ” Una
mamma per friend
“, ” Califonication ” and the revival of ” Twin Peaks “.
The last appearance of her is in the film ” Bombshell – The voice of scandal “.


Daniel Davis – Niles the Butler

Niles, played by Daniel Davis , was no
mere butler. Trusted advisor to Maxwell, he soon becomes
close friends with Francesca. His career has been very prosperous, appearing in ” The
” alongside Hugh Jackman
. In the world of TV series he
starred in ” Ugly Betty ” and the recent ” Elementary “. However, he first
became known as a stage artist on Broadway
first with
the show ” Noise Off Stage ” and then with ” The Low Road “.


Lauren Lane – C.C. Babcock

Jealous of the nanny Francesca, Chiara Castita Babcock, she played
the role of villain in the sitcom
, secretly in love with Maxwell with whom she
was a business partner. In addition to this role, Lauren Lane has held a few
noteworthy ones. She first dedicated herself to the theater, and then
she too retired from this to teach acting at the University of Texas , to date
she still teaches.


Rachel Chagall – Lella Torriello

Lella was Francesca’s best friend ,
constantly looking for true love. Together since high school, it often happens that
there are slight disagreements between them, which are however promptly resolved. Rachel Chagall ‘s
acting career after “ La Tata ” did not last long
limiting herself to appearing in a short film and in a couple of episodes of
little-known TV series. In 2006 she finally retired from acting, to
devote herself to her children.


Renee Taylor – Zia Assunta

In the version distributed in Italy, Renee Taylor plays
the role of Francesca’s aunt, Assunta
. In the original version,
however, of her and her mother, Sylvia Fine. Married to Antonio, she often invades the
Sheffield home stealing food. Her acting career has focused on the small
screen, appearing in numerous sitcoms after ” La Tata “, such as ” How I
met your mother
” and ” 2 broke girls “. From 2018 she decides to devote herself mainly
to theater, with the autobiographical show ” My life on a diet “.


Ann Morgan Guilbert – Zia Yetta

As in the case of Aunt Assunta, the one who in Italy was Aunt
Yetta in the American version was actually Francesca’s grandmother.
A true
style icon of the series, with her extravagant looks
of her, she
already had many parts of a career that began in the 1950s behind her. She then
starred in ” Grey’s Anatomy “, ” Law & Order “, ” Modern
” and ” The Lady in Crime “. Her last appearance was her and in
2016 in “ Life in pieces ”, the year she passed away at the age of 88.


Fran Drescher – Tata Francesca

We close with a flourish with her, the star of the sitcom, Fran
Drescher, or the nanny Francesca Cacace
. In the American version she was
called Fran Fine, who following her firing and breaking up with her
boyfriend finds herself in the complicated role of the Sheffield family’s nanny.
She is the protagonist, creator, writer and director of the sitcom, after “ La
” She also wrote the series “ A casa di Fran
always with the
collaboration of her then husband Peter Marc Jacobson. Following the divorce
she writes “ Happily divorced ”, inspired by her life
Of hers. Recently she has
also kicked off a new project, Indebted
” of which
the first season has already
been released .