In your living room you cannot miss an elegant TV cabinet , which will accompany your moments of relaxation and make the appearance of the room even more refined. But how do you choose an article of this type? There are several parameters to take into consideration, from the structure to the materials , passing through the colors and technical characteristics .

There are, in fact, swivel , wall, corner furniture , TV stand trolleys ; glass, metal, wooden furniture. Some models are designed for a large TV, others for a small one. Think carefully about all these requirements before purchasing.

SmartArredo offers a wide range of trolleys and furniture for TV , conceived, in fact, for a smart management of the environment. Even the largest products have essential and pure shapes , so much so that they can be inserted in any living room with a balanced and harmonious effect. Not to mention the corner or suspended types , which allow you to use every centimeter with the utmost rationality!

After all, e-commerce specializes in transformable and convertible furnishings , ideal for small apartments. Also in this case the need to save space is not abandoned, on the contrary, and applied to every design TV cabinet that reveals clean and geometric lines.

The TV trolleys

Let’s start with an authentic evergreen , useful and comfortable, perfect if you want to move the TV from one point of the house to another: the trolley . An indispensable criterion to be met is solidity , since these accessories are designed to support even very heavy televisions.

An essential element is the wheels , thanks to which you can watch the films and broadcasts you prefer both in the living room and in the bedroom , in the kitchen while you eat, in the study during breaks. Excellent, then, are those models with a central shelf, such as Trotter , which allow you to always have DVDs and CDs at hand, or to place any players, decoders, audio speakers and so on.

Tripper has two practical shelves, Agile and light, handy and with adjustable height. Each piece of furniture has its own peculiarities, and you will have no difficulty in identifying what is right for you!

The wall-mounted design TV cabinets

Do you want a space-saving solution that limits the danger of encumbrance as much as possible? Here are the wall-mounted TV cabinets , even suitable for two-room apartments and studios, absolutely modern in their minimalism and innovative concept.

An excellent option if you have an empty wall and if you want to leave the floor free: in this way, among other things, it will be much easier to wash on the floor and you will optimize not only space , but also your time . All around the TV cabinet you could mount shelves or small bookcases , to store DVDs, paperbacks, decorative accessories to give the living area a touch of class.

William , for example, is a suspended item in tempered glass , with a rear frame to be installed against the wall and a front panel designed to house the TV. Every detail is aimed at accentuating the comfort and functionality of the whole.

Corner furniture to make intelligent use of space

The corner designer TV cabinets deserve a special mention , designed to furnish one of the most complicated areas of any room. It is almost never easy to find accessories that adapt to the corners between two walls , but the problem is solved thanks to these latest generation products.

We recommend Harrison , the corner TV cabinet with two side supports and a central body. Depending on how you compose the modules, it can be used both in a corner and in line . The width, therefore, is adjustable according to the centimeters available.

The swivel TV stands

We have come to another decidedly avant-garde element, ally of your comfort and moments of leisure: the swivel TV cabinet . The goal is to allow you to watch television from wherever you want in the living room, from the sofa, armchair, etc., simply by changing the direction of the view .

Hook is a piece of furniture with a swivel bracket , made of glass and aluminum: a real guarantee of safety, resistance and beauty. The Morris series also follows this philosophy, and includes both classic and column TV stands .

Very practical and elegant and Timmy , with steel base, aluminum column and transparent glass shelves. Not only can the bracket be oriented to your liking, but you have the opportunity to arrange the shelves at different heights.

A vast freedom of choice

The review of designer TV furniture on the market certainly does not stop here. The tripod-style models are original and sophisticated, perfect for giving the living room a strong artistic touch. And how about the easel versions , like Rayner , excellent for the living area as well as for offices and meeting rooms?

Obviously there is no lack of more classic furniture , such as wooden ones with doors and shelves. Evaluate the general appearance of the living room before purchasing your product!