The world of sport and entertainment has often come together to give us unforgettable love stories . Beautiful women always in the spotlight have chosen as fascinating and talented sports men as companions.

There are many sports-entertainment couples who have fallen in love and still have beautiful love stories. However, not all of them can boast the same result even if their memory is indelible in the minds of the fans.

Beautiful, famous and in love and among the broken couples , those who still resist , there is also a great news . After all, this combination of love seems to have worked for years.

Which sportsman will have stolen the heart of the beautiful actress Ambra Angiolini after the end of her marriage? Belen , did you archive everything with the dancer Stefano De Martino ? And who counts among his “sporting” achievements?

10) Ambra Angiolini and Massimiliano Allegri

The novelty between the famous couples and he sportsmen, surprisingly, indeed to a great surprise, Ambra Angiolini and Massimiliano Allegri emerge . The Juventus manager and the actress have been immortalized embraced tenderly together. It would seem that Amber’s heart has now found comfort in the arms of a new love and that she has definitively left behind her marriage ended with the singer Francesco Renga . As evidence of the new relationship between the two are the photos of their romantic weekend in which they are portrayed happy and smiling.

9) Ilaria D’Amico and Gigi Buffon

Gigi Buffon is not new to choosing beautiful and very famous women. After the marriage with the former model Alena Seredova , now closed, the Juventus goalkeeper fell in love with the sports journalist Ilaria D’Amico . After crying together over their failure to win the Champions League final against Real Madrid in Cardiff, they are more in love than ever. Kisses, hugs and cuddles like two kids, because love, we know, is beautiful at any age!

8) Andrea Iannone and Belen Rodriguez

Another couple and that of Andrea Iannone and Belen Rodriguez . A great passion that broke out between the young motorcycle rider and the famous showgirl. After sharing their new love story on all profiles with many shots that portray them happily in love, on the horizon, rumors appear that they would already be in crisis . At this point we just have to wait for their next moves.

7) Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi

More in love than ever and in better shape than ever they are, perhaps, the symbolic combination of this roundup of sportsmen and famous women. Ilary and Francesco , who recently decided to remarry to celebrate their anniversary, appear increasingly linked . She is beautiful and famous presenter, he is the king of Rome, a story that seems to have never had dark moments, crowned by the birth of three children.

6) Bernardo Corradi and Elena Santarelli

Another good example of a sport-woman couple from the show business is that of Bernardo Corradi and Elena Santarelli . After a long engagement, the footballer and the model and actress got married on 2 June 2014 in Siena. Giacomo and Greta were born from their love story , and from the images shared on social media they really seem a happy family .

5) Max Biagi and Bianca Atzei

After a long love affair with Eleonora Pedron and the birth of two children, Max Biagi has again next to him a beautiful one from the show. The singer Bianca Atzei, who has to get along with his ex, has declared that he has found her serenity and smile thanks to her new love for the pilot, after going through a very tormented relationship.

4) Martina Colombari and Billy Costacurta

A stainless pair also formed by Martina Colombari and Billy Costacurta . After having archived the old flame Alberto Tomba for good , the former model fell in love with her and now lives a happy relationship with the former footballer. Martina, still beautiful, and Billy, more charming than ever, are a good example of a couple that endures over the years.

3) Alberto Aquilani and Michela Quattrociocche

Midfielder Alberto Aquilani and actress Michela Quattrociocche got married on 4 July 2012. The footballer nicknamed “Il Principino”, by virtue of the resemblance to Giuseppe Giannini , and his wife became parents for the first time on 18 April. 2011 with the birth of his daughter Aurora .

2) Simona Ventura and Stefano Bettarini

Dive into the past when you remember the love story between Simona Ventura and Stefano Bettarini . After a happy period, crowned by the birth of the two children, the problems began. Due to his alleged betrayals, the marriage inevitably failed and years passed before re-establishing true harmony between the two exes, who are currently often engaged together on TV.

1) Alessia Marcuzzi and Simone Inzaghi

An old sport-show couple was also the one formed by Alessia Marcuzzi and Simone Inzaghi . Recently portrayed on vacation together with their respective companions and the following children have made it through the end of their relationship. In fact, Marcuzzi declared herself very happy with her “extended family”.