More and more people decide to buy an eBook and go from reading the paper version to the electronic version. The benefits of these new devices are several, from not having to be loaded with books that are sometimes very fat and quite heavy, to being able to download free books from countless web pages.
With the success of eBooks, a large number of web resources have emerged where we can download electronic books for free and easily. We just have to keep in mind what format our eBook accepts, ePub, MOBI or PDF, and enjoy a pleasant reading.
In this article we will tell you how to download free books, the steps to follow and which are the best websites where you can download them.

How to download free books step by step

There are several ways to download free books . The difference between each of them is basically the platform from which we will obtain the files. Thus, we can differentiate 2 methods: download books from web pages or from Torrent platforms.
From any of them we can get an infinity of titles, so the offer is not what will make us choose one or the other, but rather the trust of the files and the web. For example, the Torrent download method is not the most recommended, since many of the platforms have been banned by the authorities, blocked and closed.
However, the web pages that offer free electronic books are usually trustworthy and in a few simple steps we can download the title we want, without viruses or harmful files.
Below we detail step by step how to download free books from the different methods that we have just mentioned:

1. Web pages to download free books
First, we will access the web page from which we want to download the book. Normally, they usually have a search engine, so if we are looking for a specific title we can quickly know if it is available or not. We can also filter by genre if we are still not sure what book we are looking for.
Once found, we must download the file. To do this, we must click on the appropriate format for our eBook, which, as we have mentioned in the previous section, will depend on the device and software. The vast majority of websites to download electronic books offer the .epub and .pdf formats, as a minimum. If the one we need is not available, then with the Caliber program we can convert it into the one that works best for us.
Once we have not downloaded the file and saved it on our computer, we just have to connect our eBook when ordering and transfer the book to the device.
If we choose to use this option, we can find web pages with directories of links that other people have posted, such as the following portals:

1. Google Books
We know that the technological giant has a website or application for anything, and in a matter of books it could not be less. In Google Books you will find almost any volume you want to read, and at a much more affordable price than if you bought it in a bookstore.
If you don’t want to pay anything, all you have to do is enter the word “free” in the main search engine . The catalog is considerably reduced, but there are little hidden gems worth discovering.

2. Amazon
In this list of websites to download free books, this online shopping service could not be missing. Amazon allows us to enjoy more than 700 public domain books, in addition to a wide variety of second-hand collections at bargain prices. There will always be a user who will have that volume that you have been looking for for a long time.

3. ManyBooks
If you defend yourself with English you have won a lot, and there are countless pages to download free books. ManyBooks is one of them. The good thing about this website is that it periodically offers us collections on a specific theme , so that you can find what really interests you.
There is also a section of books in Spanish, although the catalog is considerably reduced (from more than 30,000 works to about 250).

4. Fiuxy
One of the most interesting platforms to find publications of all kinds is Fiuxy. This forum is very active and is updated daily, so it is ideal to findnew publications, newspaper articles, magazines, short novels and audiobooks . The only drawback is that you will need to register to download content.

5. Lectulandia
If you want to find your favorite novel without too many complications, Lectulandia is one of the most useful websites. Its catalog is made up of more than 30,000 books, and all of them can be downloaded in ePub or PDF format. In addition, it has a very simple and attractive design , as well as an option to add comments.

6. Bubok
Among so much reading, perhaps you have decided to publish your first novel and do not know where to start. Contacting a publisher is not always the best option, especially in the era of free circulation of information on the Internet.
In addition to a very long catalog to download free books, Bubok offers us the option of editing and publishing our own works at no cost .

7. Wiksource
Wikipedia has set out to create a great library of knowledge and could not leave public domain books aside. Any user can edit this free library that also allows us to search for books by genre, country or time. Ideal for finding classics of literature.

8. Freeditorial
If you don’t want to register to download books, Freeditorial is one of the best options. Not only do we find novels and essays, but the web puts plays and poetry within our reach , as well as academic that you are well documented.

9. Bajaepubgratis
This website allows us to download books in ePub format, although it has an enviable catalog. It highlights a fairly intuitive design and the possibility of finding works divided into more than 50 categories. Ideal if you only like to read a specific genre and you can’t find anything that catches your attention.

10. Free Computer Books
Technical books are usually expensive and do not always adapt to the level of knowledge of the reader on the subject. It is true that there are thousands of tutorials on the Internet on the most diverse topics, but they do not usually go too deep.
In Free Computer Books you will find books about computer science for free. In addition, it allows you to find the appropriate publication according to the theme: programming, Linux, HTML, Javascript, PHP, etc.

2. Download from Torrent
First we must find the Torrent file of the electronic book we want to read. To do this in the google search engine we will put the name of the book + Torrent or we will enter a Torrent platform that offers the title we are looking for.
Once we have downloaded the file from the platform, we must open it in a specific program to manage this type of file. Then the download will start automatically.
Once downloaded, we connect the eBook to the computer and transfer the book that we have downloaded.
SomeTorrent platforms that offer free books are elitetorrent and mejortorrent . However, these pages are prohibited, so they are constantly changing the domain to prevent their closure or continue their activity illegally.

The different file formats for eBooks
Depending on the type of device we have or the platform where we are going to read, we will need to download the electronic books in one format or another . The advantage is that if we find the title we want in a format that is not compatible with our eBook, we don’t have to worry. There are many web pages, as is the case with Calibre, where we can transform the format to the one that best suits us in a very simple and fast way.
Oneone of the most used and famous formats is .epub . This is the one that the vast majority of electronic books usually use, so it is the one that you will normally find on web pages to download electronic books.
Another widely used format is also .mobi. It is compatible with practically any electronic book. We must bear in mind that if we have a Kindle, Amazon’s own eBook, it works with its own .AZW3 format, and, in addition, it also accepts electronic books in .mobi format. In this way, we must know that devices usually accept various formats.

Another of the best known and popular formats are .pdf. It is compatible with the vast majority of readers, however, as they are page images, these files do not include rich text features like other formats. Thus, they are more limited files, but we can read them correctly on any device or program.
As we have mentioned before, there is the Caliber program, with which we can convert formats from .epub to .mobi, from .mobi to .epub, from .epub to .azw3, etc. in a very simple and fast way. In just a few minutes we will have our file ready to be able to transfer it to our eBook.