It takes a long time to get to know a person thoroughly . We often ask ourselves if the person we have just met is a person worthy of our trust . Obviously, without a phase of mutual acquaintance we will never know if who we have in front of us is worthy of our trust or not.

However, astrology can help us, in fact, starting from the zodiac sign of others and analyzing it, we can understand something about their personality, their character and maybe even their approach towards others.

Knowing the sign of a person absolutely does not allow us to know him fully, fully, but it can help us in relating with him. In this article, we analyze the signs according to their degree of reliability , therefore, trying to understand which of them we could trust and vice versa .

So let’s find out together the ranking of the signs of the zodiac from the least reliable to the most worthy of our trust !

12) Aquarius

Aquarians may have problems managing some aspects of human relationships, risking being more attentive to themselves than to others . This aspect could sometimes make them unreliable . They get carried away by their things and do not always show themselves available to others. Their constant search for solitude does not relate to a possible immediate need . The same is not true for the people who are most attached to him, for whom they prove to be very available.

11) Cancer

Cancers would be better off avoiding giving our trust . They don’t do it out of malice or for personal gain, but the simplicity with which they get angry could make them forget any commitment . They can certainly be great company, trusted friends and confidants, but if it comes to trust with Cancers it might be best to let it go. Of course, in some cases they will be ready to dedicate themselves body and soul to us, but their unpredictability could lead them to distance themselves from others, sometimes even without any apparent explanation.

10) Aries

Aries are great friends and give great fun when they’re around. However, a basic characteristic of their sign is that they could often and willingly think exclusively of themselves , ending up overshadowing the needs of others. By evaluating the situation from time to time, by doing so we will not risk being disappointed by them, keeping the beautiful friendship that they are able to offer.

9) Sagittarius

Everyone knows how tightly anchored Sagittarius can be to their freedom and lifestyle. Their help and support is likely to be certain only in the very short term , but if we tried to think of something more lasting we would almost certainly end up disappointed. They do not do it with malice or disinterest, but it is often difficult for them to predict where the future will lead them . They could promise us something for tomorrow and then find themselves leaving for who knows what destination at the last minute.

8) Gemini

Their reliability falters according to their mood . Anyone who knows a Gemini knows how easy it is for them to get carried away by emotions and sensations. This means that they are not always able to keep their word . Having a Gemini by your side will soon become clear about their loyalty, and how diligently they are dedicated to a friendship. However, in case of need it would be better to first evaluate their situation and if the emotional conditions were unfavorable then we could rely on them without problems.

7) Leone

The Leos if it comes to people closely related to them, be it the partner or the family, but also the closest friends, would be ready to give everything to help them. Unfortunately, the same does not happen with strangers. If you are considering placing your trust in a Leo, it would be best to enter his or her close circle first , otherwise you would risk never getting anything other than words.

6) Virgo

Virgos are people who can often be emotionally numb. It would be easy to think that, therefore, relying on them would be a great idea, and when it comes to practical problems we will certainly have their support. If they were tempted by it, or if they were in the right conditions, they would not be long in rushing to our aid . Virgo can therefore be counted on, but only if it is not about emotional problems.

5) Capricorn

Capricorns often end up evaluating according to their perception what is most important, ending up preferring it to what they consider secondary. The problem is that their judgment risks not taking into account the opinion of others , ending up overshadowing something that is very important to us. Before relying on a Capricorn it would be best to get to know him well, knowing what he personally considers important.

4) Libra

Those born in the sign of Libra and a free spirit, who can hardly bear constraints or obligations. At first glance they may be not very trustworthy, but this is not the case. They tend to always and unconditionally keep their word , never forgetting a promise made. They are quite reliable, but they carefully choose who to show this side to, reserving it only for those who care most. Trust, for them, is a constant exchange, and only when they are sure they can trust will they be willing to truly commit.

3) Toro

The seriousness and reliability of the Taurus are not to be questioned. They are very keen to keep their word, making themselves available if necessary and always trying to keep their promises . However, they get carried away very easily by their commitments, ending up not always being able to rush to our aid. If they make a promise, they keep it, but if their commitments crush them then they may not be by our side . However, even when they can’t actually be of help, they will always have a word of encouragement for us.

2) Scorpio

On the reliability of the Scorpios there is to be reassured. At the slightest request for help they will always be ready to offer a hand. They care a lot about the word they give and it almost never happens that they don’t keep it . As with Libras, however, trust must be mutual. If they saw in you a reason to doubt it, they could also take offense, to the point of no longer offering themselves even for simple advice .

1) Pesci

Being people almost always intent on exploring some new imaginary world, or chasing an idea or an enlightenment, it would be easy to think that they are unreliable. However, we would be wrong to rate them that way. They turn out to be among the most reliable signs of all and never forget an important promise. Often they may be late, or forget some less important commitment, but their reliability should never be doubted.