As in so many other fields, technological progress has brought about a revolution in the field of love, and in the most casual of things as well, giving us the tools to meet people we would never have the opportunity to meet in any other way. For this reason, today we are talking about the fashionable social network , which is sweeping everywhere and raises the question, how does Tinder work?

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How does Tinder work in Spanish
The truth is that Tinder is much simpler than it seems, since you only need to download the application or access the website to start. Once we have done this, we must register, from our Facebook page, or from our email, if we prefer not to do it with Facebook, although the connection with the most used social network will be an advantage.
The possibility of registering from an email has existed for a short time, because the developers feared that this method would cause the appearance of bots and fake accounts that would flood the application with spam, which neither users nor creators want.
Once we have the application installedWe will be asked for our basic information, our age, gender (among more than 37 available options, a round of applause for Tinder), maximum distance of possible matches, as well as adding where we study, work or our main interests, having 500 characters to express how we are or explain what we are looking for or expect from the application.
To know how Tinder works and to be able to start using it efficiently, we must know the system used to find people to connect with. When we enter Tinder, a screen will appear in which we must decide whether or not we like the person shown to us , be able to see more of their photos or send them a super like, which will inform the other person that you have said yes.

How does Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold work?
Tinder works perfectly for free, but if you want a couple of special features that can help you form more connections, you can count on Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. With this extra, you can only see the people who have liked you , control your data and hide it, have more visibility in your area for a while a day, you have five superlikes a day instead of one, you can see people again that you had rejected, impossible in the normal version, and you can disable the ads permanently.

How do I upload photos to Tinder
Anyone who already knows how Tinder works and has experience with the app, will most likely tell you that your selection of photos is the most important thing when starting to use it, and it is. Tinder allows you to upload up to six photos and asks you to order them in the order in which they will be shown to people who view your profile.
We recommend that you choose between several photo styles, that you try to avoid blurry photos or those that are even scary, and that you opt for naturalness above all. It is better to combine different styles in your photographs, so as not to appear monothematic, and to give variety.
It is much better that you upload a photo where you look handsome, then one where you appear funny, doing something you like, etc. Try to avoid six studio photos, as it can look too artificial, as well as six selfies of your face , as it can look too repetitive. The best thing according to the algorithm how Tinder works, is that you be as transparent and natural as you can, because even if you put spectacular photos, in the next step, stay, the cake will be uncovered.

How do matches work?
Let’s get into the matter, to really see how Tinder works. When we open the application, the image of a person who meets the requirements that we have established appears, such as age, location, and the application tries to make it a person with similar tastes to ours. From here, we decide if we like that person or not, sliding to the right or left respectively .
After this, all you have to do is wait. When the other person, whether before or after you do, swipe right on your profile, you match, which you can start talking to, so you’re only really going to talk to people you really want to. From thereYou start talking and based on your ability or the connection that you get between the two, it will be a success or not .

Tricks to flirt more Tinder
Among the most common, and for those who still do not know how Tinder works, because they have not tried it yet, we recommend that you explain what you are looking for, whether sporadic relationships or something more serious, as well as what to At the same time, try to talk about things that interest you, but that are not very trivial, that can capture the attention of other people.
As we have already mentioned before, photos are your best asset when it comes to showing what you are worth., so try to choose your best captures, as well as, and one of the elements in which sometimes we do not fall, increase the contact radius, because the love of your life may be five subway stops away instead of two, so maybe it’s best not to scrimp when it comes to distance.