Consumption habits have changed in recent years with the growth of electronic commerce, which is gaining more and more followers compared to traditional commerce . Moved by the comfort of being able to carry out any transaction armed with just a computer and a credit card (clothes, if possible), little by little consumers are perfecting their ability to detect which are the pages to buy on the Internet that They can offer a cleaner and faster service.

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The 4 pages to buy online according to favorite sectors
In addition to the large virtual shopping centers, which we will also detail, these are the preferred Internet portals to buy according to the type of products .

1. Zalando (Fashion and accessories)
This German website specializing in fashion has gained a lot of momentum in recent years, despite its relatively short lifespan (it was created in 2008). Initially dedicated to the sale of footwear, Zalando was expanding its catalog , also including clothing pieces for men and women.
They promote themselves as a page to buy online focused on the study of the latest trends in clothing combined with their own personal style.. Although for now their commercial cursive target is located mainly in Europe, we will see if they will end up making the leap when they have already conquered the old continent.

2. MediaMarkt and Fnac (Culture)
The visionary lip service prophets have spent years anticipating an end to the physical format that never comes, since there are still those who believe that culture has an intrinsic value that is worth paying to contribute to continue creating quality content. For many, books, records and movies are not so much a product for quick download and immediate consumption in the fast food style, as some consider.
As there are still those who appreciate and respect the work of others, stores like MediaMarkt and Fnac, specialized in culture (among other products) and even having large commercial surfaces; Its websites are chosen as the best pages to buy movies, books or music online . Probably, this is due to the improvement in the shipping service that has been perfected in recent years.

3. Skyscanner (Travel)
The New Lifestylewanderlust, current that designates people who suddenly feel the urgent need to travel to exotic places or to leave their land even without knowing their own country, just beyond their place of origin (to later show it off in their profiles in social networks); It owes a lot to websites to buy cheap flights online like Skyscanner.
This search portal has earned the reputation of being the most used around the world to search for cheap plane tickets.. Once the user selects the one that best suits their situation, Skyscanner connects them with the airline itself once the best route has been chosen. In turn, the website also provides information on lodging or car rental for those who need it.
This push to the top worldwide has been made possible thanks to the fact that Skyscanner has been adapted to more than 30 languages , including Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

4. DealExtreme (Technology)
If there are products that practically sell themselves with nothing more than a “click” , they are those that belong to technology.
A company that is experiencing a growing rise in this regard is DealExtreme (abbreviated ‘DX’), which soon no other competition will be able to overshadow. On this page to buy online we can find from mobile phones, drones, flashlights, LED lights, car and motorcycle accessories and even clothing and accessories .
However, it still has to beat the giant MediaMarkt, which continues to be the leader in online technology purchases.

The 3 best pages to buy everything on the Internet
The following list includes the leading e-commerce pages in world sales of a wide variety of products. We did not find many surprises to say.

3. Aliexpress
The Asian giant counterattacks Western commerce with this Internet shopping page , which although it does not sell directly to the consumer, what it does is put them in contact with the seller.
Its low prices, manufactured in China and without extra costs to pay possible intermediaries, together with an almost endless range of items available , have made Aliexpress a tough competitor.
However, the long waits between the transaction and the arrival of the product still work against them .

2. Ebay
One of the veterans that remains in good standing. Ebay is also known for auctioning its items to the highest bidder, allowing the purchase and sale of second-hand products between individuals and, of course, the purchase from third parties.
Among the advantages of Ebay was its variety of payment possibilities (by credit card, Paypal, transfer, and even cash on delivery). However, it seems that the announced divorce with the payment intermediary company will take its toll on their trust with their clients, who will have lost one of their most robust guarantees.

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1. Amazon
In case anyone had any doubts about which could be the leading company in pages to buy online, we clarify the unknown.
Since Amazon decentralized its main website on websites with its own domain in main countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands or Spain, among others; The multinational amasses a fortune every year, thanks also to being the largest shopping center in the network .