Female pleasure is one of the great unknowns by many men. Getting a woman to explode with pleasure is a task that not everyone manages to overcome successfully, since there is a lot of ignorance about what a woman’s points of pleasure are and where they are located.
In addition to the well-known G-spot (which is not fully located either, truth be told), there are three other points of female pleasure that we will describe below , to help you learn more about how to stimulate them correctly. .

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4 woman’s pleasure points and where to find
them “G, A, K, U” is not the name of a new mathematical game imported from Japan, but corresponds to four letters that designate the woman’s pleasure points, each one of which is located in a specific area of ​​​​their sexual apparatus.
Let’s unfold this sexual cartographic map. 1. G
-spot This letter has not been chosen randomly to refer to this point of pleasure for women, but rather the “G” was given to it by Ernst Grafenberg, a renowned German gynecologist who came across this erogenous zone by chance, capable of providing orgasms of different intensity, while studying about the female urethra.
There does not seem to be a consensus among experts as to whether the G-spot is a delimited part of the female anatomy or whether it is an area of ​​high sensitivity for women. Now, the G-spot is not present in all women, only 60% , but it is clear that by stimulating it, practically all of them reach full orgasms.
When a woman is about to reach ecstasy by massaging this point of pleasure, she is accompanied by a sensation similar to the urge to urinate, a signal that precedes ejaculation, although not all women ejaculate. Those who do, feel the experience multiplied. Where is the G-spot
Although it is not an exact location on every woman’s body,we can find the G-spot if we introduce a finger inside the vagina, between 5 and 8 centimeters deep, on the front wall of the vagina. It is easily recognizable by its rough texture.
A recommendation before lying as a couple is that each woman perform a self-examination on herself to find the exact place and point where they give that characteristic jump when they hit the G-spot
. try to guide the companion when he goes into scout mode, so don’t be shy about indicating where the target is. How to stimulate the G-spot
If it is done with the fingers, the best way is to insert them into the vagina and curve them upwards, putting them in the form of a hook, as we do when we indicate to someone to approach:
Gesture come here. | Image: Courtesy.
When it comes to penetration, many men are endowed with true wonders of nature, which has gifted them with a scimitar-curved penis to ensure that while it’s erect and pumping , it will rub nicely against the wall where ground zero is located.

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2. Point A
This is an area that facilitates higher and faster rates of arousal and ensures better lubrication of the vagina . Stimulating this point of pleasure of the woman , several intense orgasms are unleashed in a row and that can also make the woman in question ejaculate. Where is point A?
On the same anterior vaginal wall as point G, but further back: between it and closer to the cervix, very close to the bladder. That is where point A is located, another point of pleasure for women to take into account . How to stimulate point
A ? ”(As long as the woman puts a cushion under it to keep her pelvis at an angle to the surface she is resting on while being penetrated), it is possible to reach this erogenous zone. 3. Point K
Advancing in the alphabet, we find another point of female pleasure: point K, also called “the mysterious passage” , because it takes time to discover it being in a hidden area . However, it is a guarantee to enjoy orgasms of great pleasure. Where is the K-spot
The K-spot, another of women’s pleasure points, was nicknamed “mysterious” because it is located in a part of the vagina that is almost inaccessible, even during penetration. The K point is just at the entrance to the cervix, that is, several centimeters inside the vagina.How to stimulate the K point
Although it seems impossible, orgasms can be achieved through the K point, the question will be that the woman will have to perform the so-called “Kegel exercises” to strengthen the pelvic floor.
In this video they explain what they are and what they are for:
During sex, there are some positions that ensure that the penetration is as deep as possible: she squats on the man or through “the missionary”, raising her feet on the shoulders of the. 4. U
-Spot This female pleasure spot bears the letter “U” due to its proximity to the urethra . It is an area that multiplies excitement, especially during preliminaries , but is also very sensitive to excess pressure.
U-spot stimulation reaches its full potential if G-spots and A-spots are also activated, and combined with penetration. Where is the U-point?
It is the only one of the four described points of pleasure for women that is located on the vulva: as we said a few lines above, it is located where the urethra itself, under the clitoris and before the opening of the vulva. vagina; so for it to be exposed, the (major) vaginal lips must be opened. How to stimulate the U point
To activate this area, a little pressure is required, without being excessive. Any sexual position in which there is the closest approach between the two lovers is ideal for activating the U point. For example, the partner stands on top of the woman and rubs his pubic floor against hers, or presses this area against hers. her pubis , focusing on the part of the clitoris.

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