If you have a Netflix account and you have the day off to binge on episodes , we present the best original series for the perfect marathon. Prepare popcorn and tell your friends that you will not answer the phone, because we will update you on the best productions of the big red ā€œNā€.

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12 Netflix Original Series You Can’t Miss

1. Dark
Netflix has long ago abandoned the idea that good series are only produced in the United States and, from time to time, goes fishing for ideas in Europe. One of the most rewarding examples is Dark, halfway between the typical northern series about disappearances and murders and Stranger Things .
It will catch you by its atmosphere and hook you with round characters and script twists that leave you breathless.

2. The Crown
The cast will be renewed every two seasons, so we will miss the magnificent interpretation of Olivia Newton and company, but the intention is to faithfully recreate the life of the monarch up to the present time. In this way, and as the producer has stated, the audience will have a greater reaction to the events.

3. Altered Carbon
Although decades ago it was one of the most fruitful genres on television, science fiction is in the doldrums. An attempt to recover the glory of the futuristic series is Altered Carbon, the latest Netflix original.
It may remind some purists of the genre of Blade Runner, although the plot is not nearly as complex as the one proposed by Ridley Scott. Despite that, Altered Carbon is a very enjoyable original series that incorporates some action and sex scenes, which is always good.

4. Sense8
Two seasons and a final chapter is enough to countthe last madness of the Wachowski sisters . The fact that it was canceled with just two batches of episodes is due to its high cost and insufficient audience, but we fans have been enormously disappointed. For those who enjoy “supernatural” series without too many demands.

5. House of Cards
The Kevin Spacey scandal has done a lot of damage to the platform, but diversions from the lead actor aside, House of Cards is a must-watch for any Netflix subscriber.
There are several reasons to take a look at it. The first is the impeccable technical invoice that the series spends and the second is the high concentration of political intrigues that each chapter includes.. As for the rest of the reasons, it will be better for you to discover them for yourself.

6. The Sinner
This Netflix original series has generated divided opinions among the most critical viewers , although most users have rated it positively. Of course, the pilot could not be more shocking, especially the murder scene on the beach and the subsequent trauma of a protagonist who does not know why the hell she just killed a man.
The setting may be reminiscent of True Detective, albeit without that dark gray picture of the HBO series. Despite what you have been told, it is worth seeing and judging for yourself.

7. Orange is the new black
The longest on this list of Netflix original series. Is abouta drama full of black humor and inspired by Piper Kerman’s autobiographical book about her time in a state women’s prison. The cast is formidable, though their story arcs aren’t always equally inspired.

8. 13 Reasons why
Netflix’s latest phenomenon recounts the consequences of the suicide of a teenager in a high school. At times she can become an American and at others she looks for the easy tear, but at no time does she hide it and achieve what she sets out to do: move the viewer .
In addition, it is one of the few original series that dares to deal in depth with such controversial issues as bullying or sexual harassment. For that alone, it’s worth seeing.

We return to the narco theme, although from a very different prism. The Lake of the Ozarks is the setting for this fiction about a man who runs away from his past and from a money laundering operation that went wrong. Marty must get a large sum of money in record time so as not to piss off a drug dealer willing to do anything.
He manages to convey that feeling of restlessness and constant danger to which the protagonist is subjected. To have a bad time.

10. Stranger Things
If the Stranger Things phenomenon hadn’t exploded in the summer of 2016, the streaming platform probably wouldn’t be what it is now. The adventures of a group of teenagers and Eleven in their attempt to save their friend Will have trapped the public and critics hopelessly.
If you like the eighties aesthetic and you are nostalgic for films like The Goonies , you should not miss it for the world. If you are looking for something more serious and terrifying, you will not be disappointed either.

11. Black Mirror
The Netflix original series that will make you reflect the most. Each episode is a different dystopian world dealing with the abominable consequences of technology on society. Here is a list of the best episodes to make the marathon much more enjoyable.

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12. Narcos
Words like “jueputa” or “malpario” have become part of our vocabulary thanks to the peculiar interpretation of Wagner Moure as Pablo Escobar. We agree that the Colombian accent is not entirely successful, but the character’s charisma has made Narcos an anthology series .
A great series of action that will catch you without remixing for its rhythm. If we talk about historical accuracy, it is not the best series on drug traffickers that has been made, but it does not need to be.

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