The Amici television program , conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi , is an Italian talent broadcast since 2001. With its over twenty editions to its credit, it is the show dedicated to discovering the longest-lived new talents of Italian television.

Over the years there have been many winners , but where have many of them gone? If some have truly remained in the heart of the television audience, the same cannot be said for all those who have won the final victory.

In fact, many guys discovered during the program have no longer continued to work in the entertainment world or to make it as they would have expected after the first place at Amici.

Do you remember when the program was called They will be famous and who won the first edition of the talent? Many years have passed, but it will not be difficult to remember the first prize talents of the Mediaset network program.

Let ‘s find out what happened to the winners of Amici di Maria De Filippi:

1) Dennis Fantina

Dennis Fantina and the boy who won the first edition of the Friends program 2001-2002 . The singer achieved his victory in 2002, but his TV career never took off , even though he also worked in the theater. In 2015 he tries again with his great passion: music. Pero to The Voice of Italy was rejected.

2) Giulia Ottonello

The second edition of Amici, in 2003 , was also won by a singer: Giulia Ottonello . But even for her the doors of music will not remain open and will not give her the success she wanted, so she turned back to the theater with many positive results. The artist is very active in protecting animal rights and is vegan.

3) Leon Cino

Instead, the 2004 edition was won by a very good dancer: Leon Cino . Thanks to his great artistic skills, he was immediately included in the dance troupe of the Amici program, with which he collaborated until 2011. Later he decided to open a dance school and teach dance.

4) Antoninus

For the 2005 edition of Amici the victory is again assigned to a singer: Antonino . The artist, after having released 4 albums and after having sold over 15,000 copies, works in some television broadcasts, continuing his career as a singer . In 2016 he won with the singer Emma the first edition of Bake Off Italia Celebrity Edition . In the same year Antonino came out declaring his homosexuality , hoping to be able to get married soon.

5) Ivan D’Andrea

The fifth edition of friends, in 2006 , was won by Ivan D’Andrea , the dancer who won a surprise by challenging all the remaining competitors of the final. The most malicious insinuated that he won because he managed to keep himself out of the quarrels that were quite heated that year. Of the young man, after some work in the world of theater and a commercial, all traces have been lost .

6) Federico Angelucci

Federico Angelucci is the singer who won the 2007 edition of the program . His artistic career continued working in some musicals in the theater but without ever taking off in the world of music. After many years of absence from TV, he recently returned to the Tale and Which show program , in which he was able to demonstrate his vocal abilities Di him.

7) Letter Frame

The 2008 edition of Amici was won by the singer Marco Carta . His success culminated in first place at the 2009 Sanremo Festival , with the single La forza mia . In 2017 his sixth album Tieniti forte was released and in the same year he participated as a competitor in the seventh edition of Tale and Which show , coming out as the winner .

8) Alessandra Amoroso

The Italian singer Alessandra Amoroso achieved success in 2009 thanks to the participation and victory of the eighth edition of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi . Thanks to her successes, she was even awarded 6 times at the Wind Music Awards for her sales. Since her debut she has recorded 4 studio albums and 1 live and 1 in Spanish.

9) Emma

The talent of the winner Emma Marrone had already been noticed during the episodes of the talent edition that crowned her the winner in 2010 . In fact, during your participation you have recorded some songs such as Davvero , Folle paradiso and Meravigliosa . Many great successes for her career. In fact, she and she was also proclaimed winner of the 62nd Sanremo Festival 2012.

10) Virginia

Also in the 2011 edition the victory was awarded to a singer. The crown of the singing talent show was awarded to Virginio Simonelli . After 2 albums and several collaborations he took a break from music. But recently he recorded his first single , Hercules , completely in English .

11) Denny Lodi

In the same year, 2011, there were 2 winners for Amici, one for dance and one for singing. In fact, Denny Lodi won the 10th edition of the talent show in the dance category . Today he continues his career as an artist performing as a dancer. He is also a lecturer in various dance schools and festivals.

12) Giuseppe Giofre

Giuseppe Giofre was the winner of the 11th edition of Amici, in 2012 , in the dance category. The artist returned to Maria De Filippi ‘s program in 2015 as a professional dancer. His professional life has been crowned by great collaborations such as with: Taylor Swift , Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears .

13) Gerardo Pulli

Gerardo Pulli wins the 11th edition of Amici in the singing section and gets his first contract from Emi. However, after the success, it has completely disappeared from the public scene. Unlike other colleagues, he also uses social networks very little and in an interview a few years ago he had declared that he had risen a bit ‘his head .

14) Moreno

Moreno Donadoni is the first rapper to have won the talent of the 12th edition . To date he has released two records: Stecca and Incredibile . In 2015 he participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song Today I speak to you like this . He also sang the soundtrack of the cartoon Big Hero 6 and the theme song of Lupine III – The Italian Adventure .

15) Deborah Sworn

Deborah Iurato won the 13th edition of the talent Amici . She participated twice in the singing competition of the San Remo Festival and ranked third to her in 2016 together with Giovani Caccamo with the song Via da qui , written by Giuliano Sangiorgi of the Negramaro musical group .

16) The Colors

The musical group The Kolors composed of: Antonio Fiordispino , Alex Fiordispino and Daniele Mona were the winners of the 14th edition of Amici .

17) Sergio Sylvestre

The American singer, Sergio Sylvestre , has become known in Italy for having won the 15th edition of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi .

18) Andreas Muller

Andreas Muller is the singer who raised the trophy of the winner of Amici 16 and took home the final prize of 150 thousand euros in gold tokens.