Rich in  bright  and monochromatic details,  the decollete and summer sandals with high heels  are faithful allies of the beauty and elegance of women of all ages. Jewel shoes that can accompany high-waisted jeans and mini evening dresses, ideal for making the  silhouette more slender  and for highlighting feminine legs. But what are the tricks that it is useful to take into consideration for impeccable combinations?

Do not overdo the accessories

The first tip is to avoid excesses when it comes to accessories. If it is true that high-heeled sandals are synonymous with sensuality and  femininity , it is equally true that the jewels you wear must not be too flashy. With a colorful dress you can limit yourself to a sober bracelet. In the event that the sandals are golden or black, you don’t have to worry more than necessary about the color combinations, since they are shades that more or less go well with everything. Heels  too high they are not recommended for shopping in the company of friends, because they risk tiring the feet and being a harbinger of bubbles and blisters, unless a simple but effective precaution is adopted such as that which involves using insoles to be placed under the soles.

Color guide

The high-heeled sandals are very intriguing even when they are characterized by bright colors: you can indulge in bright red and  apple green , without forgetting the electric blue, and it is always advisable to combine them with garments of the same color. The suggestion of the experts, in any case, is to add no more than one color. A white shirt is what you need with a pair of blue sandals, which however can also be highlighted by a pastel-colored t-shirt or straight jeans. When the  straps at the ankle height  highlight the sensuality of the legs, there is nothing more suitable than a short skirt.

Summer sandals… in winter

In theory, high-heeled sandals are mainly intended for the summer season, but nothing prevents you from taking risks and playing with your outfit even when the temperatures begin to drop and winter is approaching. A pair of  tights  of the right thickness is enough to neutralize any inconvenience, always paying attention to color combinations: for example, orange socks are not exactly the best when there are  acid green sandals on the feet . And if the black sandals with straps are suitable for tights of the same color, what matters most is to create a harmonious and balanced look.

Sensuality and femininity

A  baby doll dress  is ideal, with a pair of high-heeled sandals, like straight pants, even more so if the heels are thin. When you are struggling with a square or wide heel, it is worth trying a wide, hippy-style trousers with a high waist, for a nostalgia effect from the 70s. A straight and fitted dress guarantees maximum elegance with  sandals and clutches , while the vertiginous heels give a sexy touch that can be aspired to at all ages.

How high should the heel be?

Obviously, when it comes to  high heels it is  good not to go other, and above all take into account the length of the legs. Heels should not exceed 9 centimeters in height when wearing a mini skirt, as the resulting effect would not be the most pleasant.