Hollywood is the cradle of the most beloved actors from all over the world. The stories about the life of the stars of the star system follow one another relentlessly and make their beloved fans dream.

What many do not know, however, is that many of these actors have achieved fame by accident . A chance encounter, perhaps determined by fate, made them what they are today.

Many stars, in fact, carried out humble and equally dignified jobs, such as waiter or bricklayer, and did not dream of a film career; others, on the other hand, tried it without obtaining results, abandoning all aspirations. But it was enough to be in the right place at the right time to make their life take an unexpected turn.

The names of Hollywood actors who have become famous by chance are unsuspected , especially for the talent and success that the stars have shown and achieved during their careers. Let’s find out together the 10 VIPs who became famous by chance

10) Mel Gibson and the fight that brought him luck

A fight in a bar was a real fortune for the beginning of Mel Gibson ‘s film career . The actor, many years ago, had decided to do a friend a favor by accompanying him to an audition for a film, Mad Max . Certainly he would never have imagined becoming the leading actor. The director, in fact, seeing Mel Gibson’s face covered in bruises, due to a fight in a bar that took place the night before, was struck by it and chose the star for the main role.

9) Natalie Portman and the power of pizza

The beautiful actress began her career very early. It all started by chance, while she ate a pizza on Long Island. Natalie Portman was only 11 years old and she was noticed by a talent scout , belonging to the famous cosmetics house Revlon, who started her modeling career . The star, however, wanted to take the road of cinema and in 1994 her film arrived that introduced her to the general public, Leon .

8) Ashton Kutcher, an ordinary evening in an ordinary bar

Ashton Kutcher has had a very hard life, due to the health problems of her twin brother, and has done the humblest jobs to help her family. But, at some point, his life took an unexpected turn. One evening, while he was in a bar in the state of Iowa, a talent scout notices him and pushes him to a career as a model . From there, Kutcher, who today is pope, embarked on his professional career becoming an internationally renowned actor.

7) Charlize Theron, from a shattered dream to international success

Gorgeous Charlize Theron didn’t want to be an actress but a dancer . Her dream was shattered due to an accident , but she didn’t give up and fell back on her modeling career, moving to Hollywood. And it is here, during an argument with a bank teller , that she was approached by a talent scout. An opportunity that Charlize Theron seized on the fly, also given her great economic problems, and which represents the gateway to the beginning of her film career.

6) Harrison Ford, from cameraman to actor

It was the second half of the ’70s and Harrison Ford , after small roles in some films, had decided to leave the world of cinema as he had not achieved the desired success. Thus, the Indiana Jones actor had decided to become a carpenter and then stage engineer . It was right behind the scenes that director George Lucas noticed him and cast him for the role of Han Solo in Star Wars . The film consecrates him as a movie star.

5) Will Smith and the man of indications

When getting lost in a parking lot helps you find your way to success! It sounds absurd but that’s what happened to an internationally renowned star like Will Smith. The actor of I am legend , after getting lost in a parking lot, was forced to ask for information . The man who gave him the right information was not, however, an ordinary person but the vice president of the Warner Bros film house . A meeting that turned out to be lucky for the actor who, at the time, was interested in breaking into the world of music.

4) Clint Eastwood and the plane crash

The Gran Torino actor , now 77, owes his success to an unfortunate event: a plane crash . Clint Eastwood, in fact, survived the accident and started giving interviews as a survivor of the event. One of these attracts the attention of an agent who contacts him, opening the door to his success as an actor and then as a director. Shortly thereafter, the turning point came with the first of Sergio Leone’s three films, Per un fugno di dollars .

3) Chris Pratt and the meeting with the right customer

The Jurassic Park actor was a waiter in a restaurant. He had already done several auditions and some appearances, but the turning point had not yet come. Then, one day, while working in a restaurant, he finds himself serving the table of an agent looking for new faces. A chance encounter that led him to become one of The Guardians of the Galaxy .

2) Johnny Depp, the rebel I start by chance

Despite the advice of his friend Nicolas Cage , Johnny Deep did not at all believe that he had a career in the world of cinema. The actor, who has done various jobs including a bricklayer, wanted to become a rock star and was the frontman of the Californian band, The Kids . One day, however, accompanying a friend to an audition for a horror film,  Nightmare: from the depths of the night , he was chosen to play the protagonist’s boyfriend. From there, the star began to take acting lessons and shortly after came the turning point with Platoon , a film with which the actor achieved worldwide fame.

1) Rosario Dawson, an unexpected encounter

The actress was 15 and had never even thought about wanting to be an actress. She was sitting on the steps of a building in Manhattan when she was spotted by director Harmony Korine and photographer Larry Clark. Both of them proposed to her to become the protagonist of the movie Kids and Rosario Dawson decided to give it a try. A choice that turned out to be lucky!