Hollywood stars often appear beautiful and unattainable: always fit, composed, made up, smiling, in short, gods on Earth. We are surprised if on some newspaper covers the paparazzi reveal some small flaw. We are baffled when we discover that even actors and singers could have cellulite, bacon, a bad day or dark circles. 

In short, for the general belief  it is automatic to think that they have always been perfect. This happens because their photos as children and teenagers (especially teenagers!) Are not well known! Indeed, sometimes the VIPs are reluctant to show pictures of their periods spent as “ugly ducklings”!

As shown by the photos you are about to see, even the stars have had pimples, braces, chubby cheeks. In short, they too were ugly and nerds”. 

Let’s find out together how comforting (and upsetting!) It can be to see such radical changes! So here are the 15 ugly ducklings who later became Hollywood stars. The article continues>

15) Taylor Swift

The international singer, Taylor Swift, named none other than the heir to the great Madonna , has not always been an icon of style and elegance. The crooked teeth, the rounded and boyish face, the clips in the long and careless hair hide a beauty and a grace in power that the singer, now blossomed, is certainly demonstrating.

14) George Clooney

For years he was the definition of Hollywood’s “Sex Symbol”, bewitching millions of women around the world with his charm. Many years before, however, little George was definitely the opposite of charming: an unthinkable helmet, bangs, thick glasses and a potato nose … Who would have thought that he would become one of the most desired men on the planet?

13) Matthew Lewis

The countless Harry Potter fans will have a blow to the heart to see this metamorphosis: who would have believed that the clumsy and awkward Neville Longbottom k (in reality the actor Matthew Lewis), would become, as if to say, “a beautiful piece of a wizard “? The selfie that the actor posted on his Twitter profile demonstrates the radical change.

12) Catherine Zeta-Jones

From 1998 onwards, the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones has been repeatedly nominated by specialized magazines as one of the most beautiful women in the show . Becoming famous for the general public in ’98 with the role of Elena Montero in The Mask of Zorro, the actress, of Welsh origins, won an Academy Award and the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress for the musical Chicago. Who would have thought that looking at a photo of her in which she is seen in her school uniform?


11) Russell Brand

Recognizable only by his thick black brows and intense gaze, Russel Brand as a teenager was decidedly different from what he looks like today. Katy Perry’s ex-husband became a vegetarian at the age of 14 , quickly transforming into the mighty jawed hedgehog he is today! A remarkable metamorphosis!

10) Jennifer Aniston 

It has never been ugly, that’s for sure. At the same time, however, it is impossible not to admit that the actress, director and film producer becomes more beautiful every year . In her case, her time has made her more glamorous, radiant and feminine than ever!

9) Charlize Theron

Stupendous. Impossible to find another adjective to define the beauty of this award-winning South African actress . Theron’s past, however, hides her shadows: she often left alone in her house in Johannesburg, she spent her early adolescence in boarding school and then witnessed the murder of her father by her mother during a scuffle.

8) Brad Pitt

Here is a young Brad Pitt in black and white. I wonder if the hairdresser (or mom?) Who cut his hair in this “irresistible” bob, he would have thought that in the future he would become one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood

7) Lil Jon

A radical change for rapper Jonathan Mortimer Smith… Above all in style!

6) Eminem

From a good boy, with a slightly naive smile, to a famous rapper with a  bad boy charm . The shave, the neck chain and the leather jacket certainly lend a hand to credibility!

5) Avril Lavigne

Here is another singer with a decidedly renewed look: the short cut, the glasses, the still boyish features do not do justice to the current energetic beauty of the Canadian punk rock artist.

4)  Megan Fox 

The comparison between the two images is unfair: little Megan, teeth and unibrow apart, is not ugly at all but compared to the photo of the splendid adult actress does not quite hold the comparison …  Who would have thought that she would become one of the women sexiest on the planet?

3) Kate Hudson

Let’s face it: Kate Hudson as a girl wasn’t exactly a little flower. Especially because the part of her that is most noticeable in the black and white photo is the protruding ear that sticks out of her hair. The flowing hair and the smile, however, are always the same.

2) Ashton Kutcher 

We don’t know why this photo is here. Ashton Kutcher was as handsome at 6 as he is now. Perhaps as a teenager he too had braces on his teeth, or some pimples, but nothing malignant could be said about that very tender child in the image on the left.

1) Ryan Seacrest

The first place deserves it all! In this case it is not a question of metamorphosis but more of a miracle, the intervention of the Blue Fairy or an exchange of person by the aliens. Now he is as beautiful as the sun, as a child he looked more like a future serial killer.