If you loved the last season of ‘Homeland’, it is quite possible that you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new season. And we could almost say that the chain producing it, Showtime , has given us good and bad news .
If you are a faithful follower of the fictional series, you probably remember that, in August 2016 (yes, 3 years ago), ‘Homeland’ was renewed for a seventh and eighth season . While, a year later, he announced that the eighth installment would be the last.
Since then, that is, for about two years, we have known little about what will end up being the last season of the series starring Claire Danes. But today, finally, we know something else: both the release date and some other secrets, as well as who will end up joining what will become the final cast.

New release date
But let’s go by parts. If you have already had patience, waiting for the latest news, it is possible that it may not affect you as much if we tell you that you should wait a little longer. And it is that although at first the network considered the premiere of the eighth season of the series for the month of June, it has now been delayed to February 9, 2020 .
According to Gary Levine, president of Showtime, the blame for the delay was due to the existence of “an extremely ambitious plot” , which has meant “a production in several countries at times and places that have sometimes caused problems. It takes time.”
And Levine has been even clearer in this regard: “There have been no missteps. It has been a relatively smooth process. But it is a really ambitious schedule and it has taken longer than we had anticipated.”

What news is there about the plot?
At the moment, the plot that has been revealed would agree with what was argued by the president of Showtime, since apparently the eighth season will lead toCIA agent Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes) to a country as far away as Afghanistan , in order to negotiate with the Taliban without having fully recovered from her previous confinement in Russia.
Her capture and subsequent release by the Russian Yevgeny Gromov will continue to be present in the new series, as this event will overlap with the new episodes of the season.
Claire Danes in the seventh season of ‘Homeland’. | Showtime.
We must remember at this point how Elizabeth Keane resigned from her position as her President , since everything that had happened throughout her entire administration had made a dent in the trust that the Americans had placed in her.

What does the official synopsis of season 8 say
According to the official synopsis of the eighth season of ‘Homeland’, after the brutal confinement in a Russian gulag, Carrie Mathison continues to recover. And while her body heals, her memory is still fractured. This poses a problem for Saul, who is now National Security Advisor to President Warner, newly promoted.
The priority now for both Warner and the administration itself is to end the war with Afghanistan . For this, he will send Saul in order to negotiate peace with the Taliban.
But Kabul is full of mercenaries, spies, fanatics and real warlords, so Saul needs contacts and experience that only his protege, Carrie Mathison, can offer and provide. So, against medical advice, Sal ends up asking Carrie to come with him, one last time.

New additions to the cast
In addition to the release date, it has also been confirmed who will be part of the final cast of the last season of ‘Homeland’.
Specifically, it will feature the participation of what is today the real-life husband of Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy , who will become the astute Washington consultant baptized with the name of John Zabe.
AlsoAlso participating will be Sam Trammell, from ‘True Blood’ , who will play Vice President Benjamin Hayes.
As you may know, we must remember that the series is seen in the United States through the Showtime network, and in Spain it is broadcast through Fox. So, we will have to wait until next year to enjoy the last season.

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