The world of Hispanic interpretation is full of figures of great public recognition. In an attempt to bring them all together, we have compiled a list of the Spanish actors and actresses who have made the national cinema unique in its kind . Although it is difficult to be exhaustive with these types of topics, we apologize for any absences that may occur.

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15 Spanish actors of great prestige
The films “made in Spain” would not be the same if it had not been for the contribution of these enormously talented artists. 1. Carlos Larranaga (1937 – 2012)
Son of actors and also father of actors, during the 1950s, Carlos Larranaga participated in several films in which he rubbed shoulders with acting greats like Cary Grant or Sofia Loren. He is also remembered for his roles in popular television series such as Stories to not sleep (1966) or in the mythical Pharmacy on duty (1991-1995). 2. Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez (1922 – 2009)
With a long career in theater, film and television, both in leading and supporting roles, Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed Spanish actors of the 20th century, which earned him the Goya de Honor in 2005 for his years dedicated to interpretation . 3. Javier Bardem (1969)
He began with small roles in television series, until he made the leap to the big screen in the 1990s. Since then, his popularity has increased, motivated by the fact that he has played more and more roles relevant to their jobs. His national fame catapulted him to Hollywood, which earned him a well-deserved Oscar and for having played some of the most charismatic characters in contemporary cinema.4. Paco Martinez Soria (1902 – 1982)
Paco Martinez Soria represented like no one else the role of a country man who must face life in the modern city . The black beret, the chickens and the village customs of his character, earned him the affection of a public that was lacking in laughter during the postwar period and that, thanks to him, were guaranteed even until the arrival of the ‘uncover’. 5. Javier Camara (1967)
Like many other Spanish actors before him, Javier Camara’s beginnings in the profession were in the theater. Today is a phenomenon dedicated to what we have seen on the big and small screen, thanks to its multifaceted ability to make us laugh (Hostal Royal Manzanares, 7 lives) or move us (Talk to her, The blind sunflowers). Her last performances have been in the third season of Narcos and in The New Pope. 6. Eduardo Noriega (1973)
Despite having played mostly roles in which he was the bad guy, Eduardo Noriega has won the sympathy of the national public, although years ago he also crossed the great pond to enter fully into it. stardom. Who can boast of having been under the orders of Amenabar, Almodovar or del Toro and of having shared the shot with Arnold Schwarzenegger? 7. Antonio Banderas (1960)
They call him “the most international Spanish actor”, and with good reason. Banderas is one of the best ambassadors of Spain around the world, known not only for his incredible talent, but also for his outpouring of sympathy with the media, his humility and for not denying his roots in Malaga, a land to which he returns whenever there is a chance. He has been the Mariachi, Zorro, Puss in Boots, and even one of the Mercenaries , among many others. 8. Sara Montiel (1928 – 2013)
Born as Antonia Abad Fernandez but known worldwide by her artistic nickname, Sara Montiel enjoyed enormous world fame between the 1950s and 1960s as a muse and as a bolero singer . 9. Fele Martinez
Named “Rafael”, he made his debut in Spanish cinema with Tesis (1996), a film with which Amenabar made his directorial debut; although together they would repeat a year later in Abre los ojos (as with Noriega). Since then, Fele Martinez has carved out a niche for himself among the most prominent Spanish actors of the 1990s and early 2000s. 10. Santiago Segura (1965)
Santiago Segura is one of the most recognizable faces on Spanish television, as he has become a regular guest on several shows, known for his irony and acid humor. Actor and film director (the Torrente saga is the highest grossing in the history of Spanish cinema), he is also a personal friend of director Guillermo del Toro, who has always reserved a small cameo for him in his films. 11. Fernando Fernan Gomez (1921 – 2007)
Fernando Fernan Gomez’s career stood out for combining his vocation as a writer, a passion that he developed as a great fan of reading, with acting and directing. And it is that in this sense, industry professionals praise the incredible contribution of Fernando Fernan Gomez as one of the most prolific Spanish actors of the last century . 12. Carmen Maura (1945)
A regular on the stage and “Almodovar girl” par excellence (a merit enjoyed only by the most outstanding Spanish actresses of the seventh Iberian art), as well as a career devoted body and soul to acting, have earned Carmen Maura a position among the most awarded by the European Film Academy . She is also a sure bet in Alex de la Iglesia’s movies, who always reserves her a role in his main cast. 13. Jose Coronado (1957)
If there is someone capable of perfectly combining the image of a heartthrob and that of a tough guy in a single body, that is Jose Coronado. The Madrilenian has appeared in some of the most successful titles of our cinemaand he has been nominated for the Goya awards up to three times, winning the award for best actor for There will be no peace for the wicked (2011). He recently announced that he had no intention of retiring, so luckily for us, we have Coronado for a while. 14. Jose Luis Gil (1957)
Before becoming one of the funniest Spanish actors on the small screen, Jose Luis Gil was already a well-known dubbing actor who voiced Buzz Lightyear, Marlin (the dedicated clownfish that Finding Nemo) and actors like Woody Harrelson, Patrick Swayze and even Jim Carrey. In the television panorama, he has made us laugh with the fictions Here there is no one who lives (2003-2006) and La que se avecina (2006-present).

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15. Luis Tosar (1971) ‘Movie in which he appears, nomination for an award’ . This is how we could synthesize Luis Tosar’s relationship with cinema. And it is that he has been awarded 3 Goya awards, two as best supporting actor (I give you my eyes and Mondays in the sun) and one as a protagonist (Cell 211), not counting so many other occasions in which he has opted for a prize. in this and other contests. Other 10 renowned Spanish actors
We do not forget these great actors and actresses of the interpretation of Spain: 16. Alfredo Landa (1933 – 2013)
Comedian with an extensive filmography, who worked under the orders of Antonio Mercero, Luis Garcia Berlanga or Joseph Louis Rope. His stylehe inaugurated a genre of movies called ‘Landismo’, a type of Spanish comedy of entanglements . 17. Imanol Arias (1956)
The Imanol Arias boom occurred during the 1980s, after La Colmena (1982) and El Lute: walk or bust (1987), where he played the role of the well-known thief. Since his debut, he has gone on to have one of the most prolific acting careers on the national scene , with special mention of Cuentame como paso, a series he has worked on since 2001. 18. Terele Pavez (1939 – 2017)
Coming from a family dedicated to various artistic disciplines, Terele Pavez worked as a theater, television and film actress. In fact, he was one of the star signings in the films of Alex de la Iglesia, as evidenced by The Day of the Beast (1995), The Community (2000) or The Witches of Zugarramurdi (2013). 19. Antonio Resines (1954) One of the most well-known and beloved Spanish actors by the public . He has starred in one of the most successful series, despite its run-down ending (Los Serrano 2003 – 2008) and appeared as a main and secondary actor in titles such as El embrujo de Shanghai (2002), La caja 507 (2002) or Cell 211 (2009); among other. 20. Juan Echanove (1961)
In addition to being an actor, he is a committed activist who has spoken out against the war in Iraq and in favor of the socialist government.Among his most notable roles are those of Miguel Alcantara in the famous Tell me how it happened , a role he assumed over 17 years; or that of Francisco de Quevedo in Alatriste (2006). 21. Amparo Baro (1937 – 2015) The collejas never sounded as good as when Soledad Huete gave them, the mythical curmudgeonly grandmother of 7 lives , a character to whom Amparo Baro owes much of her fame, although she was already one of the actresses most consecrated Spanish women after a long experience in the theater. 22. Michelle Jenner (1986)
Among the young female promises, we find Michelle Jenner, who is part of a dynasty of dubbing actors, a profession that she exercises in parallel to her appearances as a protagonist in television macro-productions such as Isabel (2012 – 2014), in which she played the regent of Castile, or La Catedral del Mar (currently on the air). 23. Sergi Lopez (1965)
Sergi Lopez is one of those Spanish actors with a great presence in European cinema , since there are not a few French films in which we can enjoy his talent speaking like a true native. We especially remember him for having been the ruthless Captain Vidal in Pan’s Labyrinth (2006). 24. Penelope Cruz (1974)
She is known as “the most international Spanish actress”, because in addition to a collection of films spoken in her mother tongue, she has also done so in Italian, French and English works, of course. She won the Goya award for best actress up to 3 times, she has been the first actress in the country to win the Oscar for best supporting actress for Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008), her first collaboration with Woody Allen. 25. Antonio de la Torre (1968)
Little by little, he has become one of the Spanish actors with the most presence, because after playing secondary on several occasions, he has come to lead the cast of some of the most acclaimed films of the last years, such as Grupo 7 (2012), Canibal (2013) or the winner of the 2016 Goya Awards, Tarde para la ira.

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